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  1. That's an excellent start. I'm surprised there isn't anything that can train skills more generally, though. Starcrunch's comment made it seem like things were much easier now.
  2. Speaking of being easier to train, could anyone list in detail ways to train your familiar that are faster than the generic "train familiar" action? I'm already aware of Improved Familiar Handling and Exploring Beyond the Fence--I'm looking for something that doesn't require me to specialize in zoology or get a skill all the way to ten. I'm starting to regret having taken a familiar with my latest character because of the lack of progress in training and adventures, so hopefully someone can show me a way to salvage the situation.
  3. What language do they speak in Strozza? I've been looking online and in game, but I haven't found it. Also, why is it that if I pick a background from, say, Staade, I don't get points in Vilocian? Does that mean I'm not fluent in my native tongue?
  4. Eon

    DLC 13 Bug Topic

    That's a relief. I figured whatever it was couldn't have gone unreported for so long with so many other people on here who know the mechanics better than me.
  5. Eon

    DLC 13 Bug Topic

    This is such an odd issue that I suspect it's either already well known or unique to my game because of some mistake on my part, as I can't imagine it going unnoticed. For some reason when I use an ability that raises a skill by more than one skill step, I can never raise a skill past a level increase. For example, I used Tutoring Services (+3 skill steps) on Phemes, which is presently at level six and has one of two skill steps necessary to level up. If I increase the skill by three skill steps, you'd think I'd go up to level seven plus two skill steps (skill level eight requires four skill steps). However, I just end up going up to level seven flat, which means I didn't gain as many skill steps as I should. However, if I use Tutoring Services (or any similar ability) on a skill that still needs three or more skill steps, everything plays out normally.
  6. Aha, thank you very much! And for anyone else who comes looking, I found out "The Wasting Sickness" does reveal a way to get training as well. Not sure if it was just the way I did it or if any way of solving it works, but it's a hint at a second path, at least.
  7. I've gotten Negation Methods to eleven with several characters now, but I've yet to get anything even related to Mastery from it. I heard that wasting sickness quest can get you access to a place that will inform me of Mastery Phemes, at least. Still, if anyone can update this topic with a method that actually works and doesn't involve history or gates, I'd be much obliged.
  8. Mmm, I could definitely go for a fox familiar.
  9. Whoever suggested up platypus familiars is amazing. I never would have thought of them, but now that they've been added I can't think of anything better.
  10. English isn't your native language? Wow, you actually write better than the majority of Americans I know. I can certainly do more work with phrasing and grammar (I'm a writing tutor, so it's sort of my thing), but I wasn't lying when I said you were pretty good. You could have said you were from London or Toronto and I would have believed you. In any case, I'll try and edit some more soon.
  11. Eon


    Wait a moment, by pad thingie you mean the mouse pad, the little thing you touch that moves the mouse? That's how I've played the game since I got it, so it should theoretically be possible for you. You can't scroll with the wheel that way (well, on some you can, but it's more trouble than it's worth), but you can just click on the little up and down buttons to manipulate the lists. Hmm, maybe I'm not understanding the problem? Oh, and on a side note, I had a wireless mouse that stopped working because the metal on the inside of the USB stick got worn away. If you can use other USB devices fine but not that one, that's probably your issue.
  12. Cool stuff. My main concern is that some players might not want their characters to have a sister. However, if this could be combined with backgrounds affecting how many siblings one has, I think it would be really awesome. Anyway, below I've included a few more specific comments. Also, each quoted section has been edited for grammar, phrasing and typos. You're actually really good with that stuff, but I'm neurotic when it comes to editing. I'm an extremely tough critic, so don't think that any of my comments imply a lack of skill on your part. And of course, feel free to ignore any or all of my suggestions. What words? I assume he mentioned your sister, as otherwise you'd have no reason to suddenly start thinking about her. Either way, if Vettor said something, it should probably be included in the adventure. Is the big space here intentional? Also, I changed "in that big spooky school called Academagia" to "that big spooky school of yours." Both the sister and the player know what the school is called, so it seemed unnatural for her to phrase it like that. 1. I don't remember off the top of my head if Academagia uses British or American spellings. Whichever they do use, be sure to be consistent with that one. 2. The sentence beginning with "Students eaten by..." is a fragment by itself, but by adding an ellipsis (...) at the end, it makes it seem like she's trailing off instead of abruptly ending the sentence. 3. Honestly, I'd remove the first paragraph, as it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to inform the player's character of the school's wacky hijinks, something they are already well aware of. Repeating information like that seems unnatural. If you take this suggestion, you'll also need to remove the part about sounding like Mom. 4. What is a reminder sheet? If it's just a piece of paper saying when exams are, why does she know when exams are, and why does she believe the PC does not? Either way, sending a reminder note for a test with a letter that explicitly reminds the PC of the exam seems redundant. 5. The sister comes across as more motherly than sisterly. I get that she's always supportive, but I imagine a supportive sister being more likely to ask about one's friends and personal happiness as opposed to nagging their sibling to study for tests. With that in mind, I found the most believable part of the letter to be when the sister doubles back on herself and says the PC actually should skip classes to go adventuring so long as the PC doesn't tell Mom that the sister said so. I may edit more later, but that's all I have for now. As I said before, feel free to ignore all of this, and above all, keep writing.
  13. Apparently I forgot to download the most recent patch. In any case, I exited out of the game and waited about an hour. When I restarted it, everything was cool. I'll let you know if it pops back up after I patch the game, but I think I'm good.
  14. I can't scroll down in the relationships tab. I've switched between the various ways you can organize names, but none of them work. The down tab is always whited out, while the up tab is black but doesn't seem to work. I can scroll through all the other tabs successfully, so I'm not sure what's up. Any tips would be appreciated, as it's really hard to make friends without any information on them. Thanks in advance.
  15. In "A Meeting Amongst the Potions," Cante Caviti's familiar is described as a cat named Inertia, but in his description the familiar is a hedgehog named Sikaru.
  16. That's good to keep in mind. Thanks for the tip.
  17. I just bought this from Impulse and have been enjoying it immensely. What I'm curious about is whether or not Impulse included all the patches and DLC in their download (as they oftentimes do) or if I should download all of that stuff separately. Thanks in advance for the help.
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