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  1. vhutson

    Cheat Mod

    try this one (link goes poof in 30 days) http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/VkiOXIhs/file.html
  2. I managed to pick both the rock and the doll familiars with this mod.
  3. vhutson

    Mod Tools

    Tried that. Also disabled security software and run as administrator. No help. Works fine in a virtual machine running XP in the vmware player. Won't even start in XPmode though. go figure ) Maybe you just don't get administrator rights in windows 7, they just throw up all the warning popups to make you feel important. Anyway, I've got a workaround. Thanks!
  4. vhutson

    Mod Tools

    what's the secret handshake to enter text into the Story-Complication/Event->Add New->Main Text edit field? I haven't found anything that works.
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