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  1. That would be awesome Nyaa. A mini-mimic. Maybe tell it to go 'chew' on other people's stuff too. "Your familliar ate my homework! ...And my bed. My books. All of my clothes..." Though to be honest, I was thinking of something more like a phoenix (who smoke precious incense and myrrh), or something of that variety... ...But a mimic familliar. Oh yeah I can see all sorts of fun with that! And now that I think about it, a blood/essence drinking familliar, or a piece of gear that does the same. That could be amusing too from a RP perspective.
  2. 100 pims a week would devastate most familliar owners. At the same time, there are a lot of canons out there where, X creature eats jewels, or other precious materials to maintain it's power. We could probably have a familliar that does that here, it would have to be worth it though, otherwise, I'm pretty certain I'd hit re-roll before I went bankrupt and my lil buggers never-ending appetite.
  3. There's a spell that temporally increases the familliar skills too. +3 on several skills for a few days has helped me past a number of speed bumps.
  4. Ah-hah! Thank you for fast reply, I think I just got confused by the question.
  5. Just to make certain, are you saying that games must be modless, or modify existing things to import properly? Or are you saying that 'The stuff that the mod adds won't be imported'?
  6. Load order is important... Now... The million pim question... Does the mod at the top of the list override the mods below it or does the mod at the bottom of the list, override the mods above it?
  7. I would like to request with things like that we allow a courageous response too. I know most of my responses to Phillipe have been ... Uhh ... Rivalry increasing. I'd love to have a story option that allowed for usage of Induce Coma on Phillipe.
  8. Blood Tarantuala + Caustic Sixth Finger + Caustic Sixth Finger + Blight Fire as a pheme addition crashes spells. Decripit seems to be working just fine. Hopefully that gives you a good starting point?
  9. Okay. They crash after I add the pheme to the spell screen and then hit 'Ok' Blight + Induce Coma Blight + Anger Others In fact any number of phemes that actually 'deal damage' to a foe as an addition to any spell seems to be doing it. I have a ton of phemes ... So I'm still hunting. IIRC this one did damage and added stress. If you could name some other damage dealing spells that I could try it with quickly, I'll see how many times I can crash my game in quick succession. I will note that casting induce coma or anger others without additions works fine.
  10. Despite my house status in Vernin, when I found an object in their house (The Mallen Star) while using the action 'explore'... ...I suddenly got the chance to join their group, and got their quest line. I'd love to give you more information, but shortly after I crashed the game while adding some damage/stress dealing phemes to a hostile spell.
  11. Okay. I created something from the mod base, and it compiled. When I run it alone - I get the new background option and the new familiar option I wanted. When I try to add in the two towers at the same time... I lose both options. I believe you said we could run two mods at the same time? Is it even necessary to run both at this time, because I created it from the mod-base? Or am I, or is the program doing something we shouldn't be? Shingai; I got a similar error when I was trying to compile the mod on my computer. After transferring it over to a friends computer that runs Win7, 64 bit with 16 gigs of ram... ...It compiled properly. I would assume this may be of the 'out of memory' errors they were talking about in an earlier post.
  12. So we setup a background, Select background type, select step type say History. Action type: Background Then put in 'Add Action'(action type) 'Target Self' And that adds in things to the background list? My question is, do we have to do anything special to add this to the background menu?
  13. Ah. Whoops. Don't mind me then. Is there a possibility that we get another link to get the Mod Base and the Amo Base soon?
  14. When we get the rest of the tools for Modding easily accessible is there going to be a forum created where we can post about mods here?
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