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  1. I think "maps" are a critical point. As it is now the gameplay is too much centered on the "Schedule" and not enough on "Locations" making much of the background lore & imageries forgettable & forgotten. You don't have much remembrance where many activities/abilities are happening. Use of maps would re-balance this.
  2. No problem I think the future UI can change radically the gameplay not on the game mechanisms side but on the game pacing. Right now it is somewhat like filling paper works on weekly basis I'm certain that more suggestions will come from others players to make the UI more friendly and more immersible.
  3. From someone who uses paint once every 9 months, my very newbie and "incomplete" take on the UI as some buttons are missing. What would be costly is the need of art for each areas.
  4. @Legate Are still open for some big change in the UI for Year 2?
  5. This game is really one of the most ambitious i stumbled upon for while. Describe it as Table-top RPG x NetHack x Dungeon Crawler Japanese RPG style. *Table-top RPG as you roll dice event to trigger random events. *NetHack as you spend time here and on the wiki to find the most efficient to build up your character and squeeze out the maximum from the abilities, locations and others bugs. *Dungeon Crawler as select menu 1 => select menu 2 => validate => confirm? This game is for completionists who want the closest thing to 100% locations found, lores, abilities, skill & sub-skills even if it's outright impossible but who know maybe Year 5 would permit it.
  6. Currently Impulse version is 1.05 guess i will have to wait next week for the latest version
  7. @Legate Weird i got the game through Impulse weekly sales. It would nice to have game version number visible in the first menu screen (the one with start new game, load game and exit).
  8. Questions: *Does anyone managed to make the "Improve Athletic" ability works? *Is the Imperial Sphinx supposed to give random research increase like Wit research +1 step or War research +1 step? Thanks
  9. Any hope for an UI evolution? Even keeping the 800*600 limitation there are still plenty of room for improvements. Most of the upper tier of the screen is wasted for whatever aesthetic purpose and some room can be gained on left and right margins. While i like this game, it's also one of the rare ones that really hurts my eyes because font is too small. This game remember me Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! in a more ambitious way but with less artistic resources.
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