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  1. Maybe the following freeware could help with your goal: JunctionMaster It's utilizing the built-in 'junction' command of Windows. Doing it manually in the command line can be confusing so this GUI-based application can alleviate such situation. PS. No, I have no part in creating the freeware app. I just found it in my search online.
  2. some more of the... you know - RE Common Room 13 "the scared jewel" Typo: scared --> sacred "Your remove the sword" Typo: Your --> You - Finding the Pranksters "the name of the student: (?)" (?) is referring to? (should be Old Bernard the Cobbler) - Old Bernard the Cobbler "that had started his own" Insert: he --> "that he had started his own" - The List and the Graveyard "locked away in coffin" Insert: a --> "locked away in a coffin" - RE Physical Activity 11 "Your calssmates are impressed" Typo: calssmates --> classmates - Prankster's Progeny "to get you prank in order" Typo: you --> your "with name of the deceased" Insert: the --> "with the name of the deceased" "it orders <NPC Name> to tell <NPC Name>" err...the second <NPC Name> should be "Cosetta Re" "The next day, <NPC Name> is pleased" <NPC Name> should be "Cosetta Re" - A Prank to Catch the Prankster's Eye "but you feel back for" Typo: back --> bad - The End on Nigh "'s<NPC Gender> has been" (corrected) "<NPC Gender> has been" and one spell... - "Glorificus" spell (description) Insight is increased by 2 instead of 5; duration is 3 days instead of 5 days
  3. I netted the following after my last play: - The Elusive Study "in another dimension You and" Insert: period --> "in another dimension. You and" "<NPC Teacher Name>'sand <NPC Teacher Name>'s offices" Insert: space --? "<NPC Teacher Name>'s and" - Swiping the Prize "something music related" Typo: "music related" --> "music-related" - RE Spellcasting 15 "to give up,<newline><NPC name> leans over" Replace: <newline> --> space - RE Forge 10 "into the a dense patch" Remove: a --> "into the dense patch" - RE Mountain 6 "the mountain ram goes runs away" Remove: goes --> "the mountain ram runs away" - RE Classroom 3 "shock and jealously" Typo: jealously --> jealousy and something that isn't a typo (or not): - RE Dance/Event 9 Coordination exit (blue+success) "awarding you both five merit points" but at the EotD report, it stated "You increased Morvidus's Merit by 1" - "Perfectly Revised" item Which Action(s) of a random type do(es) this refer to?
  4. Ok back to playing Academagia (I intentionally stopped playing my Patch 6 game and skipped Patch 7) with my Patch 5 character on a Patch 8a setup (I just have to finish this save with about 4 months left to play in-game)... - The Well of Obsession "almost as through he's searching" Typo: through --> though - Well Done Proposition "almost as through drawing you in" Typo: through --> though "that somethingand now" Insert: space --> "something and" - Listening "The thingI discovered" Insert: space --> "thing I" - RE Morvidus Common Room 7 "Her<newline>wand is drooping in Her<newline>hand" Replace: <newline> --> space - RE Wardrobe Malfunction 2 "to you side" Typo: you --> your - "Give Charity and Work" (description) "be peronally trasformed" Typo: peronally --> personally - RE Duel 6 "nick of time.One of the" Insert: space --> "time. One" - RE Shop 3 "Gasping, Him thanks you" Replace: Him --> <NPC Name> "and see <NPC Teacher desc> and <NPC Teacher desc> marching down" Replace: <NPC Teacer desc> --> <NPC Teacher Name> and some other thing... - RE Revenge 5 I chose the Enspell exit (green) and gave me a result that implied a Negation exit. But after that result, it went back to the start with only 2 exits available (Planning & Athletics). - "Hyperbole" spell (description) Phemes needed: Jovial, Exaggerate (x2) ??? Really? Two Exaggerate phemes are needed for this spell to be cast? - Run or Retaliation Successfully finished it (Well of Obsession adventure) but where's the harmonica?
