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  1. Random Event Heidi Common Room 2 "...smell the milk someone spilled on the carpet las week".
  2. Random Event Hedi 01: "...either in a Zoology textbook orin real life..." Seems to be a missing space.
  3. I was wondering about Griars Adventure - A Friend of the Animals. Does it end at Train The Plant? It seemed to end kinda abruptly with him saying he's give the seeds to any students that want them and I didn't seem to get an increase to the relationship maximum, but no new adventure has been added to my list.
  4. Research RL I - "...but our country was to small to be put on any maps." Should be "too".
  5. Small typo in Random Event Patrol 4 - Observation failure: "It's too dark. You can tell what equipment, if any, Alan has in his possession." Should be "can't". Typo in Lore - Anilka and her Potion: "He countenance was fine". I not sure if that line is supposed to refer to Anilka or Lord Taemon. If it's Anilka that should read "Her countenance was fine". If it's refering to Lord Taemon it should read "His countenance is fine". If it is refering to him, I would also consider changing the following line to "So when she saw Lord Taemon" to make it a little bit clearer.
  6. Possible typo in the lore "The Quickest Words"? "For her wit is as sharp as the axes might." Should that be "axe's"?It's quite late where I am and I think I might be failing my Grammar role. Also in the lore "Lip Reading Styles", "Only focusing upon lips would require a greater deal of memory than a mortal doesn't have the time to hone." I think that should read either "Only focusing upon lips would require a greater deal of memory that a mortal doesn't have the time to hone", or "Only focusing upon lips would require a greater deal of memory than a mortal has the time to hone".
  7. Missing space in the Dance of Fools adventure: Ghoul's Flesh - "But the robe is intricate, something a duke or duchess wouldbe happy to wear." And another one in Random Event Health And Illness 3 - "...coughing And looking ill.They keep running all the way to the bathrooms."
  8. Small typo in Random Event Physical Activity 12 - Athletics failure exit: "you hit the stone a little left og where you aimed"
  9. Sorry, Dunce's cap on, which concatenation is possibly an engine limitation?
  10. Oooh, Traps too! No Wardrobe of Ulitimate Security is complete without some traps. Poisoned traps.
  11. The Discovery of a Secret Text - Cat Bond Adventure 1: There's a missing space in a sentence "... the Admiratio or Empire Marketis the place to go."
  12. "Screwing up your courage" is a genuine idiom, meaning to force yourself to be brave even if you're really scared. ^^ I don't think it gets a lot of general usage now-a-days (at least where I live) as the term "screwing" has come to have more negative connotations.
  13. Adventure: The Magical Music Contest - This Magic Moment - Short Changed 05f There seems to be a bit of gender confusion going on in this section as our dreamy male waiter Dale gets referred to as Yulia (I'm assuming that's the name of the waitress in the male version of this event, if not count me as confused), "...explodes at the backdoor sending you and Yulia onto the floor." There's also some pronoun trouble further on in this section of text with "As you walk her home you talk about ghosts and lore*. The conversation turns to Dale and she tells you she wants to be a drummer and is saving money to enter a music conservatory." *This sentence is a bit off too (though this might just be because of this being copy/pasted from the male version). Dale offered and does walks the female PC home. Not vice-versa.
  14. I was actually think of Leopold. He's fey, or partly anyway. (I think. Long time since I did his adventure.)
  15. Whose to say you don't have (partly) non-human classmates already?
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