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  1. Uff.. third time I'm getting the error. I guess it won't just go away by trying. Erm do you think there is a way around it? I'm asking again, since I'm not sure if you've read my last post.
  2. When I try to publish a mod I always get a music related error like this one. Sorry for bothering you again but I don't know what to do now.
  3. Shingai

    Mod Tools

    Yay! I think I didn't close the tools and reopen them. It worked after I replaced all of the mod tool files with the ones I still had in my download folder and tried it again. Thank you so much for your help!
  4. Shingai

    Mod Tools

    I wanted to try out the Mod Tool, so I opened Base and played around with it for a bit. After a while I wanted to see how the changes would affect the game so I tried to publish it by selecting my Mod and then the AMO. I didn't even open it before so I'm quite confused why I'm getting the error.
  5. Shingai

    Mod Tools

    I tried to follow your instructions but when I want to name the mod (just before its supposed to check the mod against the official content) I get this error: "The version of database file '...Academagia 1.0.0.amo' is invalid. Please convert database before publishing." Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help. -Shin
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