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  1. Yeah, I was going to say. Other people could never raise /your/ bond subskills.


    I'm of the opinion that familiars should share in some of the skillgains from classes. I mean, they hang around, right? And they sometimes have pretty impressive intelligence scores, so it's likely they'd pick up a few things.


    They should also gradually gain skills based on their species. Rats for instance would gain skills related to sneaking and spying, just from their general background 'doing stuff'. Things can be thought up for the other familiars too. Not sure what the fish would gain. Aside from Swimming, it'd probably be a very esoteric skillset, the kind of things someone could 'learn' by sitting around in a fishbowl being brilliant and bored. (Creativity, if nothing else!)


    All very good suggestions. For fish one of the first enchantments i would learn is how to enchant books so that my fish could turn pages from the fishbowl. Magical remote control for an ebook anyone? Plethora of theoretical skills, my fish is coming.

  2. Well the main problem is probably the lack of good training place/action for familiar like Go outside the fence. (+1 SS explore, +1 familiar SS explore, +1 familiar SS ambush, +1 stress)

    This hopefully will get a bit better when impoved familiar handling is back in useful form in new dlc, but you are right, there are not enough good training places/actions for familiars compared with the pupils. At least as important are low attributes the familiars have. While they start comparable to a character, a player can if he knows what he is doing improve his stats very well in reasonable time. It is possible to have stats in 5-7 points range middle/late in the year. The familiars do not have such possibilities. There are also huge problems applying spells to your familiars - no easy way to boost attributes/skills unlike for characters. I would love to get an ability to share stat ehhancement spells i cast on myself with my familiar given high enough bond. "Shared spell" ability would really fit the bond fluff in my opinion. Therefore it is vital to maximize their starting stats and even then getting skills to higher levels is painful.


    I also don't like the fact that my familiar is doing nothing while I am going to class, so It would be great if I can pay 400 Pims per month for some familiar trainer to teach him 1 random SS per day, 250 Pims per month to familiar daycare center for 1 random SS per two day, 100 Pims per month to for some student to do whatever minimum grooming to raise that 1 random SS each week, or 0 pims for it to hang around and gain 1 random SS once per month.


    Preferably the choice to choose which skill to raise for those payable option except bond skill.

    Yes. I have written a lengthy post about familiars in general a while back where i also touched this point. Basically they are our familiars, our friends, our helpers. They can start out with intelligence higher then vast majority of pupils in first year. There is nothing to suggest they are barred from classes. We even get bonus to skills from them - something i interpreted as our familiars helping us achieve a goal, so they should basically be assumed to be present with us most of the time. Then it would be only logical that they attend classes with us and get the same increase to subskills steps as we do, of course based on their stats. They are also motivated and intelligent friends and helpers, we simply should be able, given sufficent bond, say them what they have to do -make a trainingsplan- and they should be able to train on their own. I would be also more than ready to pay someone to train my familiar more efficiently, but it should be an improvement to training rate, not a necessary step to be able to train at all.

  3. I think the payoff for familiars comes in the long run. (I.E. Not in year 1.) Meaning that if the skill caps don't advance or advance slowly then the only meaningful way to advance is indeed to train your familiar. Conversely that means that it is indeed wasteful to train your familiar before your own skills cap, unless some of the familiar quest awards are spectacualar. (I have no idea.)


    You are indeed right on both accounts in my opinion. If the skill caps do not advance familiars will be more important in 2 year, but it would be even more necessary to ignore them in year 1 to get own skills as high as possible in order to profit properly in year 2. But: year two is still 1,5 to 2 years away in real life, and i would prefer for familiars to be viable now.

    And familiar quest awards are far from spectacular, especially since i was barely able to get an acceptable result in my exams as i concentrated on my familiar quests. It used pretty much all available time to get so far.


    My problem with familiars is that I can currently spend 0, 1, or 2 (exotics cost 2, right?) points on them for little to no appreciable difference in effect. Why waste the points when Moaning Myrtle is free? And heck! A ghost chick is cooler than a rat any day of the week and twice on sundays.


    Exotics cost also 1, but you get one random of 21 possible.

    Another possibility to improve familiars is to choose athletical training +1 fitness and finesse + couple of skills and masterful mind training +1 intelligence + couple of skills these trainings are nearly mandatory imo if higher levels of skills for familiars are desired. This means that for me familiars are either 0 or 3 points option, leaving me with really hard choices what to do with the 7 points i have left.


    And Pamela IS cool. Especially since ghost girl Pamela in Mana Khemia. I would really like to invest points in her to have her as a proper familiar, sadly it is not possible atm. The only possible alternatives in coolness (my opinion) are the shade and silent alice, i was unable to roll both so far. Randomizer does not like me it seems. Waiting for the next DLC to try rolling again till i get them.

  4. Suggested balance change: please let the "battle angel" familiar cc choice cost 1 point instead of 2, it is of limited usability and is overpriced at 2 points in my opinion. Also please include more character creation choices in familiar training like masterful mind and athletics, in my opinion 2 extra stat points for familiar per invested character point (like already the case with athletics training) would be balanced. Another suggestion would be to add more possibilities in the game for familiars to gain stat points.


