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  1. Hi, Legate: After looking at your reply I went back and checked what I did. I know what I did wrong: I didn't click the V mark next to the save box. Thanks for your help. By the way, the game is addictive. My only quibble is that I'd love to see more non-Intelligence topics (like Aesthetics or Heraldry) as school subjects. That would let me create really different kinds of characters more easily. Doris
  2. In the second part of the event involving Professor Pachait and the Monster Rabbit, "frighten" should be "frightened" and "complements" should be "compliments."
  3. I'm really enjoying the game--so much that I thought I'd create a second character and alternate. But the game won't let me make a second save, or, strictly speaking, it won't display the new saved game after I've saved it. All I can see and load is my original game. I'm not using Vista, but rather Windows XP, so I'm assuming that I'm not suffering from the "delete save" bug that's plaguing Vista users. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?
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