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  1. 1 and 2. Ah, I see my problem. Part of it was what you mentioned, but another was that I didn't notice the second spell I tried to cast had an action cost of 2, and I had tried to bind a pheme before that action, so it wouldn't show up. My fault. 3. It's definitely the green Back button I'm pushing. It highlights and everything. One more thing: Break Dueling Circle always shows as green, but it never seems to succeed.
  2. Okay, so I managed to figure out the procedure for duelling, and I understand you need to bind the appropriate phemes to the palette before casting spells. Here are the problems I'm having (using Patch 34): 1. I can cast, at most, one spell. In the first combat round, I bound the phemes for Wrath of the Comet's Tail (does the order matter?), and successfully cast it in the second round. After that, I can bind more phemes, but I never get the option to cast any more spells, whether the same or different. I haven't noticed any spells successfully cast by my opponent that should cause this. 2. One time, after reloading, I hit my opponent with two casts of Wrath of the Comet's Tail before the duel started (on the same day). When I went into the duel, WotCT didn't even appear as a known spell in my spell list on the left hand panel. 3. The 'Back' button on the action confirmation panel doesn't work. Pressing it executes the programmed actions. So once you push the button to get to that panel, you're locked in and you can't go back to make corrections. 4. Does the choice you make after you win (Stay Silent, etc.) make any difference? I didn't notice any benefit or penalty for choosing any of the options.
  3. Just got another one: "You increased Godina's Merit by 0." Looks like it came from a random Event where another student poisoned my pudding. I failed the willpower check. Also, there are many broken/mistaken links for the names showing up in Student Adventure Noemia 04.
  4. I got a message "You increased your Glamour Spells skill step by 0", which seems likely to be an error. I'm not sure what caused it, but it may have been from failing the 'Beatrix's Bestiary - Creating Camouflage' Adventure.
  5. Not sure if this was still supposed to be possible, but a member of my own clique used Bully on me. Our relationship was at 0 before, now it's at -2. Also, are skills allowed to go negative? An effect from another student made my Befriend go negative temporarily.
  6. Not sure if this is a bug, but when selecting the adventure "Alan's Tale", it shows up as red in the selection list. Going on the adventure gives three options: one is green (the automatic failure exit), and the other two (success) are purple. It was my understanding that the failure exit wouldn't be considered in the colour coding, so shouldn't this adventure show as purple in the list?
  7. Legate, The character creation goes: +2 Fitness, +1 Luck, Strength, Finesse Astrology: The Comet Omen: Island Lights Family: Sports Prodigy: Physical Inheritance: Mysterious Package I did get a reprimand; I thought maybe I'd been trespassing somewhere. Did the Circlet automatically get discovered, or did I need something else to happen?
  8. Using patch 33: 1. The patch says it's fixed the maximum Vitality problem, but I don't see it. When creating a new character with Max. Vitality 10, he only started with 8, and it still added 20 after the first day. 2. The Skills and Research window doesn't appear to update on a daily basis; that is, I get a report that skills have been added or improved, but they don't show up as such in the window until a day passes or a game is loaded. 3. I started the game with the Circlet of Mastery (from one of the Inheritance perks), but it disappeared from my inventory almost immediately; no reason was given.
  9. With regards to the colour coding on Adventures, I've noticed that the colour is dependent on the choice or choices from the first selection menu. This is a bit of a problem, since a number of adventures have as the choice on the first selection menu an automatic pass (i.e. just continue the narration, especially when beginning a chain), which means the colour shows up as green when it's really not. I don't know if this is a limitation on the engine, but it would be nice if the true assessment would be made instead. I also wonder if, when the skills needed are added to the pop-up, the same problem won't occur.
  10. How laggy are you? Typically, I'll see a wait of around 3-4 sec when getting or closing a report or making a story choice. More rarely will I see a wait around 5-6 sec, although this does become more common as the year goes on. I've never seen a wait approach 10 sec. Calculating the day's results probably averages around 10 sec in the latter part of the year. I get very little wait when opening a choice selection menu; typically less than 1 sec.
  11. Is it possible for the daily report to announce when an item you've ordered from a catalogue has arrived? As it is now, you have to check your inventory each day to see whether it's there yet.
  12. wardrake, if there were something wrong with the game itself, then everyone would be affected. The fact that they're not tells you the problem isn't the game, but the user's specs. As Schwarzbart points out, it's the CPU and memory that matter for a game like this. (OS matters, too; 2G RAM on WinXP is fine, but I'd be surprised if that was good enough for Vista or Win7.) The suggestions you've made won't make your game go any faster. It'll just hide the problem beneath more layers of clicking and scrolling...and that will make everyone's game go slower. The only real solution is to simply have less things in the game itself, and you're not suggesting that, are you? At some point, you have to expect that if you're below the recommended specs, you're not going to get very good performance. 1G of RAM is low for a game like this. Add to that the stuff that most people have running in the background, and, well...
