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  1. Whoa, it's here, I'm downloading it! Someone hold me, I'm scared!


    Thanks for all your hard work, providing us with new content. We'll be sure to shut up for like at least a week now.


    We will? I thought it was time to start begging/demanding/pleading for info on year 2 :D

  2. In the willpower exit to Student adventure neta 10 in mentions your character picking up and pocketing a glowing stone to taking away and examine later but you don't actually get the stone as an item.

  3. A few times when using the "Hang out with Oan" action i've got the stress reduction but not the skill steps even when all of the possible skills to be increased are less than the maxium.

  4. Another odd thing thats just hapened to me, when using the put to paper action the end of day summary says i've Increased my "The Diary of Edward Lamont" Skill step by 1 and unlocked "The Diary of Edward Lamont 1" lore.

  5. Found a bug with the Shade Bond Adventure 08a, it has no exits so the adventure just ends and you can't move onto the the next part.


    From looking in the mod tools both exits require a memory, You are Dreaming, so i'm guessing its caused by not being given that memory when we're supposed to, Shade Bond Adventure 05c i think from the text, and thus not unlock the exits when we get to 08a.

  6. Another bug this one with the new Glamour adventure, Professional of Thieves. In the second step of the adventure Exit 1, Incantation spells, is not set to continue to step 03 so picking that ends the adventure right there.

  7. There's a bug in Hedgehog Bond Familiar Adventure07, it has no Evil exit. This means that if, like me, you took the Evil path exit in Hedgehog Bond Familiar Adventure04, Adventure07 has no exit just an investigate roll leaving you unable to reach the finally part of the Adventure. Also there are no stages numbered 01 or 06, it skips from 0 to 02 and from 05 to 07 which seems weird to me.

  8. I've just had an update, by the way- it appears that the DLC will be ready in roughly 1-2 weeks. As it turns out, there's quite a bit of content in it, Adventure wise. :)


    As long as its out before Nov 3rd i'm happy, i don't want to say its been over a year since the last DLC after all ;)

  9. I thought the Painting was the first part of that adventure chain? I know you see a painting of the Airship in a classroom, Glamour i think, before you go and find it out in the grounds.

  10. Right, let's go take a Mastery-and-Glamour-Fueled stroll and instigate a riot there :P


    May I know which adventure details that? I'd love to see something about it.


    Sign Language: A Trap for Talented Plotters, you'll need Vilocian 1 or more to unlock it.

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