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  1. Luck! That explains it, I've got a 1. >.<# Insight, now, Insight/Confidence I can breeze by in my sleep. Just have to put together a temp Luck enhancement package. Thanks! EDIT: Three castings in a row of Reveal Flaw with three Luck phemes each brought the Ambush option up to blue. Pass!
  2. I am having absolutely no luck dealing with these things. Getting the spray from the gardener is easy enough, but no matter how high I push my Ambush skill -- stacking spells to increase it and Insight -- it remains a purple option. Is this an Insight/Ambush roll, or some other stat/Ambush?
  3. How do you mail the Unsent Letter from "Just Going About your Business?" It claims that mailing it is an Ability, but no such ability shows up on the list and it's not under Use Item either. EDIT: ...and never mind, it just took a day to show up.
  4. I'm no modder, but if you want to take something like this and run with it, I'd be honored
  5. Default Name: Good (Your Name) and Evil (Your Name) Type: Materialized Subconscious Urges Breed: Paired Conscience Imps (Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil) As a result of some juvenile magic gone wrong, your good and evil sides have physical form as a tiny angel and devil, both with your features and voice. On the down side, they constantly nag you toward extremes of behavior and their conversation sometimes reveals your secrets to anyone within hearing range. On the up side... well, you're sure you'll think of something! Stat: 5 Insight, but +3 to Chance of Discovery (as aspects of your own mind they know themselves quite well, but they just won't shut up!) Familiar: Sibling Rivalry In a desperate attempt to get rid of your evil twin, you've landed him/her and yourself in trouble far away from your master. Can you manage to work together with your eternal nemesis long enough to get back home? A Plague of Conscience Suddenly, good and evil imps are appearing by everyone around you. And it's contagious! Can you discover who or what is responsible, and stop it, before everyone in the Academy loses their own familiar and has their innermost secrets exposed by gossiping imps? Special Ability: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Bond of Stars 10 You have reached a deeper understanding of your innermost urges, and can tap into it, gaining +3 to Insight for 10 actions.
  6. On the subject of character portraits: This probably isn't practical, but I'd be delighted if someone could take all the existing PC faces and dress them up in the other schools' robes and backgrounds. Giving us more options while preserving the art style.
  7. If you have access to the Schohanwicht (sp?) School, there's a one-time ability that lets you gain a point in the stat of your choice in return for a permanent point of Stress (i.e. your Stress Minimum is now 1). Silke might be able to get rid of that, I haven't tested it yet... ETA: Confirmed. Even though I recruited Silke before doing the Special Summons, my minimum is still zero. Handy
  8. Fortunately, I am on Eunycia's quest line. Unfortunately, I'm finding "The Beating Heart of the Swamp" amazingly difficult, and I think the apprentice training comes after that...
  9. My character isn't a Zoology student, but I'd like to be able to raise the base skill enough to get the familiar handling ability. The only subskills I've unlocked are Birds and Mammals. Are there any relatively straightforward paths to unlock at least one of the others? Thanks
  10. Every time a patch hits, I start over -- refining my character as I go. This time, I may actually finish. Think she'll be dominating final exams and mastering Gates along the way...
  11. VC: Not all of us are born under interesting signs. Some of us have to settle for The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars.
  12. There's now an Academagia page on the TV Tropes Wiki. For you lucky souls who haven't heard of the site, it's an ever-expanding guide to the use and abuse of genre conventions, stock character types, recurring plots and themes, etc. in all sorts of fiction (started as just television but quickly mushroomed). I'm a contributor myself. C'mon over, familiarize yourself with the wiki and its conventions if you haven't already, and help expand the game's page! But be warned -- TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life!
  13. And just to make things weirder, Katja Quinnecht somehow managed to insert herself into my clique without any actions of any kind reported as being used by or on her. First thing I knew about it was my sudden acquisition of Inner Peace. Stealth befriending!
  14. On several runs, including after patching to 7b, I've noticed that my pawns -- um, BFFs! -- will occasionally try to Befriend me. Definitely the Befriend action, and not any of those with similar names. Am I really that popular?
  15. Hi all! Slightly late with the intro, but here I am: the Evil Midnight Lurker what Lurks at Midnight. (Surf's up, space ponies -- I'M MAKIN' GRAVY WITHOUT THE LUMPS!!!!!) A very intriguing game this. The only similar one I've played is A-Sharp's "King of Dragon Pass," a bronze-age tribe simulator set in the fantasy world of Glorantha (you may know it as the setting of the pen-and-paper game Runequest/Hero Quest/Hero Wars), which I recommend to anyone who can find a copy.
  16. Thanks. Sorry to be so curt, but I liked that save
  17. I don't like to yell. But it's really hard not to hit the capslock key about this one. There is no excuse at all for not having a y/n prompt come up when hitting the delete-savegame button. None.
  18. The first character I created (pre-mod) wound up, on his first day, with an ability (or was it an action? can't recall) called Courteous Gestures: once every two weeks, you get two two-point relationship increases with characters of the opposite gender. I have absolutely no idea what choice or combination of choices I made to get it, I haven't been able to recreate it even by accident, can't find it in the wiki. Please help? ...Along these lines, it would be nice if the character sheet included a reminder list of our initial picks. starting stats included.
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