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    Mod Tools

    Thanks. Wow I'm trying to make a character called Harvey Rotter (hum wonder how my parody mind is working) and I'm getting a new appreciation for the work that went into these characters in your world. Everything is defined is classic object oriented fashion and my alleged mind is swimming.
  2. bigcat

    Mod Tools

    Well I got the modtool and the modbase, but not the AMO. Can I start messing about with the data, with just those two but not publish until I get the AMO?
  3. What he said. Could we get another rapidshare upload so we can mess with the modding, please?
  4. What they said. Thanks, this is one of the reasons gaming can still be fun and Indy games seem to be leading the way. Viva la new concepts or something. ;P
  5. Oh that BattleMace is clever! I was thinking of a Magia : The Hoarding card game where the cards really are magic and based off things in the game like locations, spells, etc... I wonder what other games we could come up with?
  6. I ran into it too and didn't eat him. Now I happily carry him around and have lots of luck and many friends and also a blue hand. Nice writing!
  7. Couldn't get it to work so just downloaded through the publisher's link and sent an email asking Stardock to cancel my order. This cost more, but I think the people that made it get more money this way right? On another note that I didn't want to start a new thread about, how do I get DLC 1? I couldn't seem to find a download link to it. Also do I need / where do I find content patch 1 if I have content patch 2? Thanks, I'm having fun getting confused on the game. Keep up the good work
  8. Just wondering if anyone has bought and got the game to download and work from Impulse? Its been a day since I ordered and haven't received any email from them. I'd order directly from the publisher, but I hate to pay for it twice. It looks like some time next week before I get to try it eh?
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