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  1. Yes, I see that my skill has gone up to 11 now. Thanks.
  2. I got a message saying that I had increased my 'The Calamities' skill level maximum by 1. However, that skill, which is already at 10 and has no apparent bonuses, says that I am nonetheless already at the maximum. Is this a bug, a reporting issue, or am I not understanding how this works?
  3. This is well said. Boards like this end up flooded with criticisms and bug reports, because that's what people are compelled to talk about, even when we're big fans. So, often, we forget to communicate just how incredible an experience this game is. And it is. It's genuinely unique, the writing is excellent, and the ambition behind it is astounding. And the post-release support is better than I've ever seen; a special mention to Legate of Mineta for his prompt and detailed responses, and his class in doing so. So: thank you to all! I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
  4. I've been meaning to comment on this issue for some time, and am finally prompted to do so by another comment about how disappointed someone was when the school year ended with essentially no reference to the exams. On my first playthrough, I felt exactly the same way. I think it was hugely underestimated just how large exams loom both for the character and the player. A game like this has no real victory condition per se, but if you had to offer one up, you'd have to say 'to pass your exams at the end of the year'. The game emphasizes it at every turn. Right up front, the game tells you that if you don't do well on your exams, you'll get kicked out of school. The majority of your time is spent in class. You tend to use those skills disproportionately, in large part because they're generally higher than the others. Outside of class, you probably need to train class skills, and you definitely need to study them; you're even reminded before midterms and finals how important it is to prepare. So you spend all this time, take the exam, and get...a number. The best you can do is look to see how you did compared to the others. As I said, I was pretty disappointed the first time I ended the game. Not with the game itself--I was blown away by that--but how the exam 'storyline' ended. Or rather, didn't end. It's like getting to the end of a novel and finding the author didn't bother to write a final scene wrapping up the main plot. It hurts the game, honestly. I'm aware that your Year 1 exam results will have significant effects in Year 2. I agree that that's what should happen (when you think about it, that's what happens in real life. Your exam results affect what comes next year: which courses you can take, whether you get scholarships, your parents' reactions, etc.). I'm not calling for an immediate in-game effect. Instead, what I think should happen is that each of your exam results should be commented upon immediately afterwards, with a final wrap-up giving a general overview of the results. With six classes, I'd have six different people comment on your results in separate small scenes, each one for a different exam. For example: your best friend, your worst enemy, a member of your clique, your familiar, the head of your college, and an instructor. If you did well, your best friend would be pleased; your enemy, bitter; your familiar, lording it over the others; etc. The opposite, if you did poorly. And something for the in-between. After all six exams are done, wrap it up with a small introspective scene: you're proud, or disappointed, or scared of what your parents will say, whatever. As they are now, exams are a big letdown.
  5. Narratively, early deaths are a mistake. The beats of the story need to get higher as time goes on, and death ranks too highly. A fatality in Year 1 would ruin the game. It's hard to be troubled about losing a bag of pims when your friend just got killed. My guess is we will see a death in later years, as part of the main storyline.
  6. Culiman the Merchant doesn't seem to sell anything. His inventory is empty.
  7. I keep reading about getting an allowance from your parents, but I've never seen this. Does something special have to occur for this to happen?
  8. Is the bonus to current Vitality from the spell Steel Blood supposed to last more than 3 days? My max Vitality has dropped back to normal, but my current Vitality remains enhanced beyond the max.
  9. I realize that this has been the plan all along, but I hope this won't make things too easy. It's very rare to find a game where failing is fun; I'd hate to lose that here.
  10. I think this kind of action should require some knowledge of something related to the skill, even if it's small, like a co-subskill advanced to some level. Most people don't realize what's possible until they have some introduction to the ideas close to it.
  11. So no spells have cooldowns? I'll be on the lookout to see if any of the other descriptions still claim there is one, then. The School Conquest spell is supposed to add +6 to School Survival and +4 to several subskills. It adds the bonuses to the subskills correctly, but ends up adding +6 + 3(+4) = +18 to the parent skill!
  12. The description for the Alteration of Inhuman Matter spell claims you can't cast it more than once a week, but I was able to cast it on a second item the very next day.
