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  1. danae

    Bugs in Patch 14

    Random Event Docks 8 The rope holding them in place must have broke Random Event Theft 1 Arithmetic exit, failure You quickly find a memeber of the city guard Typo - member Random Event Theft 3 "As if!" snaps She before she storms off In that case it is Els Lore - Rimbal to a Battle & Student Essay Comparing Rimbal to a Battle They have identical content, and I gained them both together Playing a new game started under patch 15, I just got reprimanded for skipping detention but I didn't have any detention scheduled. I'm pretty sure because I didn't get punished for anything up to that point in that game. Maybe not a coincidence : I also got reprimanded for trespassing on the same day, which was possible since I was visiting a location. I was under the impression this issue was resolved before, it's strange. Hope I am not missing something.
  2. danae

    Bugs in Patch 14

    If it's supposed to be that way, fine then. My intention was not to second guess your game design and balance. I'm sure a lot of people would be delighted to stumble upon the spell and people like me have the liberty not to use it. I wondered because I happened to get it with my first ever character on the first week she entered the Academagia. That profile is easy to boost during character creation and one only need a level 5 in a certain subskill to unlock the spell.
  3. danae

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I'll closing my eyes when I see the pop-up then. I actually think it's fair to spend a time slot in order to find out what the skills are, and to acquire one of those skills if we don't own any of them. They are yet to be experienced events, we are not supposed to know in advance anyways. Just didn't expect I couldn't try again. I understand you can't start re-doing the whole game now, but the events could have been written in such a way a retry would have been logical in the context. Are there many adventures that will do that apart from the main ones, just disappear after a failure on the first try? It happened to me in the beginning of at least two clique NPC adventures, and I assumed it was some kind of bad linking. Possible balance issue I didn't want to post elsewhere : I played around with the game a bit, then when I decided to create my first real character I stumbled upon a spell right from the start. Evaluate Situation. I happened to make a more specific profile, so it might be unlikely that a lot of people will stumble upon it during their first week at the Academagia. But even then, I can boost any sub-skill so high I could do whatever adventure I want so easily (unless all exits require skills and not subskills, which I haven't seen yet). An adventure of the Pirates' difficulty I could have completed within the first month of play or so. Who needs friends or a even a familiar! I could also make money easily thanks to the sub-skill boosting. Not that outreageously useful for exams though, so I don't know whether that spell was intended to be unlocked that early considering it is without any prerequisites or rolls. Maybe the effects last one day too long? If they lasted only one day, no skill could be boosted by more than +8 considering the third slot needs to be used for the adventure or money making activity. Now we can get to +20! And again, the problem seems to me that it can be done from the start if the right general profile is selected. After training the first day I had the spell already. That spell might have been intended to be some kind of hidden bonus, I don't know. I personally hated getting it that early It made the game really boring to me, and I dropped it after two game months. Now I hope people won't be lynching me for saying that or even telling you about it. It just felt out of whack that a character could complete a main quest within the first month of play.
  4. danae

