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  1. I've no personal experience setting up wikis, but the wikipedia article on wiki hosts might be a place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_hosting_services
  2. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon
  3. This is perhaps an issue tied to the episodic style of the academagia games. Certainly, if I was giving my opinions for a stand-alone "Academagia 2" then I would say to axe about a fifth or so of the skills. Get rid of the ones that are too similar to each other, the ones that are too trivial, and separate or re-define the ones whose use in-game doesn't match their description and parent skill. That would make it a lot clearer what a particular character is good at without running into "So my character is the best liar in their class, but they apparently don't know how to deceive someone?". Unfortunately it isn't likely to be reasonable to remove skills once they've been added for an episodic series like this one. After all, there will be people waiting to transfer characters to Y2 who spent a lot of effort into leveling those skills. This does mean that once something goes in, we are probably stuck with it through to year 5. Because of that, I'd probably prefer to see fewer new skills added in Y2 patches. It seems that not a single Y1 patch was added without new skills coming in. In some cases, these seem very superfluous like a lot of the college-specific ones. If this keeps happening all the way through, how many skills would there be in year 5? My opinion is that there would be too many. There are already an awful lot of skills to keep track of and the more skills there are the more complexity events and adventures should have. This isn't great because you end up with either writing & testing taking much longer because there end up being lots of exits for each step or you end up with loads of immersion-breaking situations where it would make sense to use skill X to get past event Y but the exit isn't there because the writer missed that one from the hundreds of sub-skills.
  4. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    I'm not sure what the particular event is - I haven't played an on the prowl character yet. That said, characters without that background do show interest in romance sometimes. For example, the Setting Up adventure.
  5. The Dragon Bone negation wand is from the "crafting the negation wand" adventure. You have a choice of using a holly wand as the base which gets you the pure holly negation wand, or using a dragon bone wand which gets you the Dragon Bone Negation Wand. You can get base a dragon bone wand through this adventure although they can be found elsewhere too. Problem is, the Dragon-Bone version of the negation wand is illegal while the holly one isn't. That means you can't use it in Y1 unless you're ok with reloading the game or losing it every time you get detention. The Negation Wand adventure can be unlocked via a botany class adventure ("To the fields" I think) or through "The Board Game" which has no class prereqs The board game requires playfulness and worldliness at some level (3 I think). It also vanishes if you leave it too late - I think it has to be done before sometime in Veranix. To unlock the negation wand, get the Schwarzbart weed - I think this has to be in your inventory. The first stage of the negation wand adventure is called something like "a curious weed". Edit: One legendary item I had from a random legendary pick once is the Fish King's Journal. That's available from the Fish familiar bond adventure. It's possible that some other very rare items might be from exotic familiar adventures which might explain why they don't show up much. You can also get another random legendary item by choosing a particular path through the "Academagia Under Attack" main questline, although I'm not sure if that's the powergamer's choice of main quest.
  6. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Omniscience is often used to imply knowledge of the future, in the context of the Christian God. That said, you are right that knowing the meaning of life does imply very deep knowledge and it's true that knowing everything that a creature chooses to know could be described as omniscience despite not actually knowing everything there is to know at any given point. So, I withdraw my objection regarding Omniscience. As for "you can't be magic". You're right that describing a person as magic would be unusual. It's not unknown though. In fact Rowling uses the term "Non-magic people" to refer to muggles in the Potter books and it seems natural in that context to refer to someone who is part of the magic community as a magic person. That might even include squibs who are part of the community even though they can't do magic. In fact, it's probably correct in many fantasy settings to describe wizards as "magic people" even though it isn't done much. For example Harry Potter is innately magical - he can do magic even without training. In Academagia I think anyone can learn magic though so it's not an innate quality of a person and so this would not be correct. Still, the shopkeeper might not know that, depending on how common knowledge about magic is. I often get described as a "computer person" because I'm an IT professional even though I'm pretty sure that's not a correct term. Describing a creature as magic seems perfectly valid to me though. The player is asking if the Sphinx is an innately magic creature. That is a bit of an "obvious" question I agree. In fact, I think I thought "well duh" when I saw my character ask that. Quite possibly though the academagia world is full of unusual creatures that do not have magic powers themselves. The sphinx is a lion with a person's head (and maybe wings, I'm not sure) - that's not really weirder than a centaur which might not be described as a magic creature.