  5. More than 8 gigabytes of free HD space. So my answer would be "definitely no".
  6. That... That's the... NO! It can't be! YES! Yes it is! @_@
  7. For some unknown reason my patch 5 save game won't load on an Academagia setup with Patch 6. So, I just decided to put it on hold and try a new char (my 4th) with Patch 6. (Currently in the 2nd month of the academic year -- Pramidi, about to start on the 4-day weekend) - RE Town Shop 4 "Once he's does, it's your" Typo: does --> done - RE Dialectic 4 "Its wise guys" Insert: apostrophe --> "It's wise guys" - RE Escaped Animals 3 "to the every day light" Remove: space --> "to the everyday light" - RE Lake 3 "who's obessive about" Typo: obessive --> obsessive - RE Dance/Event 10 "disguised the worst of the it" Remove: the --> "disguised the worst of it" - RE Garden 2 "fluttering of with his comrades" Typo: of --> off - RE Animal Pen 6 "The land octopus is large" Insert: a --> "The land octopus is a large" - RE Magical Defenses 5 "hastily in Her's direction" Replace: Her --> <NPC Name> "they tel you as" Typo: tel --> tell - RE Magic Trap 2 The <Professor's Name> has no check it seems because it was duplicated the wrong way. It yielded the following result: <Professor's Name> asks you to deliver some papers to <Professor's Name> The correct one should be: <Professor's Name1> asks you to deliver some papers to <Professor's Name2> - RE Dialectic 2 "the classroom,<newline>arms waving" (corrected) "the classroom, arms waving" "latest adventure from<newline>across the world" (corrected) "latest adventure from across the world" "wait patiently until<newline>it's your turn" (corrected) "wait patiently until it's your turn" "When it is, you<newline>turn the cool" (corrected) "When it is, you turn the cool" "to the ground,<newline>breaking into" (corrected) "to the ground, breaking into" "to fix it<newline>fast!" (corrected) "to fix it fast!"
  8. My case is different. I would see the saving progression complete hence the game is saved (presumably). I exit the game afterwards. Later (after a few hours doing some non-PC tasks), I would open the game but my last saved game will not appear on the list of save games that can be loaded (the top three only, in my case). I loaded the top one on my list (it loaded just fine) and I checked the list of save games I have of the game. Unfortunately, I did not saw my last save game there. I exited the game and open the save game folder of Academagia (%appdata%). Indeed my last save game was not there. TWICE did it happened to me these past two days. (It was a good thing for me that I always have test backups for my save games.) Before Patch 6, this never occured to me. OS: Windows XP PRO SP3 (I am absolutely sure it's an XP. I have no intention of touching Vista !@#$%^&*) .NET Framework: 3.5 SP1
  9. I should have separated that one from the typo errors but anyway here: - Scapegoats Aplenty "the rumor's orgin has been" Typo: orgin --> origin (followed by below) Among the failure story text it was mentioned that I was served a Detention and yet at the End of the Day report I saw none. I checked the days and weeks that followed it and I saw no Detention. Also, Flore was angry (disappointed?) at me for spreading the bad rumors and yet at the End of the Day report, my relationship with Flore increased by 1. Yep, all three can be found in the "Scapegoat Aplenty" event (Basia Rydz's Adventure).
  10. Then may I suggest that at the End of the Day report, if ever a player is "discovered", the area be specifically stated (especially when you setup to go to 2-3 different areas in your day schedule).
  11. I'm still playing my 3rd character on Patch 5 so I'll just keep on posting here. Hopefully, I can finish the first academic year tomorrow. Not much here since I was busy testing you know what - RE City Street 5 "You aska round to where" Typo: aska round --> ask around - RE Patrol 3 "performing you average" Typo: you --> your - RE Forge 13 "Instead is a person" Typo: is --> of - Basia's Going to Make Sure She's the Best "<Basia's Clique Name> wants to be the top" <Basia's Clique Name> should be changed to just <Basia's First Name> "Your in most circumstances irritatingly" Insert: commas --> "Your, in most circumstances, irritatingly" - RE Revenge 8 "you let it be the joke it is" Insert: that --> "you let it be the joke that it is" - The Missing Outlines "outlines to<Basia's First Name>'s future" Insert: space --> "outlines to <Basia's First Name>'s future" - In the Den of the Librarians "On to the next step in the plan." Replace: in --> of - Rearranging the Chaos ".Oh no!" Remove: period --> "Oh no!" - RE Forest 4 "restored to its pervious condition" Typo: pervious --> previous - Scapegoats Aplenty "the rumor's orgin has been" Typo: orgin --> origin Among the failure story text it was mentioned that I was served a Detention and yet at the End of the Day report I saw none. I checked the days and weeks that followed it and I saw no Detention. Also, Flore was angry (disappointed?) at me for spreading the bad rumors and yet at the End of the Day report, my relationship with Flore increased by 1. - RE Aranaz 7 "your see your haste" Typo: (corrected) "you see your haste"
  12. @Legate: I will be uploading my save game ASAP. I'll just PM you the link later.
