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  1. If I recall it was mentioned that while skill caps do get raised the meat of skill advancement in year 2 is supposed to be the addition of "advanced skills". You see certain skills like your current Glamour, incantation, negation, etc. represents your mastery of the basics and as you move through the years your gain access to increasingly advanced forms of these skills and while it hasn't been confirmed to my knowledge I believe many of these skills will require a certain level of mastery in existing skills before they become available(after all you can't solve for the area of a triangle if you don't know how to multiply and divide). Also I recall it being mentioned that a professors mastery of the basic magic they teach is rated at around 18 and 7 or 8 is supposed to be the average level of proficiency on graduation so I can't imagine that they will raise it much past 20. Additionally many things that were only implied through skills or lore and were done a little half-handedly like dueling and rimball are supposedly going to get more fully realized in year 2 giving you more things to do and less time to spend on skill mastery.
  2. I wonder if the special project is a demo or beta test of year 2
  3. too late now I'm on to you and your secret plot.
  4. hmm you forgot to trademark "soon". I wonder what that means?
  5. mikka, I think its interesting you assume that dragons are that different from humans. I mean sure dragons are very different physically but mentally we have no way of knowing just how different they are from humans. matter of fact the faux dragon familiar the closest thing we've had to a real dragon and was a real dragon for parts of one of its adventures showed a mental attitude very similar to a human one. For all we know mentally there could be no difference at all. actually cows some times do rebel in away. sometimes the bull(the lead male in a herd) will rebel by trying to run a away or attacking people and the rest of the herd will sometimes follow suite when this happens the owners have no choice but to kill the bull and sometimes even the whole herd. I agree with you here though I don't think its because the information isn't out there I think its just buried in the poorly organized lore texts. the best solution would be if the Academagia team would post a point by point history on the forums giving a brief explanation of each major period that explains what happened how it occurred and how it leads into the next period I think this is a another example of us not having enough easily accessed information at our disposal. From what I gathered of the war humans didn't really destroy the dragons in any capacity as it was they barely managed to gain independence from the dragons and then isolated themselves from the dragons. The dragons more likely than viewing it as a grievous debt that needs to be paid in blood probably view it more like how the British viewed the american war for independence in that they see it as an insult from a child. Though I agree that any discussion between dragons and humans on a political scale would be tense. On a personnel level I think that would depend on the dragon and human I can't believe that every dragon approved of the enslavement of humanity after all they are intelligent beings capable of independent thought and beliefs and I don't think every human in the Academagia universe would be so affected by the prejudices of their people that they would automatically hate all dragons. as for your commentary of morality in Academagia most of what you described has very common parallels and aren't acts of morality but simply the acts of a child who doesn't fully understand what he's/she's doing. As for children of 11/12 attacking with an intent to kill that isn't even the slightest bit abnormal when you consider that when they do attack in such a capacity in Academagia its usually in defense of self or another. I recall that when I was that age there were several times I felt so threatened that I would attack my enemy with the intent to maim if not kill because I thought I was in legitimate danger of being severely injured or even killed twice. Also the Belief that children so young are naturally innocent and shouldn't even be exposed to such things is a modern concept in ancient greece children were trained for the military as young as seven and were considered of marrying age at thirteen History is not always depressing there is just as much good in human history as there is bad
  6. This topic is to discuss and question the nature of dragons in the universe of Academagia and how it could affect any possible future interactions between dragons and the player. Background: From what I've been able to glean from various adventures and Lore texts dragons in Academagia are viewed by humanity as vile and evil creatures that are the bane of humanity and are even used as bedside tales to frighten naughty children. This is because at sometime in humanities distant past dragons enslaved humanity for a very long time (am uncertain how long) until humanity eventually revolted and after a long hard fought war gained its freedom. note: I am uncertain as to the exact nature of the dragons enslavement of humanity it would be much appreciated if someone could elaborate on the topic. Also its almost impossible to find any useful or specific information on a given topic in the lore texts due to poor organization and that really needs to be fixed. So my question is are dragons really as evil and dastardly as the available sources of information imply? I am inclined to believe that they are not. My line of reason for this is that if you really get right down to it the dragons haven't done anything that humans wouldn't and haven't done consistently to other creatures. humans have been enslaving other living thing since they lived in caves the only difference is that we call it domestication not enslavement and claim that domesticated animals living longer and easier lives under our care and for the most part this is true. My belief is that the dragons may vary well have seen their enslavement of humanity as nothing more than domestication of an inferior creature no different than how we see cows or sheep. However since then humanity has become more advanced and has proven that even if they aren't equal to dragons they can at least hold there own against them. thereby possibly causing some dragons to view humans as more than simply stray cattle. So if this is true then it may very well be the possible for interactions between player and dragons that don't involve slaying and may even be very polite cordial and even intellectual.
  7. hey would it be possible for you to make it so that the attribute buffs and chance to success buffs in the easy and very easy mods are optional? I want access to a few of the cheating apptitude cheats but I don't want the completely game breaking buffs that are currently non optional in the easy mod
  8. Flawless timing you catch the eggs as they fall
  9. 20-30 being ultimate mastery of a base skill sounds about right to me. Having it just keep going up by ten each year doesn't make sense, that would be like a school that only teaches you algebra and just teaches you increasingly difficult algebra year after year. Whose ever heard of a school like that, real schools teach you algebra then they send you on to calculus why should the academagia be any different. If you assume that Academagia classes are like real classes then that means they are trying teaching you everything you should need to know on a subject in the class and the passing bar is the average persons(or in this case mages) level of skill in said subject and since skill 10 isn't required to pass that means you've already surpassed the average person and continuing to increase your skill in said subject isn't keeping up with the curve but rather leaving it farther behind
  10. If your going to do an end of the world thing then you have to include the question of whether or not its an actual destruction of the world or simply the end of the world as its known
  11. Hey I made a Familiar Selection mod but was unable to publish it, I only get about half way before memory error, So I'm posting my modbase with it here in the hopes that someone else can publish it and post it on the forums. http://www.fileserve.com/file/a37vZ32
  12. I have a gaming computer too only one year old but I have problems with it crashing about a third of the way through no error message or anything the toolset just stops responding then crashes
  13. could you instead possibly release the source code for the mod tools instead. allowing some of your more skilled fans the chance to fix the problem themselves
  14. ok but why would you release a new modbase with out releasing a new modtools? Its a bit like replacing a wheel on a car with a broken down engine useful once you get the engine fixed but until then its an effort in futility.
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