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  1. And visible stats on the main frame (like the picture I gave you) ?
  2. I would only change two things : a resizable frame (for the text) and stats always visible (on the sky for instance, with icons)
  3. Vieux chat

    Patch 19

    Or maybe change how much points are earned when you fail ? If you succeed you only earn twice as much. I don't think it's rewarding for those who level up their compete skill. Why not 1 point if you fail and 1+3 points if you succeed ?
  4. Yes, I know we can use stress, but not on adventures. The only way to be sure to succeed is to "spend" one friend. Maybe stress should be also available (instead of spending a friend, there could be a cost of stress or endurance or stat downgrade (temporary)) About ethics : in fact it's a matter of writing. I'm not sure that the devs could create a system that automatically creates "ethical" choices. Camp stories : I'm waiting for you wall of text (it wasn't BoF. Maybe Grandia ? I really don't like when I can't remember something I SHOULD remember)
  5. Eh ! There's already pirates ! And some adventures (long ones !) with Orso Orsi are really interesting. So there's already some "action", but you need to get enough skills to go to adventure. And that is the real issue. If you "screw" your character, you can't do any adventure and you'll miss the most interesting part of the game.
  6. That gives me an idea : there should be a way to say "I really really really want to succeed at that", giving you a bonus and costing you stress and/or endurance. Or you could even get temporary degrade of skills/stats. Another thing : Ethical choices. Sometimes I'd like to have choices that ethically matter. I could try to do things for "nothing", or maybe i'd like to get great reward for what I've done. About clique. Il like to play solitary characters. I've played a dozen games (with 5 or 6 as complete playthrough. I always play in "real" mode : only saving when I need to go to eat) and I've never got more than 3 people in my clique. Clique shouldn't be a matter of quantity but quality. In the report I can see what my cliquemate have done. But I don't really care about that. I'd prefer fluff things or lore things about them ("Visconia recieved a letter from her parents. Should she answer to them ? Even after what they've done to her ?") I've played a rpg (maybe breath of fire ? It was a old one) where when you camped, you got some "tales" between the teammates. Something like that each week would be really good. I doesn't have to be long written, it need to add details to clique mate.
  7. Use dropbox for god's sake. https://www.dropbox.com/ You can have 2 Go of storage, and you get 250Mo each time you register a friend. So if you send the link to any customer you know you could get up to 8 Go (if those customers use dropbox) As every patch is cumulative you don't have to keep each of those (only the 5 last ones would be really usefull) in your dropbox folder.
  8. Please a link for the AMO
  9. I can't download mod base and mod AMO because rapidshare says the 10 download limits has been reached.
  10. I can't DL the mod base and the mod AMO Rapidshare says that I can't.
  11. You need to "equip" books in your hands to be able to read them
  12. When I click on a sub skill I have to scroll down to the bottom to see what is the linked stats. Couldn't be the stats be shown between brackets after the subskill ? Something like : Incantation Spells (Finesse). It would help me save a lot of time (when I want to know which stat I need to boost for a fast learning) One more thing : My vitality was at 2 and I didn't know that. Stress, vitality, concealment and encumbrance should absolutly be visible on the main frame. If the stats could also be it would be really helpfull. Too many times have I to click on attributes to know what is my stat, then come back to the subskill list to know what is the stats linked) Or maybe something even better ! The stat AND the value. Incantation spells (Finesse 2) (but the vitality, stress and concealment should be visible, that's really hurting me all that go there, go back, go there, go back, etc.)
  13. It's. so. fast. I hope Impulse users will have that patch soon, because it adds so much.
  14. Replied. Old save, but a new one will have that issue for just the first time I click cast spell. If a come back to the calendar, then to "cast spell" then the phemes are sorted.
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