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  1. What happens if I teach an entire college mastery of Gates? Does Durand get expelled then? Do they execute all the students? Do they use illegal Mastery to erase their memories? Does the Year 1 conversion tool even take into account when I do weird things like get my relationship with a random student to 20(permanently)? Should I teach my familiar Gates? Will I ever need to make a 50(attribute)+15(Gates) roll or am I overdoing it? gates
  2. Hey, the concept of the atom was actually come up with WAAAAAYYY earlier than you would think. Well before Aristotle came up with the 'five elements.' An understanding of atomic bonds took a lot longer, though. Also you probably don't want to risk negating the wrong atomic forces.
  3. The problem with not wanting to summon anything ever is what your plan is when a dragon shows up. Incantation? Dragon'll cast faster than you can. Glamour? Well, you can sneak up on it, but you probably won't be able to hurt it. Revision? Lots of things you could do with revision, but it's not likely you can cast fast enough that you won't run into the same problem as Incantation. Negation? I'm not even sure if Negation works on dragon magic. Still have the problem of speed. Astrology? Well, Astrology will probably be helpful, but I doubt it can take down a dragon by itself. Mastery? Only one person has ever mastered a dragon. Enchantment might be useful if you prepared enough stuff ahead of time. And then you have Gates, which is known for effectiveness already. The Gates lore implies pretty heavily that the true masters of Gates don't have to work very hard to build an army. There are at LEAST three dragons around campus in year one. Probably a few more than that, although it's hard to say. Given the danger of a single lone dragon, studying Gates suddenly sounds a lot more tempting when you think about having to deal with multiple.
  4. Summoning is way easier than teleportation because summoning doesn't involve moving yourself. Through an extremely dangerous Gate. When it's basically fairly common knowledge that the only mages who know how to safely teleport are the crazy ones who live in the desert. Dragons can do it but I haven't convinced one to tell me how yet. Also Negation is an extremely broad pillar but it has its own dangers. Mostly involving trying things that you really shouldn't. Like Negating someone's existence. Don't do that. Just blow them up or something.
  5. I don't know if there are any must-have backgrounds, but I frequently take a familiar background of some type in most of my playthroughs now, just because I still haven't seen all the familiar adventures. Although whether a familiar adventure is any good is sometimes hard to even say with just one playthrough of it. A few of them have multiple paths through them! If you don't pay attention, you might accidentally start menacing farmers by starting hurricanes for no reason! (I still regret not actually reading closer when I had that option, haha)
  6. Honestly Glamour itself can be pretty nasty. You could do a lot of things that are honestly just as bad as anything short of the actual 'Master' spell with Glamour. March of Terror is something you get to cast like a million times and it's not a very friendly spell! Gates may be more associated with accidents, but you also have to consider that apparently Dragons use it all the time with zero fear of whatever it is that we are afraid of. Dragons use Gates as if it was an extension of their body, almost. There is something that we don't know about Gates that they do, and I can't see the choice to stop studying it completely as justified.
  7. I really have no idea what utopian world you live in where society 'values freedom and democracy'. Pretty sure everyone in power here is doing everything they can to erode that.
  8. See, I think of learning Mastery as similar to learning surgery, except you don't have the option of using cadavers to practice on. It's much easier to cut someone open and remove something and leave horrible scarring than it is to do any kind of delicate work. If someone is very very good at Mastery, they might be able to do that more delicate surgical work, but the basics are just going to teach you how to clumsily shove someone's brain to make their body do what you want it to do. I mean, causing someone serious trauma IS easier than fixing that trauma. That's true even if you are just using mundane words and actions, no magic at all. And that's WHY it's banned: because if you just let everyone learn it, there are going to be way more dabblers leaving scarred brains than surgeons who can fix those scars.
  9. Ah, so you are saying that Synchronicity by its nature is likely to heal some of the broken people who might otherwise try to use it in a harmful way? Yeah, I can see how that would follow. I'm still not sure how it would interact with someone who was say, already trained in Mastery when they learned it, though.
  10. I'm just curious because people are known to lie to themselves. In serious cases you have people who will commit crimes like murder and despite being faced with say, video evidence, continue to deny that it happened, even to themselves. That and it seems a little crazy to me that Empathy would be so crippling that you would be unable to defend yourself from a Dragon, a species known for enslaving humanity for hundreds/thousands of years of terror and death. Does Synchronicity disable the normal rational AND instinctual parts of the brain?
  11. I dunno I'm not convinced someone who learnt a piecemeal form of Sync by coming across bits and pieces on their own couldn't corrupt it into something really gross. It's not like you can't use knowledge of human anatomy to do terrible things, even if the clearest use of it would be in medicine. Also a lot of characters I play end up with maxed out Temperance/Dispassion/Composure/Lie/Deceit/Willpower. It's not entirely clear how those interact with Sync.
  12. if I teach Mr Pebbles Mastery and Gates will he tell everyone that I taught him Mastery and Gates
  13. Yeah but I had Zoe at 13 from the Lychnus IV Astrology effect alone, and her adventure only gives a +2 maximum increase. It was sitting permanently at 13. Not that it's very useful unless you feel like doing a LOT of work every time you start a new game. Astrology is complicated!
  14. I'm pretty sure if you used Synchronicity to link up with most dragons, you would immediately regret the horrible mistake you had made. So far I've only encountered one potentially non-evil dragon, and three definitely evil dragons, and basically all dragons are going to be better at magic than all but the most powerful and skilled archmagi. I'm just not convinced that Empathy is going to stop a Sync user from wanting to stop dragons from murdering and enslaving thousands. Also it's totally possible to learn Synchronicity and Mastery both before ever encountering the adventure. Which makes it really weird when you get the Bridging Stone. You just go 'Who is Leene????' So if you want to deal with Mastery users, learn Negation, Sync, and Mastery.
  15. There is one major benefit to studying Mastery: Seal Against Mastery. Aside from that, it's just not that useful. Unless you do the silly thing I did in one playthrough involving 'Train Your Company' and Mastering your own clique, then it's useful but also incredibly silly. And you never get very fine control:your clique will be learning pretty much at random.
  16. Oh, definitely, he is taking the class so it's more likely than a complicated Incantation, it's just he generally seems to be...not very good at magic.
  17. Xandran

