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  1. I would like it if adventures that are associated with specific characters to be prefixed with their name, so that it is easier to build relationships with them by participating in their adventures. Currently, it is bit a of gamble to find their quests, which I feel is inconvenient. EG: "Emilia Strollin - The Deadliest Aranz" "Sabin Stargem - The Harpy who Loved Me" "Orso Orsi - Headmaster Blues" "Your Clique - Consulting the Sphinx"
  2. An ink created by an expelled Academagia student, that same person went on to sell and market this nefarious item. Simply put, it is used by students to have their homework "automagically" solve itself - but some assembly is required. First, the ink itself not only must be spilled onto the parchment that needs to be solved, but it also must painted or drawn onto a surface that is underneath, above, or directly adjacent to a student. (preferably, smarter than the person using the ink.) Once placed, the ink would read the "thoughts" of whoever is doing the actual work, and would proceed to mimic that person's efforts to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, an incorrectly placed paper would have the problem-solving ink wandering off the page, and it doesn't take into account whether or not there are additional pages to write upon. Should the person who was attempting to copy another person's papers fail to supply the required amount of parchment, it is apt to continue work, despite the lack of paper. Furthermore, teachers tend to notice when a paper is writing itself, and tends to jump to the worst conclusions. It can be said that usage of Problem Solving Ink would require some degree of preparation, calligraphy, enchantment, and occasionally some form of trickery in order to use it to good effect. When actually used, the Ink tends to form all words that corresponds to what a person is thinking, so there is often random words and commentary intermixed with actual answers*. Students often buy or copy unused exam papers so that they can write down answers that do not have obvious tell-tale signs of being someone else's work. *The ink would form letters and script related to the first language of whoemever it is mimicking.
  3. During the "Return the Day Planner" adventure, speaking to Phillipe Marchant would display formatting issues, in that the dialogue attempts to display his description text. EDIT 1) Attending detention with Oliver Storey results in an improved relationship with Orso Orsi. Is Oliver Storey an secret identity of his? 2) During "Random Lake Event 10", when the game tries to describe the name of the sword, it only does ".", which doesn't seem quite right to me.
  4. I think in the case of the cardgame, it would be important for the illusions to be highly interactive and "intelligent", so that players can start forming a bond with their cards. This would help with making players attached to their cards, lending importance to playing the game and making it harder to become disinterested. As an result, that should help with selling cards, and give players a basis to form relationships when they come into contact with Gate Cards. Unfortunately, this would undoubtedly make cards expensive to produce and difficult to sell, unless there is something to compensate. Here is some ideas: 1) The cards may be sold at a loss. Raising an generation of mages that do not mind Gate Magic may be worth it. 2) Most cards are made of cheap material, and tend to be destroyed when a card is "killed" by another. This sells more cards, and uses their weak composition to ensure this. Existing cards may be Revisioned by game stores to be more permanent by shop keepers, for players who are particularly attached to a card. 3) Production of cards is backed by wealthy Gate wizards, or possibly foreign nations that want to create a generation of gate mages that may look upon would-be conquerors with relief, since hiding may not be required any longer. 4) There are educational programs at various wizardry academies that involve the creation of goods to be sold to the public. Cards would require Glamour, Enchant, Material Knowledge, Aesthetics, Art, and Calligraphy ability at the least, so I think there could be quite a bit to be learned from this. However, I don't think students could possibly create the cards in the quantity required. Perhaps these cards could be some form of "booster" packs that give an random set of cards: they could be excellent, or downright terrible depending on the students that made them. This system would also help lend itself to disguising those who created Gate Cards, since the creators of these cards are not officially listed, so as to protect student anonymity - including the player's. 5) The creation of an unofficial gambling league. Creating new ways for establishments to milk money from newcomers would undoubtedly draw interest from gambling establishments. The process of making the cards into a viable gambling industry would undoubtedly require a fair bit of money, advertisements, and ensuring that the cards stay in vogue. Perhaps there could be an adventure in Year 3 or 4 where the player influences this aspect of the game via adventures. By the way, what should the cardgame be called? Tragic: The Slandering? (Fallout & Magic reference. The Slandering refers to how Gate practitioners were slandered, and one of the things that forms the identity of the game is an ongoing story that describes this. The story and related tales are part of the official magazine, perhaps? It has to not directly refer to gates magic, but still make people regard the subject with an more open mind.)
  5. Sabin Stargem


    The lady comes with quite a bit of baggage, as of path 49. 1) - She gets the "study" adventure twice in her chain, though separated by a different adventure. Weird. 2) - When asking a professor about how to deal with ghosts in the Vengeance adventure, the text takes on an excessive number of spaces for the first page, and then the second page starts out with the professor's description.