  13. Yes, I know about the 1 SS expansion but the Bond subskills needed only one (1) SS to increase its skill level. That's why I was confused as to why the chosen Bond subskill didn't change/increase at all. (I thought maybe that Pamela's case is a special one though I've already raised her Bond parent skill to 2 with all subskills at 2.) Yes, the Merit tally was not shown on that day. (My first time to actually encounter such "bug".) On Random Events, there should really be "qualifier tags" for each of them so that a player can only get certain Random Events if they meet the requirements for the "qualifier tags".
  14. the more... the many-er? - RE Athletics 6 "to finish you team in first place!" Add/Typo: "with your" --> "to finish with your team in first place!" - RE Disguise/Infiltration 4 "the librarian didn's see you" Typo: didn's --> didn't - "Academagia: Nanteredal's Headstone" description "and very night his ghost" Typo: very --> every - RE Daytime 6 "on way to your next class" Insert: your --> "on your way to your next class" - RE Kitchen 14 "After you polite and carefully" Typo: you --> your "If mixed these two" Insert: I --> "If I mixed these two" - RE Rescue 4 "Sigalis<newline>is facing" Replace: <newline> with " " (space) --> "Sigalis is facing" "she explains. With shouting." Remove: ". With" --> "she explains shouting." "current direction,<newline>She's just" Replace: <newline> with " " (space) --> "current direction, She's just" - RE Disguise/Infiltration 13 "your shoulder and turn around" Insert: you --> "your shoulder and you turn around" "as if you're going to go get the box" Insert: and --> "as if you're going to go and get the box" - The Dark Tunnel to Wisdom (successful Glamour exit) "it and all of it's friends" Remove: ' (apostrophe) --> "it and all of its friends" - Speaking to Dead Plants On the successful "Explore" exit (creek, dead earth/ground), it just went back to the start. (I'm not sure if this is correctly handled so I decided to just report it.) "Oan has got to her feet" Typo: got --> gotten - Finding the Oldest... "the glade was telling use to check" Typo: use --> us "Golden Lilly Pads" Typo: Lilly --> Lily - Really... Big... Bugs "they begin the hurry around" Typo: the --> to - RE Creature 7 "send the kanewt flying" Typo: kanewt --> kanewit (Is that really how it is spelled? kanewt sounds better than kanewit) and some issues... - "Courteous Gestures" results which happened on "The Sententae" (copied verbatim and I have a female character) Emilia Picotti succeeded at using courteous Gestures on Emilia Picotti and yourself The Relationship of Emilia Picotti and Beatrix von Wetgen was increased by increased by 2. Your Relationship with Emilia Picotti was increased by 2 by Emilia Picotti. The Merit tally was NOT shown at the end of the report. I assumed that the "Rumors from the Academagia" section is complete since it showed the activities of 13 students (12 clique members + 1 student NPC that I have no idea as to how I acquired his info). - "Groom Familiar" ability malfunction According to the ability's description (as I understand them), it will increase my familiar's (Pamela btw) Charm by 1 for 3 days and a random subskill of the Bond parent skill by 1 skill step permanently. In the Confirmation Orders panel, it let me choose which subskill I would like to increase. And below that field, is the word Random. That confused me indeed. At the End of the Day report, I successfully increased both Charm and the "chosen" Bond subskill. I checked my familiar's info panel and there was no visible increase in the "chosen" subskill (or any other subskills). - "Train at the Locratian Library" ability (as above, no increase on the chosen Bond subskill) - RE Music 4 This random event was triggered even though my character has only a Voice subskill (of 2) under the Music parent skill and she definitely does NOT have a Music subject. (Slippery hands being the result of too much tallow during soapmaking class? Really, in my Zoology subject? My character has no "crafting" classes whatsoever.) Can the skills/subjects of Clique members affect which random event you could possibly encounter or not?
