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  1. I've spent some time training my familiar. He now has a bond of 4, with all subskill bonds at 4 as well. I don't seem to be able to increase his bond past this. When I Groom Familiar, it reports a success and an increase in the specific sub-bond level, but the actual value doesn't go up. At first I thought this was because of my Familiar Kinship skill, but that's at 6. Am I missing something? Also, am I correct in thinking you can't train a familiar's skill past his bond level?
  2. Thanks, Legate. That'll be very helpful; my skills are going up and down like yo-yos, and I have no idea why. Still having a blast, though.
  3. I've just started playing the game, so I may just be wrong about how things work, but it seems like my Revision skill is being calculated incorrectly. Right now I have Revision Phemes at 4 and Revision Methods, Spells, and Theory at 3. My Revision skill is at 11. Is this supposed to be this way? None of my other skills seem to be doing this. Also, I'm kind of unsure how those Revision subskills got so high in the first place. I'm not taking it as a class, and almost none of my other subskills are that high. Is there some way to tell if there's an effect on me that I missed?
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