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  1. I would like it if Lore, Spells, and Phemes each got their own "Book" that can be searched, have bookmarks for specific sections (Eg, Spellbook Incantations). I am thinking something similar to Alpha Centauri's databanks, Civilization's Civilopedia, and Age of Wonder: Shadow Magic's spellbooks. Having these books to be full-screen or nearly full-screen would also help by reducing the use of scrolling, since more information can be shown. Lorebook Spellbook Phymebook Inventory management could also use tabs for storing and sorting items, similar to what Pokemon uses, which has 1 backpack for storing items, but has several different pockets for specific types. The dorm room could have several different containers, such as Bookshelf for books, Wardrobe for clothing, Cabinet for weapons/shields/wands, the Desk for Misc, and so on. Currently, not all items have icons to quickly indicate what kind of item they are (being green pouches), and in future iterations of Academagia, the players may possess a considerable amount of inventory over the years. Knapsack = Current inventory Room = Put items here for them to be placed into appropriate container when you leave the inventory screen. Basically the ground in other RPGs. Bookshelf = Books Cabinet = Weapons, Shields, Wands Desk = Miscellaneous (Show tickets, reminder sheets, glasses, ect) Wardrobe = Clothing, gloves, boots. Chest = Treasure? Potion Case = Potions Come to think of it, I feel it would be nice if Trial and Error, Consult with Artifact Consulars(?) would only allow unidentified items, rather than all items. I feel it adds extra workload to the player, since one has to do some backtracking, go into inventory, find out which items are not known, memorize them, and then select them.
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