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Lore one is apparently working, because I definitely should not have the Lore for Bond of Stars VII when I haven't raised my familiar's bond at all. So maybe it's just the location one that's broken?? Visiting rights might be working but there is no way to track whether you have visiting rights that I know of.
  18. Xandran

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Oh, the astrology effects that cause you to find X type of ITEM actually do work! They just don't TELL you they are working. I have a bunch of random rings in my inventory. Still don't know if the other ones actually work though.
  19. Xandran

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Having been playing with the 'Astrology' action, I'm really not sure how it's intended to work. Some stuff just sets random things to random other things, and that usually works fine. But when there is something like this effect: CE:Lychnus V The Lamp leads you to information about a random Pheme linked to light.Or the effect of: CE: Gallina Artatus IV This ability of the Constellation Gallina Artatus will increase the Skill Maximum for one's Choice of Subskill. They just don't seem to do anything?? I don't have an option to use them anywhere, and I'm not getting phemes. The choice of subskill maximum might take effect but I wouldn't be able to tell because I definitely don't make an actual choice. My method of testing is to spend the entire game using the Astrology action and try to figure out what's doing what and some of it is just...really difficult to tell if it's working. Oh, the ones that give Visitation Rights, or new Locations, or inform you of things also don't seem to do anything??? Regina VIII, Regina X, Regina I all don't seem to do anything. I have no idea how my astrology skill actually effects the things I get either.
  20. So you can definitely get relationships above 10 with characters whose adventures don't give maximum increases! I currently have a 12 with Zoe Melis in my test save file, and I haven't even done her adventure. Astrology is potentially very powerful stuff! THE LAMP Will continue dumb Astrology testing and let you all know if I figure out anything else interesting.
  21. My only problem with this is the idea that Philippe is competent enough at Revision to turn anyone into a toad.
  22. I like Louise and Aaran, although I have had very little interaction with the other two so far. Also I think there might be a bugged/typoed exit in Louise's adventure. At one point(the very last stage, I think?) it gave me 'Exit 1' as my only option, and it was in blue so it might have been some kind of roll? I don't even know. I succeeded, whatever it was.
  23. so if someone wanted to write their own student, what would they need, exactly? I kind of want to write at least an adventure before the final DLC for year 1 is released.
  24. My problem is more that they somehow find all my illegal items regardless of whether I have a chance of discovery of -9% and maxed out sleight of hand and various other things and then when they find my eight illegal items that I got at the end of adventure chains they are just gone forever and sometimes it doesn't even give me a message so I keep playing and then oops they took all my items three timeslots ago? better load the game from an earlier save also he is illegal because he is a dragon don't agree to pacts with dragons trapped in the form of books dragons are mean
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