  7. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Asking "Are you magic?" is grammatically the same as asking "Are you happy?" or "Are you clever?". It's not asking "Are you the metaphorical essence of happiness", it's asking if that adjective applies to the subject. Essentially, magic and magical can be used as synonyms in this context. A magic sword is a sword that is magical which is a magical sword. I think the misunderstanding here is that you're considering "magic" only in its use as a noun, with "magical" being the adjective. However, magic can also be used as an adjective with the same meaning as magic. Dictionary.com's definition of magical is: adjective 1. produced by or as if by magic: The change in the appearance of the room was magical. 2. mysteriously enchanting: a magical night. 3. of or pertaining to magic. You'll notice that point 3 there is the one that's relevant to this discussion and is exactly the same as their definition 10 for magic. Basically, magic can be used as a synonym for magical. To explain why I'm not a fan using such extreme terms as 'all-knowing' or 'omniscient' these open up a lot of potential plot holes. They're almost as bad as time travel. The thing is, an all-knowing creature would know everything. This means you end up asking questions like "The sphinx must have known this bad thing would happen, so why didn't it tell anyone?" about all kinds of situations. This is actually a major plot point in a popular fantasy series I've read, whose most terrifying evil creature is incapable of taking any action except speaking, but because it's omniscient it can see every future possibility and choose words that will have quantum-butterfly type effects to cause whatever effect it wants. Essentially, making the Sphinx all-knowing means you are giving it literally godlike powers. As for "psychic" - it's a science fiction term and so my distaste for it in fantasy works is just that it muddles the tone a bit. You know, the same as if the characters referred to "lasers" because they had a spell that focuses light. It's not wrong, I just personally don't feel it matches the setting. Edit: You are correct that asking "are you magic?" is asking whether the sphinx itself is magic, i.e. whether it is a magical creature. In this context, I interpret the question as being whether the sphinx knew these things because of its magical nature that means it knows lots of things (but not necessarily everything) or whether it is just well informed for non-magical reasons.
  8. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Magic can be used as an adjective e.g. "Magic Wand", "Magic Spell" etc. From dictionary.com: adjective 8. employed in magic: magic spells; magic dances; magic rites. 9. mysteriously enchanting; magical: magic beauty. 10.of, pertaining to, or due to magic. 11. producing the effects of magic; magical: a magic touch. The Sphinx is a magic creature (or magical creature if you prefer) so it seems like valid wording for the question. In the same way "Is it magic?" would be a reasonable question about a sword if you saw it start glowing. Psychic/omniscient/all-knowing are not synonyms for magic really. I'm not a big fan of mixing "psychic" into settings like academagia as it's basically a pseudoscience term for mental powers and would not cover Harry Potter style spells & wands magic. Omniscient & all-knowing mean that the sphinx literally knows everything. I'm not sure that's supposed to be the case - I assumed it knew a lot and was very wise, without going so far as to actually be omniscient.
  9. I had a few saves get corrupted a little while ago - the situation I posted about in the latest dlc bugs thread. Try turning off the in-game music. That seemed to stop the problem for me.
  10. I wasn't aware that some arithmetic skills needed >1 SS to train... I guess that shows how often I train them! As you say, maxing class skills isn't a key goal of mine. That might change when Y2 comes out if there's a particular class I really want to take, but I do choose a different college for each game so I will eventually get all classes done by at least one character. I haven't done Vernin yet though so no arithmetic. Sorry I didn't go over the text in detail, but it was late when I wrote my post and I needed to get to sleep. Looks like Metis has a pretty good handle on the text, although there's one of the cursive comments I'd disagree with: It's focus is Arithmetic but Geometric and Economic are also taught depending on the teacher giving lessons. Should be Its focus is Arithmetic but Geometric and Economic are also taught depending on the teacher giving lessons.