    Bugs in Patch 14

    Well, it's in patch 15. Event Tavern 19 Concentration option, success (I think, it was blue) Prudence's bio displays instead of her name One other I don't know the number of, it was about the Academagia being a maze, which I know could be a lot of events. The exit for the first always green option was a blank page. Also, this is a remark. I failed the last Pirate adventure (about the treaty) the first time around and now the adventure has disappeared from the list. So I can't try again. It would be so tedious to start another similar game and go through all the training and motions again, just to complete that adventure (especially a major one). Or I would have to save the game at very short intervals not to lose any adventure opportunities like that, which would be equally tedious. There is no way to know in advance what skills are required, could be anything. I feel I have worked hard on a game for nothing and wasted my time.
  5. Lore - War SP IV (1) the Lord Nos'ika won control of the great the woods one extra "the" (2) he was assailed by a mere raiders probably "a" should be removed Lore - Rimbal to a Battle & Lore - Student Essay Comparing Rimbal to a Battle They are almost identical except for one sentence of introduction in one of them, on purpose? Event Common Room 12 (1) by a cacophony of noise.You scan the hallway but don't find anyone nearby.In fact, two instances of spaces missing in two consecutive sentences Event Common Room 12 Option Courage, success (1) to pay a high price.You muster uo (2) talking and laughing.Then you remember both are missing spaces Event Performance 16 sound like no language you have every heard typo ever Story - Basina's Going to Make Sure She's the Best Two occurences in the beginning where Basia's name is replaced by her description/bio Story - Scapegoats Aplenty all of you and Basiarequire space missing Story - Scapegoats Aplenty Option Blame Malthezar Mhadi, failure he doesalways get into fights space missing Story - The Door The Room has defeated many an accomplished magician I was under the impression that was reported before, but couldn't find it after searching the forum Story - The Revisionist Dilemma Acting option stays purple even after I brought Acting up to 12 I tried bringing up the Glamour Spells option to 10 or so and it turned black, so thought it's strange Acting was still purple at that level Also, I began the Story involving Kurt Henning who is in my clique. I've not seen the next leg of this Adventure for many turns and I have probably tried them all to be sure. Mentioning it in case it's not supposed to be that way. (of course, at the time I had no reason to write the name of the Story down, sorry).
  6. Pheme - Mediocre if there are overahievers you'd like to knock down a peg overachievers Pheme - Hydration a direct opposition of Dehydration.The difficulty space missing Pheme - Organize this forgotten clerk spent all his free time working on a Pheme that help him in his daily need to help him? Pheme - Muscle Effects says Increase STG instead of the usual Strenght (no big deal I admit) Skill - Conversation (1) old Elumain tales - instead of Elumian (2) the Skill of Conversation about exactly what you'd think it is verb missing Lore - Item : Fair Wind small patches with copper, now grean Lore - He, from the Grand Wizardry Army As I awoke it was bandaged up, sitting in a warm bed. I tried to get up Should be I, he's talking about himself Lore - From : The River Who Ran (1) Her lily-pads noticed that she was agitated, and the rustled together -they (2) She saw it coming, and made and great leap Event Music 1 ProfessorChastellain two occurrences in the main text of the space missing in his name Event Magic Trap 9 Option Incantation, success to the ground with a thud.Whoever set the trap space missing Event Kitchen 11 Option Incantation Spells, success the wind charm did little to stop the progress of rushing cook article missing
  7. My character has recently learned about (not added to herself) Violin, High Quality Bookboard and Fadink Ink, Blotter. They had blank pages so I assumed they were items, but I didn't find them in my inventory. I finally found Violin in the recipe section. But no trace of the Blotter and Bookboard (that I could find). Are they recipes too? Is it that I need a higher level of a skill to read the recipes? Or are they totally different things? Thanks!
  8. I see there are several lores beginning with Incant x3 The one with the typo is : Incant, Incant, Incant, by Xelta Drighter I It as if she's created fire probably It's
  9. Hopefully, not already reported - now a bit complicated to search the support forum with multiple pre-DLC 2 typo threads. Just using the seacrh function in single threads would be more convenient. Location - Imperial Palace : Armory From personallly trained to Militia Guild recruits I'm seeing 3 L s Subskill Description - Incantation Spells Given the scaricity of water scarcity Subskill Description - Bookbinding with the new technologies, thouogh though Pheme - Machinery Clockwork sub skill subskill everywhere else Pheme - Finesse the difficulty some may have in drawing it on their Palate should be palette Lore - Youlin of Olanik they found themselves unable to soundly a conclusively beat him Lore - Roots in Dark Magic I could ignore this, even if I had wanted to couldn't (?) Lore Incant, Incant, Incant It as if she's created fire probably It's Lore - A decision to be made and throw attempt to throw my opponent to the ground remove throw Lore - Know thy Enemy but a master should consider important as well probably "it" missing - should consider it important as well Event Performance 14 when you're friends asked your Event Disguise/Infiltration 13 Option Seeds, success This is the endosperm.This is called the cotyledon This is called a dicot seed.A dicot is spaces missing Event Disguise/Infiltration 13 Option take the box That grounds keeper wasn't a pirate groundskeeper in one word everywhere else Event Library 14 you see a library aide drops a large box drop (?) Event Forest 5 to find out the source . some extra spaces before the period Event Wardrobe Malfunction - strangled by a neck ruff Option ignore the neck ruff suffiently alarmed sufficently
  10. Oh, I was under the impression I hadn't read anything in its description about curing it by resting either. I wasn't sure since I got it in a game two weeks ago. Just mentioning it in case the players are supposed to be made aware of that. Otherwise that's fine but then we got a tiny spoiler
  11. Event Library 13 NPC name is replaced by its bio/description A small UI wish: When we hover over the locations in the confirmation orders/locations menu, descriptions display for a while then disappear. I am a slow reader so sometimes I am not done. Or it's because I want to think a bit because many abilities bonuses are involved. It would be really nice if we could click on a location without the menu closing because the game considers it's a selection. Would give us all the time we want reading and thinking. I realize the locations menu would then need some kind of a choice confirmation button, which is probably not a possibility for now. Anyways, I find the actions menu, for instance, much more convenient to go through at my own pace. Because when I click on an action the description just stays there as long as I don't select another action or confirm my choice. Just bought a new computer and I'm happy to report Academagia is running like a charm without any lag or delay
  12. I'm pretty sure there are typos lurking in events especially, because one person doesn't see all exit screens. And obviously one person doesn't get to see all events even after many, many, playthroughs. Glad you're joining the fun! I hate typos Edit: oh, if you see a typo in an event, please press F12 and it will show you a name and number. Identifying the event that way will help the developers locate and correct the typo much more easily.
  13. After a random event my character started to smell bad........ very bad. Made my charm go down -3 I think, for over a week (thought that was hilarious. still giggling when thinking about it today). I don't remember it was reported at the time, but I noticed I had a new passive Ability (greyed) in my list. In the description it was explained. Maybe going through your abilities you would notice something similar? Anyways, I'm sure Legate will have a much better answer for you.
  14. Community events or stories are edited before making it into the game, so I wouldn't worry about it. They will also want to maintain uniformity I'm sure. The way I see it, this is a creative space where people brainstorm and write their events as they come to them. Furthermore, a lot of us on this forum are not native English speakers. Ertael, I see, lives in Denmark. The idea is to encourage participation from everyone. Black Chicken then makes the necesary corrections and modifications. Sometimes I'm finding in the game an average of almost one typo per day my character goes through. There are a couple of people reporting them on a regular basis, why don't you give us a hand? I personally am not the best typo hunter since English is a language that I have learned later than earlier in life. The typo thread is in the Support section of this forum. Please join us in our quest to make this great game typo free!
  15. Lore - Calafon's Balancing of the Humors of if you're on the verge of being disowned should be or Lore - Zelda Irmes, Age 9, on Amphibians when boy don't use them for pranks boys - not talking cute Pheme - Mammal Title says Mammal Pheme (singular), description says Mammals Pheme (plural) Location - Academagia Groundskeeper's Office (1) one finds many professors and peers than can offer valuable advice (2) but because it's so many paths are accessible from the door Same sentence is also found in the description of the three (3) Training Route Actions unlocked at that location
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