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  1. yes, I do master time... haha, and its my first character!!
  2. Thank you Elwin, wahaha. now I know!
  3. Any particular use of glory other than prophetic certainty.. One of the threads indicated that the requirements in artificing will be change/remove in DLC 2, since patch 11 contains DLC 2, why not? Yeah, when reprimanded the illegal items are removed, including my cheatsheet hahaha... There is a bug I found when the skill maximum is increased, i.e. the manipulation skill maximum is increased by 1, then the problem is, when you are maxing out that skill, the problem unhidden itself at skill level 10(the tooltip says, Skill maximum 11 : SKILL at MAXIMUM), but then when you train it to skill 11(the tooltip says, Skill maximum 11 : 0 of 3)... but in reality, its already maxed out!! reporting problem... weee Another one, its not a bug but brings confusion to the users, the adventure list seems to be a little vague without any indication of what adventure it succeeds from, I hope there will be any indicators provided in order for us to continue an adventure not to start a new one... There is an exploit when shopping in the game, an unidentified item sold to a merchant then bought it ends up the item being identified, no need to use the consult the artifice registry... hehe... Suggestion, I hope in the future, there is someway of changing the color of the ingame frame, by default its brown, right? but I am a nature lover, I want it green or blue... though brown also symbolizes tree trunks.. heheh
  4. I want to smack that joana in the face, but how to get the declare vendetta option? any prerequisites?
  5. What does glory means, does it help my character in any ways? Im asking this because I just finished the Orso Orsi quest expecting an expansion to several attributes but speaking of the devil, glory comes in hand. wa!! What about the sphinx loophole, any chance to fix it in the delayed patch? Is artificing changes OK in the patch? I found a wrong display of info in the game, i.e. I cast the mathematical acuity spell, then description says that the spell should last for 3 days, but the tooltip of the skills that it affects, it says +4 days? looks ridiculous right?(suggestion, instead of displaying the initial duration, why not actual duration of the spell, i.e. init=4 days, after a day curr=3 days) Also, a question about the Item I bought in the giribaldi's shop of seven colours, which is the necromancer's ring, there is some point in time in the game(ring wielded), that the said item lost... is it snatched or something, broken, or is it just a bug to start with... I feel its not worth buying if something happens like that in the future...
  6. It seems like the "Declare Vendetta" option(do not know if its an action, a spell, or an ability) have something to do with the duel! But how to start a duel!!! I am zero knowledge with regards to it!! HELP, any reactions or violent reactions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Whew, thats a good one, waiting for that mod..... teehee...
  8. Why is that 2 of my clique members(sidot and a girl with flasks at hand) create their own clique, they are Traitors... watdappak!!
  9. Schwarzbart, I also want to know how to DUEL... wahaha edit: Legate, about the artificing, will it be included in the next patch(which is fortunately includes dlc 2)?
  10. How to create an item, Id like to create a pendant with +2 gates skills, is there a feature within the game of which i can create that. In fact, my forge skill is at 11!!! weee
  11. I am sure that it slows down whenever i reached about 30 loadings... wee... maybe the 30 loadings is in line with my hardware req...
  12. Go BCS devs, go ahead and fix it. caw caw rawr!
  13. Thank you, I hope it will be fixed soon.
  14. At the End of day report, I saw a horizontal scroll bar... It seems like it is used for something, any ideas? caw caw rawr!
  15. Thanks, Schwarzbart! Then the manual and the wiki should be changed right?, way to go... hehe edit: edited the wiki... wee
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