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  1. Which date is Year 2 scheduled for ?
  2. My negation skill is boost by Protective Mindset, four times. Is it all right ? I have this score since patch 1,05 (Impulse buyer) and it persist with 1,07b.
  3. I see biology in an random event about a ill student.
  4. Hall sessions available and scheduled on saturday now. Ouf ! Edit : Posted in the same time as Legate of Mineta : Ok and understood, thanks !
  5. Feal in that way too, I train all saturday in the Great Hall and have been reprimanded.
  6. I have been reprimanded for skipping Hall Session on Saturday or Sunday. WTF ? It was rest session and I was training or studying in my room...
  7. Rest and decrease stress solve the problems, thanks. I have read the hint for cowardice, thanks, I will work on it.
  8. I won in a single day : Alert - Anger - Anxiety - Bitterness - Cowardice Is there a solution to return to a more normal state ? I will reduce my stress (6) and adopt a low profile to stop the rain of reprimand (3 per week for the moment)
  9. This is my first real character, I make an quick try yesterday and abandon because my college don't fit me. Let's go. Name : Rhyn Ratigan Fitness: 2 Finesse: 2 Charm: 1 Strength: 1 Intelligence: 3 Insight: 3 Luck: 1 College Durand Classes : Botany, Dialectic, Negation, Incantation, Calligraphy, Grammar. Astrology : Midnight Omen : Islandquake Discoveries : Libraries Family : Wizards Familiar : Rat - named Bookworm Rhyn tends to prefers book to friends, he's very lonely. He will start search for student like him and befriend them. He think that studies will be easy for him and plan to focus on training and effective magic. There is a strong social pressure on Rhyn, his parents expect only excellence of him. Rhyn is also a dreamer, intoxicate by heroic legend, it is expect to spend time on exploring... Midterm results : Intelligence and Insight climb to 4. Suffer one detention for nothing, cruel injustice. Exams results, such a shame : Botany 59 ; Dialectic 34 ; Negation 91 ; Incantation 45 ; Calligraphy 35, Grammar : 54.
  10. I heard of it some years ago here and when Impulse made the week-end offer, I came here, read a few posts then go back to bought it.
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