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  1. Hello, During this adventure you are given an option to use the Alchemical tools skill. I do not have this skill at all, but the option appears blue on my screen. I tried it, and succeeded so its not simply a mistake of the text's color. Thank you for making this game, here's hoping it grows even better!
  2. Hello people of the Academagia Forum. I've been trying to add to the wiki, specifically the Adventure section. My primary question is how do we want to organize the adventure section: should each part of the adventure (the part you can do within one day) have its own page? Or should we keep all parts of the adventure together? The advantage of each having its own page is that it is simple to search for the part that you are on, which typically has a different name. The pre-existing pages are in the latter format, and are frankly better done (I've only taken a few minutes on each though I intend to go back and clean them up). My secondary question is: what do we want on the wiki and what do we NOT want on it? Frankly I've never contributed to a wiki before and I don't know if there are some unspoken rules beyond the standard minimize spoilers. Also this is my first post: hi!
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