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  1. ah an adventure. the one place i did not look. Thank you!
  2. Sorry I admit that I can't figure it out either. I've used it as a place I go when I do something else and read her scroll, but I still don't have any options for it after that.
  3. using the Imperial Palace: Emperor Sphinx's Room had the following error. You succeeded at using Imperial Palace: Emperor Sphinx's Room. You tried to increase your Notation Skill step, but you are already at maximum. The problem is that I am not at my maximum Notation skill, on repeat it had this error for all of the skills it increased. It still increased them a step just has that message saying they were at maximum. Edit: It appears that after the hot fix every skill increase is labeled as being at maximum.
  4. ah, yes i am using patch 7. Thanks once again for the fast reply.
  5. does anyone have their game crash when they try to use the Imperial Palace: Emperor Sphinx's Room ability? I get a 'System error occured. Application will be terminated' and the game has to be closed when I try to resolve the day when I have this ability set for the day. So i just wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me. my computer stats: intel core i7 2.80 GHZ 4 GB 64 windows 7 ATI Radeon HD 5800
  6. Ah, cool! i can wait for the option. I like the game a lot. thanks for your hard work and answering me.
  7. I just got the game and I was wondering if there was anyway to choose or influence what exotic familiar you get? I would like to try a game with a hawk or dragon or hedgehog but I just keep ending up with the fish, rabbit or lizard. The method of creating a new character till I get what I want is a bit tedious. So does anyone know of a way/trick to get a specific one? I wish they gave you the option to choose which exotic you got for the cost of an extra point.
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