  13. I also disagree strongly with reducing the number of skills. I like the fact that I'll never be good at everything. (In fact, I like the fact that I won't even know about everything. Spend some time with a typical high school student. The narrowness of their world is surprising. Not that that changes much over time.) I like that you can learn different subskills and end up with entirely different builds. Unlocking some of the abilities on the lesser-used skills is a lot of fun. Remember, too, that you have four more years to go, with lots of time to broaden your base of skills. It's true that a long-term focus sometimes leads to certain gaps--it's a major omission that there is no immediate consequences to your exam results, even if it's only a simple comment of how well you've done compared to the rest of the class, for example--but that same long-term focus also provides a richness you don't see in other games. Also, Raide's and Schwarzbart's comments are spot on. Decreasing the number of available skills either makes it too easy to max skills (or gain competence in them), or reduces the pace of advancement and the cool options you unlock along the way. It's not streamlining this game needs, it's better documentation. You're right, it's not good that you don't understand what general path you'd need to take to create things, etc., and once you've picked up the skills, how exactly you should go about it. Even a general description of possible paths would work better here then the existing opacity. Here I'd recommend early documentation about what paths to take to excel at certain things, and then once the skills are unlocked, some kind of tutorial or other documentation that guides you in a more step-by-step fashion. The current focus the devs have on improving reporting and communication is a step in the right direction, I think. The other thing that's an issue is that certain skills are more useful than others, because that's how the events were written. It makes sense that the various spell skills show up a lot--you are a wizard-in-training, after all; of course you're going to turn to spells for help--but other subskills are probably overrepresented, especially compared to some of the more obscure ones. I've lost count of the number of times Brute Strength would get you out of a jam. I don't think I've ever seen Bassan. More events that focus on a wider variety of skills and subskills would go a long way toward addressing this.
  14. Count me as one of those who likes the system the way it is. I don't think studying outside the core classes makes a lot of sense narratively. You can already learn a subject to it's maximum. Actually studying non-core subjects smacks of gaminess.
  15. Fair enough, although if that's the case, it's a pretty big penalty. After I cast Wand Amplification, I cast Wizard's Aid, and then Revision of Spells, which should give me an unadjusted minimum of 15. Yet I still failed. So the penalty is at least -4.
  16. This may be a limitation of the engine, but when replacing one skill with another with Revision of Skills, the difficulties for the event options don't change their colour coding according to the new value.
  17. Can somebody explain how exactly the property 'bonus to spells' works? I thought it added to the roll needed to succeed at casting a spell, but unless I'm missing something, it's not working that way. I'm trying to cast the Revision of Skills spell (Intelligence/Revision v. 12). I have a Revision skill of 8 and an Intelligence of 3. Before I cast the spell, I cast Wand Amplification (+4 bonus to spells). This means I should get a roll of at least 1+8+4=13>12 and so a guaranteed pass. Yet I still occasionally fail to cast the spell.
  18. I found a strange bug which I can only occasionally replicate. On one day, I cast Revision of Skills, go on an Adventure (Sneak into the Imperial Reserve!), and Consult the Artifact Registry (Big. Piece. Of. Wood.). I get sent to the infirmary for failing the Athletics test in the Adventure. The next day, my entire calendar for the rest of the year has every slot except Exams set to Rest. Going through the next day resets the calendar to normal. I do get reprimanded for skipping class on that day, though.
  19. It says Client v1.0.7.0; Publisher v.; Content: 1.0. I've applied Patch 7 and Hotfix 7b to allow the use of the Library of Longshade.
  20. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just the way things are reported, but I notice often that after I use a particular ability that does not have a cooldown period (e.g. Drop in on the Professors' Lounge), it says 'You have lost <ability>'. However, I have not lost that ability as far as I can tell; I can still use it the next day. I get reprimanded for skipping detention when I'm stuck in the infirmary. Also, Positive Alteration of Organic Matter doesn't let me choose a target; it sets me as the target and won't let me change it!
  21. Yes, thanks, Schwarzbart. Turns out I was missing one of the phemes. I didn't realize that was possible when given a spell. I also didn't realize that improving SS magically wouldn't affect the S. Now I have to figure out how to collect specific phemes.
  22. Some apparent bugs: 1. I got awarded the Strengthen Will spell, it showed up in my Spell list in the left hand window, but when I went to Cast Spell, it was missing from that list, so it couldn't be cast. 2. Cultivate gave me no option to choose a plant. The field was blank and could not be chosen. At the end of the day, it said I used the skill successfully, but gave me nothing. 3. Not sure if this is intended, but when I used Narrow Focus on three Glamour subskills at 10, it bumped them to 13, but that didn't affect the overall Glamour level; it stayed at 10.
  23. Okay, I got it to move. The problem was, in fact, the inaccurate reporting. Thanks!
  24. Schwarzbart, That doesn't seem to be what's happening here. Each substep says 0 of 1, and it stays that way no matter how many times I groom.
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