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  1. So with the new patch I decided to try and beeline for Piety 7 so I can get Cleanse and Remake. Now is it just me, or does this spell fail to cast too often? With Insight 3 and Piety 10, I (from my very unscientific method of just spamming Cleanse and Remake everytime it expires) only succeed every one in three times. When I cast other spells with similar requirements (Revision of skills, Positive Alteration) and with the exact same stats of the required skill at 10 and the attribute at 3 they cast without fail. Now these three spells are all color coded at green, so I'm not sure if its just a bug, the RNG has decided to make fun of me, or if it follows a different method.

  2. Well, just finished my 2nd game, and really enjoyed it, though there's several things that would be nice if they were changed.


    1) All adventures in the late stage turned into me just casting Revision of skills on a skill that I could boost quickly (move silently or any negation skill) then boosting it up to 20. Even skills I had a natural 17 in were a red / black (only some negation skills because of the Vuviallame reward). I mean, if you're max capped in a skill, it comes as a shock to suddenly see all these purples pop up. I see that alot of people have been talking about this so I wont go on any further, but I would have teared my hair out chain casting easy spells with the pheme of the appropriate skill 5 times in a row without revision of skills.


    2) I really wanted to punch all of the portraits in the face, because even though they're 13 years old they all seemed so smug. The 2 full games Ive played were Godina because that had the only (IMO) good male portrait in the game. Would it be possible to just have a single pool of portraits instead of 2 for each gender and house?


    3) More magical solutions to problems? I know this would put even further emphasis on magic, but it is a school about a magical academy. I mean yeah using spells to boost the skill you need is a magical solution but something more along the lines of just blasting someone with an incantation spell instead of using the bully skill would be even better.


    4) The writing in this game was incredibly solid and top notch, and it blows many current commercial rpgs out of the water. Given how well the game is written however, there were alot of opportunities to further the RPG portion of the game. Many of the choices in the game revolve around which skills to use in solving a given problem; there are only a few times when you are actually given a moral choice (Right now off the top of my head I remember the abandoned wand bit where you can either pocket it or return it to the girl and the event where you can choose whether or not to hand in the guy pocketing fruit.) Even then, these things were tied to skills, although it was really nice that I got an appropriate boost to ethics or dedication for choosing some options.


    If you were instead to make these kind of decisions pop out even more and to go even even further, instead of being the binary good and evil style, but more nuanced choices, you would have a first rate RPG on your hands, and with completely different outcomes. Like forcing the well to give you some skillups too in Katja's adventure.


    5) This is related to 4. It always felt weird studying ethics, dedication, character, ethics, temperance, or any skill of that sort in the library. If instead these could be increased by your actions, these skills could serve as a barometer of sorts for the kind of character your student is developing into.


    Forgive me if I seem presumptuous in my suggestions, I'll probably get year 2 regardless of what happens because this game was a blast to play.

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