  15. DUCK! I mean here comes more - Bait (on pg 7-8) "I need more here than for you to just find Ilaro." Poor sentence structure. May I suggest: "This is more than just finding Ilaro." OR "This isn't just about finding Ilaro." - Bait "in an as wise a circumference as you can" Typo: wise --> wide "squints at the sun overheard" Typo: overheard --> overhead - Making the Mask "you have a decent sized brother is simmering on top of black stone" Typo: (corrected) "you have a decent-sized broth simmering on top of the black stone" "You do good work" Typo: do --> did "would be down right impossible" Typo: down right --> downright - Guard Duty (start) On page 5 (and onwards) of the 9-page text (using default font size settings), all the text gained the italic property. - Prison Break "Ilaro is not a bad wizard," Orsi. Insert: says --> "Ilaro is not a bad wizard," says Orsi. "you're going to by relying more on luck" Typo: by --> be "After all it is it the hands spell" Remove: it --> "After all it is the hands spell" "played a role in the seige" Typo: seige --> siege - RE Garden 2 The variable for the random NPC name is broken (or wrong). Instead of just showing the NPC's full name, it showed the first 70 characters of the NPC's Description text. - RE Crafting 19 "With a groan give up trying" Insert: ", you" --> "With a groan, you give up trying" - RE Theater 1 "hide the scissors behind your back" Typo: your --> her - RE Physical Activity 22 "date with the cobble stones and" Remove: extra space --> "date with the cobblestones and" and about ... - "Merit XIII" There's really none, is it?
  16. Twice I've tested its functionality but the chosen subskill level did NOT increase by 2. (I chose Character Study and Observation btw for the tests.) I'm not sure though if the bonus is just hidden or if the item is just bugged right now.
  17. - RE Common Room 3 "lets out and excited yelp" Typo: and --> an - RE Professor Office 8 "every other sheet Professor She picks up" Remove: Professor --> "every other sheet She picks up" - Holiday [ The Wedding Feast ] misaligned picture - RE Town Shop 2 "stooped over the counter.." Remove: extra period --> "stooped over the counter." - The Feeling Beasts - A Desperate Favor "(?) suggests putting a few" err... (?) is which random Morvidus NPC student? - "Merit Prize XV" description "an increase to one a random skill" Remove: a --> "an increase to one random skill" - The Fleeing Beasts - A Pirate in Disguise "it as every bit intimidating as" Insert: is --> "it is as every bit intimidating as" and some more... - "Courteous Gestures" (NPC?) ability misuse According to the ability's description it's supposed to be used on a target of the opposite gender as the ability user (implied, I believe). But one of my female clique member just succeeded at using Courteous Gestures on a female NPC (Emilia Picotti used it on Cosetta Re). Casting this ability on oneself also happened (Neta Xamutre on herself). - RE Rimbal 11 My character doesn't have any Rimbal skills except maybe Endurance (I got it from various random event awards and clique member bonuses). After a successful Exit choice, my character gained a skill step increase on Rimbal Tactics. Does Endurance have to be specifically be a subskill of the Rimbal parent skill? (I dunno but I have a feeling that I'm not going to like Rimbal at all when it gets "expounded" later in the higher years. Will there be any other "special" sports later? )
  18. These are some of the things that pop into my mind while playing with my third chararcter: - (maximize/minimize info) expand/contract option on the different sections of the Results of the Day especially when you have a large clique (aside from her, my char has 12), it will be easier to scroll down the wall of text - successful Befriend actions initiated by an NPC should be explicitly stated in the Results of the Day (ex. <NPC Name> has been added to your Clique, <Your Clique Name>) - add in the Subskill's description its Parent skill, it really does get confusing after you acquired lots of skills - game currency: Pims, Quiple? Malin? err... currency breakdown please if you will - probably a free book item available after character creation (or a new icon in the GUI like a HELP icon) that discusses in brief the background story for the game, some general info (common knowledge) about the game world, and an in-game help documentation
  19. Whoever did the proofreading for this marvelous game needs some serious... oh well - The Battle for the Drowned Palace of Usin "You've heard tell of an old palace" Typo: tell --> "You've heard of a tale of an old palace" (I thought it might be a typo but I'm not sure if the original text is acceptable in creative writing) - "Massage Muscles" description Typo: message --> massage - RE Animal Pen 5 "As you're walking throught the bestiary" Typo: throught --> through - RE Animal Pen 5 "a hungry giant anteater who that had noticed" Remove: who --> "anteater that had noticed" - RE Professor Briardi 1 (on the first exit) "Doing this favor would meaning missing" Typo: meaning --> mean - Mid-Terms Studying! (beginning) "you should have already had down by now" Replace: "had down" --> "you should have already done by now" - Mid-Terms Studying! (at the Command exit) "need to locate and highly the answers" Typo: highly --> highlight "what you're thinking too" Add: "," (comma) --> "what you're thinking, too" "Before you know how to react Pamela is throwing" Replace and add: "know how to" + "," (comma) --> "Before you can react, Pamela" - "Harglass Park" description "Those who leave leave with" Add: "the park," --> "Those who leave the park, leave with" - "Merit Prize X" description "as well as Vistation Rights!" Typo: Vistation --> Visitation - RE Forest 8 "Not only to the flowers smell" Typo: to --> do and then some more... - "Reflect upon Merit" ability misused by an NPC I'm in the Morvidus college with Beatrix von Wetgen. I saw in the "Results of the day" report that Beatrix succeeded at using Reflect upon Merit on Llarina de Avuel who is part of the Godina college. According to the ability description, it can only be used on a student that belongs to the same college as the user/initiator. - "Befriend" someone already in your Clique My character had already befriended Cyrus Dawes. Weeks later (in-game time, of course), Cyrus attempted to befriend me but failed. What's with that? Signs of a potential Clique infighting? Or a hostile takeover? Also, another member of my clique attempted to befriend another (different) member of my clique which failed obviously. - "Review Homework" relationship increase On the Results of the Day report (also in the skill's description), it stated that the Relationship was increased by 1. I checked on the NPC link but the "Relationship with player" value was increased by 2. Which is the right value?