  6. I think it could be more complicated than that, depending on what exact spell is being cast. For example, how would a mage direct a Fireball spell to the right location and detonate appropriately? One way may be to add an telepathic component to the spell scroll so that the user can visualize the necessary directions, but I think that could mark up the price of the scroll a bit. An simpler method might be to create an somewhat translucent scroll, with the center of it having the correct seals painted into the scroll. This seal could be used as an focus for amplifying the power of the spell and concentrating it, but could serve as a sort of bullseye so that the caster could aim the fireball. Other scrolls could use similar tricks of calligraphy for aiding their users in being wielded correctly and to improve their effects. Good calligraphy seems like the sort of skill that is key to creating effective rituals, scrolls, or being the architect of relatively "fixed" means of casting magic. Concerning the cards themselves, I like how Scharzbart laid out how practitioners of Gate Magic could subtly influence future generations of mages. Heh, I am not trying to be a spoilsport - I enjoy trying to think how people would actually use and design their equipment if they practiced magic. EDIT: My post was made before Schwarzbart's edit.
  7. A while back, I posted a bunch of descriptive fluff for some of the tools that mages may use. Here it is again, in it's own thread. Feel free to use them.
  8. Here is an quick suggestion that I cooked up. SYMBOLISM!?!% One thing that I think would help make the scheduling interface more informative would be symbols that represent some general traits about the ability, to quickly inform the player so that they don't have to read the descriptive fluff for these specifics. The symbols are next to the activity that shows what time slots it can be done in. When a player attempts to place it into their schedule and it isn't in the proper timeslot, the symbols for what time is correct would flash briefly. Having an option to toggle on and off activities that are shown for a time slot to remove non-compatible items would also be good. Time Symbols Cooldown & Preperation symbols Restricted Activity symbols
  9. Come to think of it, I want to recommend two really old but excellent adventure games. They are Star Trek adventure games that were made in the DOS era, but I think they truly captured the spirit of the original series. Each game has a number of chapters in which the player may converse with various people, and solve oodles of puzzles in order to progress. Now, the thing is that there is a scoring system that determines how much like an Starfleet officer you have behaved, and grades you according to your diplomatic abilities, loss of red shirts, and overall performance when resolving issues. You can probably find both games on Amazon or Ebay, but be on the lookout for Collector's Editions - they feature the voices of Kirk, Spock, and other actors from the show. Together, I consider them an additional season of TOS, which can't be a bad thing. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (PC. The SNES version is horrid.) Star Trek: Judgment Rites (PC, an direct sequel of 25th Anniversary.)
  10. As a gamer, I do not particularly favor simulation games. However, I do enjoy Japanese visual novels. Depending on if you like the Adventures and Events in Academagia, you might like them too. 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors - Forced into playing a twisted game, you are one of nine people who has to correctly decide how to proceed within nine hours. Choose unwisely or wait too long, you will die. I don't know if it is actually good, but it sounds like an interesting premise to me. DS. Ever17 - Trapped within an underwater amusement park, you and an number of other people have to find some way to escape - or die trying. Harvest Moon - You are essentially a city slicker who has come to the country to run a farm. As you go about your work, you develop relationships with the people in the local village. Many different versions available, including girl-oriented ones. Phoenix Wright - You are an defense attorney who argues on the behalf of people who are accused of wrongdoing. DS. Snatcher - Set in a science-fiction future, it is all about robots that imitate humans in order to "snatch" key figures. The story was made by Hideo Kojima. Sega CD. Shira Oka - Second Chances - Mixture of simulation and visual novel, created by Westerners. In this game, you reincarnate and continually play out scenarios, like in Groundhog Day. Not bad. PC. Magical Dairy - Looks it takes place in an magical academy, and the first version is for girls. Looks interesting to me, but I will be waiting for a male-oriented outing. Cute Knight Deluxe - An western interpretation of "Princess Maker", you play as a girl who wants to get ahead in life, be it through adventuring, magic, waitress, or working at an exotic bar. PC. There is a sequel, but I personally don't care for the none-anime art style of Kingdoms.
  11. Black Mage approves of this. (Suddenly, I wonder what it would be like if he was a part of Academagia...)
  12. I bet that causing Elumian wizards to be Telefragged would be one of the combat spells of Oursuk. Probably great for disfiguring just about anything else too, like walls and some varieties of enchanted barriers.
  13. 1 - Explained Foaming: This case is rather simple - either pour the concoction into a larger vessel, or leave the potion by Philippe Marchant and walk away. With the former strategy, you can wait for the foaming to subside while the liquid is contained in a vessel that prevents overflow by virtue of sheer size, and in the latter...well, Philippe himself is a menace, and it would take a menace to be rid of him. 2 - Utilizing "Mimsir's Invisible Box" you can create an invisible box with many small holes with which you can drain the box of air. By doing this, you can eventually reduce the oxygen content of the sparking object, depriving it of fuel to draw upon for that activity. 3 - It can't be any worse than Vernin's dorm rooms for the boys. I am more concerned about the pet slime that the students of Morvidus has been raising under one of our beds, mostly because it taken residence under my neighbor's. I might switch places with someone soon. 4 - As a general rule, when people scream, it is either something insignificant or terrible beyond belief. Quickly scan your surroundings, and then take the nearest exit that the others haven't taken - preferably, a window or a ledge. 71.6% of the dangerous things prefer crowds of students. 5 - This is a sure warning sign that something is going wrong. Should the color be especially calm and gentle, evacuate immediately and take shelter behind or beneath a particularly tough object, such as a dragon or Orso Orsi.
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