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  1. Thank you for the post and the insights Rhialto. I don't think that I have ever paid much attention to the exact event that you describe, but it does ring a bell, even after... 2 or so years now. That said I am very happy to hear that a game I remember with such fondness manages to be as inclusive as you describe it. It warms my heart, both at the depth of the game, as we all seem to find small nuggets of gold, but also at your enjoyment of it, so thank you for sharing your thoughts!
  2. Using spells in adventures would be grand! Really grand! Having to cast spells before an adventure (because you tried, learned what you needed and then reloaded) always felt a bit off, especially if it was one of the more happy go lucky adventures. I'd wish you could tell more, but I'm patient and have a great deal of faith and fondness for the story that the team is creating, so I can wait. I'm not about as much, but best of fortune! - Now if you'll excuse me, I just learned that there was a patch that I need to download
  3. Adrian

    UI Questions

    What I do is I change the "Attend Class" action, to something else on the list - and then get the Load Actions to overwrite in the planning confirmation. It isn't quite what you are asking for, but it is a quick(ish) fix in the mean time.
  4. The problem as it stands is that you are likely not, in game terms, part of your clique, so just because your unwanted member hates you, it doesn't mean that he has any negatives with anyone in the actual clique, and thus has no reason to leave.
  5. Well my first clique is shrouded in the mists of time as well, but I have a few I recall still; The Pretty Boy Clique, a quite arbitrary little group, made up of people I found to be pretty and who didn't have a clique. Of cause, as they invited their own people it ended up quite a mix as well. I think Carmine, Raoul, Cyrys, Durand and Girars was the ones I invited - and I am fairly sure that a few girls wormed their way in. (I understand why, but the name was no longer really fitting...)
  6. Welcome to the forums! If you have questions feel free to ask (And to be honest, I was surprised that they moved Academagia up, several times now I have gone into Sheherazade's forums out of habit )
  7. Yep, you got it Luxembourg. In addition you don't "need" to replace the portraits in the cashe, though it is a good way to do it. If you wish to save time (though not harddrive space) you can delete the cashe. The game will remake it again, using the portraits that you changed in the /officialcontent/resources/ folder. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Adrian

    DLC 17 Bugs

    When I am looking at the dayreport, there is a way to turn off notifications about rumors (the thought-bubble thing), I then hit it and read how my day went - when I then close the report, and then open it (or another) report again, the thought-bubble stays grayed out, but the rumors are still showing. --- I also had the familiar naming Pamela and then naming my actual familiar thing. And yep, if you are supposed to be informed about the goings-on with your friends (actually informing you about the stats and such) then that isn't happening currently when you befriend people. Edit: Actually I think I found out what the issue is with cliques. The problem is (at least in my game) is that I am not actually part of the clique that I have recruited my friends into. I noticed it when I trained my company - and didn't get any skill increases. So I took at peek at the members of the clique, and apparently I'm not there. Sniff. "All by myself, don't wanna be... all by myself,... anymore"
  9. Ooo, two hours for me now - sadly I'm attending dinner at some friends at that exact time, but I'm very glad to see that it will be out soon! Also, Freespace, take a nap, or you won't be able to enjoy the game!
  10. I don't know the exact limits of the colorations, so I'd be interested in that as well, as for how it feels... I'm tempted to say that it is likely one of the most common issues with probability, as you note yourself. Subjectivity; On a blue 25% of the time I always fail. In addition you likely pick more blue rolls than red, which skews the record; I have failed 4 time with blue but only 3 times with red, but I did 4 red tries and 16 blue. Before you behead me I'm just saying what I see when I teach this stuff in class, I am not saying this is the case. With that in mind, shit happens, so what rolls is it that gives you trouble? Adventures? Match wits with the Sphinx? Visiting the Grotto? (Feel free to ignore the smalls smilies it's one of those days)
  11. Ooooooooo I am glad to hear that we might see the steam version in April. I just watched the UI on the greenlight page (Thanks Schwarzbart!) - it looks gorgeous. It is always nice to return to good news, so keep up the good work
  12. I feel some of your pain. I spent quite a bit of time at the start of the year snagging up some of what I would consider the more helpful people in the colleges - sadly interclique difficulties arose - or should I say arise - as I reloaded a previous save and tried again. Now I am living in dread of a possible fight, trying to boost my gossip while hoping that my clique members doesn't invite even more foo--*cough* "friends" in that I'll have to babysit-- *cough*... no, babysit is right!
  13. It seems that the statues they have in the castle are really interesting - that said, I can understand why you might not feel welcome.
  14. I have to admit, I am a sucker for old fariytales and folkstories, this was was nicely laced with what a lot of those stories lacked - a bit of bite from the antagonist.
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