  20. Another batch incoming... - RE Homework 5 "You know haven't learned the material" Insert: "that you" --> "You know that you haven't learned the material" - RE Revision 1 "You dig through you bag while mentally comapring each" Typo: you bag --> your bag; comapring --> comparing - RE Docks 2 In the successful Persuasion exit, the ship captain gave me some Pims but in the 'Results of the Day' report, there was no record of such. I checked my Pim total in my inventory and it did not increase at all. - Request a Meeting with your Mentor (Laughing Bee part) "I'm sure you'll the school proud" Insert: do --> "I'm sure you'll do the school proud" - RE Dance/Event 9 "using your wand to dash the decoration on She head" Typo: dash --> "to bash the"; She --> "on Her head" - RE City Street 9 "towards you so see what you want' Typo: so --> "you to see"
  21. - RE Forge 9 "Sure you could have been more patience but at least you're done in the forge." Typo: patience --> patient - RE Athletics 3 "You are terrified mouse" Insert: "a" --> "You are a terrified mouse" - RE Animal Pen 9 "From Professor He's class" Change: He --> Pachait - RE Common Room 13 "They are simply too invovled with their duel to talk" Typo: invovled --> involved - RE (forgot name sry) (the random event involved thieves, wagons, student and teachers [no specific names mentioned]) I chose the "call the guards" exit and gave me a success result with the text saying that I was awarded "ten merits". In the End of the day report, it said there that I only earned two merits. I'm not sure which one is correct: "ten" or "two". (I failed to check the Merit tally to double-check for it.)
  22. Orso Orsi decides who becomes Mentors so... if one is to do the Orsi-related adventure (and succeed, of course) perhaps one has a strong chance of being chosen to become a Mentor. (Just my wild guess )
  23. Are the 80 or so students in Academagia only freshies? I surely didn't see Oan (Ignatia, Ignatius, etc. from the Mentor adventure series) in the list of students in my Relations tab. Is it just up to the freshmen only to put some effort to raise their respective College Merit? Or the College Merit for each "student year" (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/etc year students) separate and independent of each other? Are we only allowed to add to our own clique students of the same year as us? (I know the game is only starting so I understand that the pool of students are all freshmen in the game currently.) What do you call the guy/gal who is prominently in your daily log in the Rumors section? (It's randomly assigned upon character creation.) What is his/her purpose at all? (When you check his/her profile, he/she has a lot of things that a freshman couldn't have gained at the start of the academic year compared to your character. He/She is what you can call "imba" compared with other freshmen populating the Academagia.)
  24. Hmmm... suggestions... improvements... I got a lot of them but I'm sure IF they ever get implemented, the game engine will have to be reworked from scratch. A few of the possible improvements would be: - "special tags" in the "past" calendar days to signify that an event (random or a set event/adventure) happened so that there would be no need to check each day when you're looking for "event" days (or make another "tab" for a journal of "event" days which would mean a redesign in the GUI) - make sure "classroom" random events don't happen during non-school days (which would mean adding [or improving the] "types/properties/identifiers" on the "Event" object, programming-wise) - make sure "classroom/rimbal" random events check that your character is indeed part of that "class/subject" (for Rimbal, that your character is indeed part of the college Rimbal team and, most importantly, has Rimbal skills) - enable text highlighting in the "game browser" so that copy+paste would be easier for bug reporting, etc. (currently, is it even possible to copy+paste?) That would be all for now.
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