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  1. I am currently getting an 'Academagia: Error' 'System Error Occured. Application will be terminated.' message every time I load a save whilst I have a game in progress. Oddly enough, the application isn't terminated, and I seem to be able to continue playing the loaded game normally afterwards, so it's not a big problem. It's just strange enough I thought I'd mention it.
  2. It's applying to new games created in after applying the patch. I'm using the Impulse version of the game, and Impulse tells me I'm using v1.460. This is probably because I patched manually though, pressing F12 in game gives as the version. It looks like it's treating every single parent skill I have as being maxed out, and if I gain a single point in any new subskill, it awards benefits and abilities as if I'd maxed the parent skill. I've also now tested older saved games, and whilst I've not suddenly got every parent skill treated as maxed the way a new game has, it does seems to be apply any time I raise a subskill. I got nine new athetlic-based abilities when my Running increased from four to five, including 'Prowess', which raised Running to six and every other athetlic ability from 0 to 1. So, all saves from games made both before and after the patch, but it's a lot more noticable with the new games made with the patch as it affects every single skill, instead of just skills I've changed since loading the save.
  3. In my case, it's the new games that are affected, not older save games (don't have any older, active saves to try on this computer). Kind of changes the challenge level of the game when you start day 1 week 1 with vit 7 (with no CC points put into Fitness), +1 or +2 to most stats and lots of high-level actions and abilities. Also, unlocking Cryptology 1 now seems to give me a point of intelligence, which seems like another bug as well.
  4. I think I may have made a mistake installing patch updating from Is this patch supposed to give you a vast number of newly unlocked abilities at the start of a new game? I seem to have started with a wide variety of abilities that used to require unlocking, such as most of the 'Pray For' abilities, as well as four spells, Choke, Sense of Direction, Silence Rumourmonger and Friendquake (which used to require Befriend 11, according to the wiki). Anyone know what I've done or how to fix it? All I thought that I did was copy the patch over the Academagia install directory, but starting with all these abilities makes it seem like something has gone a bit wrong. Reinstalling is easy enough, of course, but want to make sure I don't make the same mistake with my next patching attempt. EDIT: I actually started with a LOT more spells than that, those are just the ones I have the Pheme's to cast And parental approval 65, despite not taking any CC options that would improve my parental approval
  5. I was using apparently, so I'll have to update that. Turns out common ground lead to two enemies sharing a clique, so you were right about the fighting and I didn't realise it. Although that does remind me of a related question: I know I can check students relationships with each other via the 'gossip' ability, but is there a more direct option to do this anywhere?
  6. I think I am having a problem with the 'Common Ground' spell- upon using it to add new members to my Clique, I do not gain the effects of the 'Clique Abilities'. Adding Emilia Picotti gave me the 'Emilia's Gift' ability on my 'Abilities and Actions' list, but my Charm (and other stats) remained at 2 (though hovering over the 'Charm' stat informs me I should be getting the bonus, leaving the odd suitation that my listed bonus to the stat is higher than the modified stat). Similarly, casting Common Ground on Cosetta Re added 'Squealer's Helper' to the abilities and actions list, but I could not find a way to assign to actually use it. This could be a bug, or I could have missed something.
  7. Minor suggestion, would it be possible to give the option to give a command to use the Train ability on a Skill- which would not increase the Skill directly, but instead increase a random sub-skill within it? Including having a chance to increase a sub-skill you are not currently aware of. So, if you had two sub-skills out of three, you'd have a 1 in 3 chance of learning the missing skill, and if you don't, you instead gain one skill step towards one of the other two. Just an idea, to solve the problem of being unable to raise a skill level despite being pretty good at the sub-skills you know about.
  8. Don't forget to bring some friends! According to the manual, if your clique members have higher skills than you, you can use theirs instead of your own during adventures. Generally, this is only useful for the lower difficulty adventurers, as the higher difficulties will generally require a lot of stacking magic to complete (I had Study Habits 10, and Intelligence 6, and the Dinner Party adventure remained stubbornly purple even after a couple of stacking buffs), but if you plan to specialize in, for example, magical studies or physical activities, making friends with one of the more social characters will be very helpful during your earlier adventures- and as a result, can help you unlock skills you don't have on yourself.
  9. Ahh, thank you. I'll try buttering up a bunch of other professors and experimenting.
  10. What kind of rewards does Favor generally give people? I suspect that I am suffering from a run of Very Bad Luck. Every time I've used this ability, even with a relationship of 9 or 10 I've never gotten anything more than a single level boost to a single skill, which doesn't seem worth the 10 actions spent to get the relationship that high. Granted, this mostly with Professor Sido, (though the headmaster gave me a single level of planning for five points of favor as well) and I only got that much favor to start with because of repeated tutoring sessions to become something of a linguist. Is this deliberate, am I really unlucky, or is it a bug?
  11. In terms of people's experience, how many clique members do you tend to end up with a relatively but not purely social character? The highest I've managed myself is a group of four, including my character. Two of the three friends gave bonuses to Charm- without those bonuses I doubt I'd have been able to get the fourth- I guess I could use Vast Overwhelming Magical Power to force people into becoming my friend, but that seems kind of out of character for the person concerned. Also, which abilities are good for boosting inter-group harmony- improving relationships between clique members and so on? Gossip is the most obvious and early choice, looking for something better though, since it'd takes 12 actions- two whole weekends- to raise the relationships between every member of my four-person clique by a single point, and that'll go up by a lot with every additional member. Are there any actions at all similar to holding a party for your clique or a similar, something that has a chance to boost several relationships at a time? Seems kind of hard that my high charm, very friendly character struggles to make such a small group get along, so was wondering if I'd missed something useful.
  12. It's possible to get the Reveal Flaw spell through the Planning skill, I think it's level 7, but I'm not certain. Planning shows up reasonably often in random events, can be trained by building a sandcastle (which I *think* is unlocked through Creativity), zoology students can get access to the Planning skill through Insects 3 (which gives a bonus to planning and some other abilities).
  13. That seems to have fixed the crashing problem, thank you.
  14. Since I started using the latest patch attempting to use the Study at the Library of Longshade ability causes my game to crash to the desktop with the message "Academagia Error : System Error occured. Application will be terminated." upon clicking the clock on the calender page. The entire playthrough has been with the latest patch, and I am running the game in Vista. Prior to patching, on an older version of the game, the ability worked fine.
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