    As you can see these suggestions are aimed at making familiars more viable. It has a background: I like to play with familiars but I also like to have efficient characters, but at the moment all my characters with familiars end up in the end of the year with far lower stats and skills (already modified with +50%skills from familiars) than characters focusing on selfadvancement.

    I think suggested changes would go a long way to make a character with a familiar comparable at the end of the year to a character focusing on selfadvancement.

  5. The venalicium Library accessable for example through Music skill lest you Train a subskill of your Choice and a random Research skill. Very useful especially early on. Professor lounge accessible through decipher writing 2 or 3 gives 2 points to study also very useful. One of my favorites is Esteban contu's school of incantation. It lets you learn incantation fast. Accessable through theory of incantation 1.

    There are many others, these are just off the top of my head.

  6. I have a suggestion regarding advertisement.

    I was reading my latest copy of "Knights of the Dinner table" magazin as it struck me - an ad and review in this magazin would be perfect for this game.

    Little background: "Knights of the Dinner table" is a gaming magazine which grew out of a comic book of the same name, the comic, revolving about a group of pen and paper gamers, remains the main feature of the publication, but articles about pen and paper, table top and computer gaming are also featured. The magazine exists for more than 10 years and has a dedicated following of readers, vast majority of them players of rpgs, strategy- and wargames, a demographic very likely to be interested in playing Academagia. Therefore a review of Academagia in "KoDt" would probably be far more useful in terms of promotion and sales then an ad and/or review in a main stream pc games magazine.


    If you are interested in the idea here email address found in the magazine:

    Advertising: Steve Johansson steve@kenzerco.com


    Email address of Editor-in-Chief Jolly R. Blackburn can also be easily found on the webpage: www.kenzerco.com.

  7. Hi everyone! A little bit late to introduce myself, but better late than never.

    I am tenchifew, just have left the big 30 behind me. In computer gaming since zx spectrum 64 times, 64 staying for the incredible 64 kilobytes of ram the thing had. Don't laugh, it was necessary to wait quite a while to fill them from a tape recorder at the time. I am originally from Russia, but living in Germany since 15 years. Working full time in laser development and writing my phd in physics at the same time does not leave me a lot of opportunities to play anymore, but if I play then turn based strategy: moo2, elemental, sword of the stars, fall from heaven 2 or RPGs: jrpgs, and on western side obsidian and bioware stuff mostly. Also visual novels, j and western ones, academagia dominating my playtime nearly completely at the moment. From my game habits I am more of a power gamer, because I like to discover optimal ways to do things, but i am also a roleplayer, fluff and motivations of my character are very important to me, and I would not do an action against his beliefs, even if it would be efficient. No sacrificing of clique members to solve an adventure in academagia for me. But my pc's still tend to be very focused and capable individuals.

    That was long enough for an introduction, remains to say that I am glad to be a part of this polite and knowledgable forum, to thank the developers again for a wonderful game -thank you- and to express my wish that this forum, the developer company and the game(s) will grow and prosper.

  8. Great topic vieuxchat, and one all to often overlooked. Also from me a big thank you for this game. It is a truly great project and I just hope each consequent year will just enhance further the great experience academagia already is. A further kudos goes to truly unparalleled customer support. Be it weekly(!) patches, cost free dlc's, implementation of gamers ideas on the fly or last but most certainly not least Legate, answering our questions in a blink of an eye or just talking to us. Being a member of some indy developer's boards with very good customer/developer dialogue (stardock and Kerberos productions for example) I must say you blow them out of the water completely. We do not even need to talk about standard forums, now do we. Thank you guys and gals. You' re awesome.

  9. 10 points is a tad to little - 12 would be ideal if you are not taking a familiar.


    If familiar is taken two extra points to boost his stats are a must in my opinion in order to not extremely fall behind in character development.

    This makes familiar an effectively 3 point pick and then the character really does not have enough points.

  10. Personally i like to take Aranaz as my college of choice so i am stuck with

    History and


    history being interesting, useful and one of my candidates for courses anyway,

    since it has great research topics with lots of fluff and useful abilities.

    Calligraphy also has nice things but i would not have chosen it if ididn't have to.


    Then, since we are in a magic school, come the magic classes:




    All three are very useful in adventures and have a lot of useful spells.

    The last slot is variable and usually goes to one of three:


    Music - early access to Venalicium +1 int at study 10, good skills


    Dialectic - difficult to get otherwise, like the fluff, +1 insight at study 10


    Zoology - if i want to play with familiar.

    sadly i am yet to deduce an effective strategy playing with familiar

    without seriously weakening yourself.


    Skill i wanted to try out as the 6th one - athletic

    would be very useful for adventures.


    Incantation i usually learn at Contu's school.


    Astrology i tend to dislike making it difficult to actually try to play with it,

    but i should try it out in the near future.



    @ schwarzbart,

    you ve written revision is easy to learn even not attending the course?

    how do you do that?

    Do you use the combinations of Godina Park: Evacuation Flotilla, Sabinu's Grotto and The Library of Manetele?

  11. I second the idea with the cross subskills. It is pretty logical to have some subskills under more than one parent skill.

    Also the choice of skills in adventures does sometimes seem... Discussable. It would really help to review the skills and if an exit is asking for awareness let observation also count, maybe with3/4 points.

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