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  1. Well, apparently I spoke too soon. Strangely, the two most recent save game files have now disappeared, but older files are stll there and everything works fine. Is there a maximum number of save files the program allows? I think I'm up to 15 separate files (and yesterday probably had 17). Is it possible to manually back up a save file? Somehow I'm guessing it's not that simple. I'm enjoying the game, despite the Vista snafu. -largemarge
  2. Hello again, The "run as administrator" solution has worked for me so far. I haven't had any save game files disappear. I've also been saving to new files, instead of overwriting save files. -largemarge
  3. It looks like I've had this issue, too, after several hours of playing. I've got Vista, and I think I have .NET version 4. I don't have any other version of .net installed. I will try starting the program as "administrator." Before the patch, I also had a problem where the game simply would not launch, but at least that problem has resolved!
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