  11. From an RP perspective it's fine, although you might want someone to go over the spelling etc in the description. As for power, I wouldn't say it's too strong. In fact, I probably wouldn't take it on a powergame playthrough considering I can get an attribute point instead. I'm not a big fan of % rolls. A 50% chance makes it hard for the player to plan out their advancement because the outcome of their actions is unpredictable, and it strongly rewards save/reload style play. This is very obvious for that ability that has a 50% chance of expanding 4 instruments. Play without reloading and it averages to 2SS/action which is weak. Play with reloading and it's a powerful 4SS/action ability that can quickly max the music skill. Is the +2 arithmetic skill step or skill level? If the former then a character with good attributes will generally only get 1SS worth of benefits because excess beyond what's needed to raise the level don't count. Assuming it's SS (which is in line with most attribute increasing abilities) then this is a background point for an action which will usually gain the PC 2 SS or 3 if they pass a difficult roll which will not usually be green for even an advanced character and will not be possible in the early game. Also, like most skill training abilities the value of this one will diminish as skills get maxed That's not really all that good. Plus, most of the skills that it trains are not high-priority skills that show up frequently in adventures. If you want this to be in balanced in line with the 'top-tier' backgrounds (those that give an attribute, those that unlock an adventure, maybe prodigy: curiosity and a few others) then consider one of: - Make it give a point of intelligence as well - Make the training give 4 SS. This is powerful but not OP for an ability that doesn't expand "choice of subskill" and that costs a background point. - Write an adventure that requires the background and that gives better rewards for the time required than the average student adventure (as even a heavily powergamed character will not run out of student adventures to do). Something like +1 attribute & +1-3 SS/action in 4 or fewer actions would do the trick
  12. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Rixenda's student adventure stage 3a, choosing the Orsi exit seems to end the adventure. I'm not sure why because I couldn't spot any problems in the modtools but the next stage didn't appear to me - this should have been stage 4a1a "Troubling Assistant". This can't have been a matter of failing a roll because there isn't one for either exit in 3a. The other exit (choosing the Vernin professor) seems to work okay and stage 4a1b becomes available.
  13. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Gwendy's adventure name has an extra 'i' in disappointing ("The disappoiinting hunters") Edit: also, I've been poking about in the modtools a bit this playthrough and it seems that Noemia's adventure stage 5 exit 1 tries to expand the Cooking skill when successful, but cooking is a parent skill so it doesn't seem to do anything
  14. I completed Miya's student adventure, which is fun. It seems like the last step should give a relationship improvement with Leo Masiotti though, and I don't think it does at the moment.
  15. hdghg

    DLC 16 Bugs

    .Attribute 5 / skill 17 gives black on a difficulty 22 roll if my understanding of the mechanics is correct. That's high compared to most adventures but not ridiculously so. For example the last stage of Ilaro's main quest adventure has rolls against 24 and 25 - although to be fair the main quest does tend to have harder rolls than most. Vuillaume's student adventure, to pick one I try to do most playthroughs, has difficulty 20 rolls at the end. The sphinx adventure's difficulty seems set to a level that makes it a late-game adventure which does diminish the value of unlocking skill training with it a bit. Attributes of 5 are a bit low for that tier of adventure so I'd recommend using easier ones as stepping stones to build them up. That said, the sphinx adventure is not trivial even for a powergamed character. If it's supposed to be realistically completable by roleplay characters early enough that the sphinx training is a clear benefit then it could probably use a drop in some of the difficulties. On the other hand, if getting to the sphinx is supposed to be a major achievement that only a lucky or powerful character can be expected to do it's difficulty is fine IMO.
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