  13. Some of you guys commenting on optimization and memory leaks: unfortunately, your problems are likely due either to your own hardware limitations or whatever stuff you have running in the background. I've hardly got a beast of a computer--it's nearly 4 years old, 2.1 GHz CPU, WinXP, 2G RAM--but I don't notice any of the problems you guys are talking about, except for a (very) slight slowdown as the database grows larger, which is unavoidable. I can certainly sympathize with your frustration, but if you're noticing huge delays, the issue's almost certainly on your end. The one thing that I have noticed is that if you save and reload repeatedly, sometimes it causes the game to partially crash: you get an error message and it won't access the database, but it doesn't actually shut the game down.
  14. I used Trapper and was told I got a Chicken. But I don't have a Chicken in my inventory, Black or otherwise. I feel ripped off.
  15. Is there a prerequisite needed to use Support the Clerk? I managed to get it, but I can't choose it from my list of actions or abilities. It suggests that the students can help if they 'know their way around' certain offices, but it's not clear. I'd guess Bureaucracy, if there was one, but my character doesn't know Bureaucracy, so I can't test it.
  16. Regarding Question Knowledge: I'm not entirely certain how the 5-step penalty works. Sometimes it says it decreases a SS, where it sets the step to 0 if there are less than 5 steps (which is, I believe, what is supposed to happen). Sometimes it says it decreases a Skill, not a Subskill (I just had it declare it had reduced the War skill, with no effect). And sometimes it says nothing at all regarding penalties, i.e. there is no decrease of any kind. On that note, the penalty for QK is really not significant. Most of the time, it's attempting to decrease a SS with 0 or 1 steps, so there's no real disadvantage. (It's rare to have a SS with more than 5 steps that you're actually advancing.) It seems a bit unbalanced, overall; there's very little reason not to choose it over other alternatives, unless you only need a single step.
  17. I'm okay with the idea that you can cast spells to boost your performance on exams. The problem I have is that the other students, for the most part, don't. It is very, very rare for me to not be the top performer (by far) on exams, principally through judicious use of spells and abilities right before. I agree with ackron that this makes it a bit too easy. Personally, I'd rather see at least a handful of other students following the same strategy rather than nerf this possibility. (Interestingly, they seem to on midterms; I've seen astronomical scores there.) It's especially worth considering this if the idea discussed in another thread of prizes for exams is implemented. That will be a guaranteed double boost for you and your college (prizes plus benefits of high exams).
  18. Hmm. I never got the iron shoes. Unfortunately, my save of that time is long gone, but I remember the result of the adventure where we stole them from the goblins. We were praised, saying something like 'they were no match for the brilliant two of you'. But it appears the shoes were never placed in my inventory.
  19. The description for the Fitness Pheme doesn't state what the difficulty is.
  20. In Katja's questline, the adventure Hunting for Shoes doesn't appear to lead anywhere. I successfully completed it, but then couldn't see any option in the next day's adventure list to continue it. Am I missing a prerequisite? In Vettor's questline, I failed a roll for the adventure Mystery Package. (On a side note, the rolls needed seemed high for this stage; I had 10 in two of the skills needed but everything was still purple.) However, failing moved me to the next step, which appeared as a gap in the adventure list (i.e. no name for the adventure). You could still select it, though. In Everwine's questline, if you succeed at the final adventure, there's one more adventure in the line where all you do is speak to Everwine. That adventure also has no name; it appears in the list as a gap. Same thing for Durand's, after you pluck the feather from the eagle.
  21. Is there a particular prerequisite for Chauranglaith Path: Cave? I supposedly had access to it early on, but it didn't appear in my Ability list until I'd reached Leadership 10 (at which point its SS penalty to Leadership has no effect).
  22. Wow, this thread is like a checklist of everything I don't want. Browser game? Check. Ad-supported? Check. Multiplayer? Check. Nickel-and-dimed to death so I can actually play the game? Check. To each their own, I know, but really, except for having multiplayer (which doesn't need a browser), does anyone think the other games out there have anything Academagia doesn't? Are they even close in quality? So why on earth would you want a game in that style instead of the far superior one you currently have? And as far as multiplayer goes, sure, I'm biased, because I have zero interest in it. But it troubles me to see every good single-player game get calls for multiplayer. That doesn't come for free, you know. To add multiplayer either costs money (more programmers), time (takes longer (which costs more money anyway)), or reduces the options and content for the entire game. And in the end, it's for very little benefit. Except for multiplayer-only games like Team Fortress 2, player stats almost universally show that the majority of gamers never even try the multiplayer component. So resources are drained to appease a vocal minority.
  23. Do you have the necessary Phemes? I made that mistake once.
  24. I like things the way they are. As others have said, it forces you to make hard choices, and limits you to a small selection of skills, rather than a breadth which seems excessive for a beginning student. I definitely don't like the 'one from each category' idea. I like to be able to specialize. It's essential for roleplaying. As far as secret enemies goes, I agree with Fhoenix. Hiding people's actions takes away their personality, which is mostly expressed through the actions you see them take in the game. I wouldn't object if it were a selectable option, however.
  25. This may be the same issue as mentioned above for School Conquest, but the ability Ink Devotee adds 2 to Calligraphy, not 1 as stated.
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