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  1. Somebody needs to explain how Philippe Marchant and Joana Lio y Rossollo were selected for a college which has as its motto 'Friendship is the Treasure'.
  2. Celestial Battles Episode IV is missing its graphic icon.
  3. The ability Work as a Journeyman at Ironcloak's Forge says you'll gain 1 step in Artisan, Courtly Fashion, and Courage. However, it actually gains you a skill level in Courtly Fashion, and nothing at all in Courage. Also, the Recipes gained from Informational Tracts don't show up under the Recipes section. They do show up during the Artifice step, but that's a little late. Even clicking on the name of the Recipe during the day's history doesn't show anything. I was under the impression that was to be fixed in one of the early DLCs. (The ability to see the inventory or description of the shops, too.) Also, this may be a problem with the engine, but the ability to use the ITs doesn't appear in the list until you spend a day with it actually on your person.
  4. The character perk Inheritance: Family Heirloom doesn't give you the random Jewel item it says you're supposed to start with.
  5. Ah, that's probably it. My fault, I didn't realize that would be forbidden.
  6. I removed the Metallic Silver Plant (unidentified) from my inventory to my wardrobe, and now it can't be moved out of the wardrobe at all, neither back to the inventory nor to the plant slot on my body.
  7. The 'CogSpring Kidnapped' Adventure has no text associated with the failure of the Gambling option.
  8. Piaxenza Adventure 07 is missing a block of text. After choosing von Rupprecht to talk to, you get an empty display with three selections (starting with Agriculture) about pumpkins. Why pumpkins, I do not know. Also, Durand de Thiomines's special ability Critically Examine Incantation Spells doesn't appear to give any spell except for Blotted Forms. Also, is the Adventure 'The Game' (Hedi, I think) the end of the chain? It seems like a strange place to stop, but succeeding at it doesn't offer anything further. The same thing just happened with 'The Search for the Past' (Leopold Rassent).
  9. I can't seem to purchase anything from Cailean's Footsteps: First Poet's Tear, Merchant. Attempting to buy something reports that the item is purchased, but the item is never transferred and your account is not charged. You can sell items to the shop. Also, in Oan's questline Finding the Oldest..., the Observation check for under the Dueling Bridge can be repeated within the same attempt until you succeed. Also, for Dismiss Hardship, are you supposed to be able to 'remove' Emotions you don't currently have? That's what happens to me.
  10. It appears that having an ability on hotkey allows you to choose and successfully use that ability even if you've temporarily lost it. I noticed this happening with Study at the Venalicium Library.
  11. The character perk Discoveries: Shops doesn't allow you to actually Shop at the two locations given. You can shop at Mettonal's Liquid Shop by 'seeing' it by choosing it as a location from the menu for another action. However, this doesn't work for the Handyman's Shop.
  12. The Engraved Watch doesn't appear to have any effect, just like the Stone I mentioned above. Also, I've noticed that if you select a location for an action or ability, and go back to the calendar without executing it, you have to reselect the location when you return. Also, is the Positive Alteration of Organic Matter spell supposed to only have you as the possible target (and therefore take 5 damage)? The description seems to suggest that you could possibly target someone else.
  13. Student Adventure Everwine 06 or 07 doesn't appear to have a proper title. After you succeed at the previous adventure, a blank slot appears in the adventure list. You can select it, however, and it ends the chain (successfully).
  14. Aha. I didn't realize that it wasn't always the governing attribute that lowered the Training Modifier for the skill.
  15. The Stone 'Better By Comparison' doesn't appear to be usable. It says it should give me a new ability, but having it in my inventory doesn't add this ability to my list. It doesn't appear to be equippable, either. Also, is the number of steps needed to train certain subskills meant to be unaffected by the level of its governing attribute? I ask because I currently have a Charm of 11, and yet Storytelling (at level 5) still requires 2 Steps to train. I noticed the same with Diplomacy and one other subskill I can't recall (Leadership, maybe).
  16. I'm saying all skill maximums showed 10 as the max when moused over, when at least one of them was definitely 11, i.e., a maximum was raised but couldn't be detected by the player (when it should be). But your message does explain why more than one max was raised past 10. I did see those messages, but later in the game, when the skills were raised naturally through classes.
  17. This is probably related to the skill maximum issue I reported earlier, but I thought I'd mention it just in case it's different. I got one of the Merit Prizes (XVIII), which gave a bonus to a Glamour subskill maximum (it didn't say which one). That bonus never showed up. Just to test, I trained each subskill just in case, and three of them went to 11. However, there were no bonuses at all to training to 11.
  18. Was the Detention not showing up on the calendar problem fixed? Because I just got assigned a detention one day, and two days later I got reprimanded for skipping it. I'm positive I didn't see it on the calendar. Saving the game (afterward) and reloading shows the Detention in the slot I overwrote. But I don't see any other assigned Detentions anywhere on the calendar. Edit: Okay, the new Detention finally showed up.
  19. There's an error in the 'Dig deeper into the mystery of the maze' adventure. It gives you two options for success. If you succeed at either, it tells you only the initials of the person who solves the maze. But if you chose the Conversation option, by the next adventure you already know the full name of the person. If you chose the Research option, it asks you to figure out the initials, but you can skip that by choosing the still-present Conversation option.
  20. There's a loop and an error of some kind in The Topiary Garden Adventure. I ended up juggling between The Topiary Garden and Leaving The Topiary Garden, then got stuck doing the same loop (the one that gives you the stone key) again and again, even though I passed it. When I finally decided to fail the adventure, I went back to it later and got a description but no options. I was told that I passed that adventure again, and then the entire adventure chain was removed from my list.
  21. Okay, so I'm not sure exactly what's been going on. I increased my max Character Study by 1 by getting Listen to 10. I then trained Character Study to 11. After this, sometimes the left side panel would show the skill as 11, sometimes as 10, but it always said it was at its maximum. Then something (I think it was passing the Character Study test to get into the Last Feast during that holiday event) said I increased my Character Study by 2 (which shouldn't have been possible, since I was at my max) and that I gained Character Insight (which should give me +1 Insight). Now the Character Study Subskill has me at 11, but says I have 0 of 2 steps needed for the next level, rather than saying I'm at my max. Training Character Study does nothing. Also Character Insight doesn't appear to work at all, i.e. it gives no bonus to my Insight.
  22. The spell was Wrath of the Comet's Tail, with two Lightning Phemes. The Target was Philippe Marchant. I know I cast it on him successfully--I got the success feedback and saw that he had taken damage--but it only said it did 4 points (from the base spell) and didn't say or show extra damage from the Lightning. I tried it another time, same thing happened.
  23. I'm curious...has anyone at BCS done a word count for all the text in the game? Or even an estimation?
  24. The Lightning Pheme doesn't do anything. It appears to add difficulty and an Expand (-1) Vitality effect to the list, but it never does the point of damage it's supposed to. Also, I've reached a point where my current game crashes to desktop with a system error. It doesn't appear to be linked to choices I make that day; just resting still results in a crash. I've sent a PM with a link to the saved game file.
  25. It is version It only happens with the Back button during the Duel. Normally, the button works fine.
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