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  1. There is an adventure chain, Durand only i think, where someone uses mastery on themself.
  2. So how about that Secret project, is it still secret?
  3. Academagia Year 2 Mass Effect 3 Thief 4 thats all
  4. Yes!! Tell us of this ~SECRET PROJECT~ Legate.... Please? Oh and happy new years
  5. Yeah i've been using it a bit and i think the problem with Calculate the Familiar Equation is a reporting one, it only seems to be telling me its increased my familiars bond skills when it raise the skill level and not when it raises skill steps.
  6. Ok thats weird i just tried using Calculate the Familiar Equation with a different character and it worked fine, i've no idea why it would work fine for one character and not another.... though thinking about with the character where it didn't work i tried and failed the first step of Familiar Adventure, Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen and then it didn't show up in my adventure list after that so maybe it was the familiar that was bugged?
  7. Well then i'll add that the Calculate the Familiar Equation action isn't increasing your familiars bond skills like its supposed too, i'd guess that is because its targeting you not your familar when its trying to do that.
  8. I've found what i think is a bug with the adventure "A return Visit" its the fifth adventure in the chain started by "The Shop" Its got a Storytelling Exit that does nothing, i've succeeded and failed the check and both times it just ends the adventure and when i go to the adventure list "A return Visit" is still there and the only way to advance to the next stage is to agree to look for the book she wants, is that intentional?
  9. Hmm what .NET component is it? If i've got it on my computer i'll remove it just in case.
  10. Then i guess i'll just have to start a new game and avoid useing those kind of abilities, i just don't want to start games and everytime not be able to finish it because of this stupid problem, Well i'm sure you have all tried you best to fix it so i'll just have to cross my fingers and hope you find a solution.
  11. And my save games just dissappeared interestingly it happend after I used Selctive focus now what do i need to do to stop it happening again?
  12. I downloaded the latest patch before stating and it said DLC 12 when i created the game, also i just checked again when i used the ability both the random sub skills say Reference:Instructors (Maybe more after but thats all i can see in the Interface)
  13. Hi everyone, after nearly a year i've started play this wonderful game again and i've found what i think is a bug, when i used the Judge the Instructors taste ability i didn't get the 2 sub skill steps that i'm supposed to just the study level increase, i've tested this 6 times now.
  14. About giving Oan a collage in year 4, would that not be a bit pointless since she would finish school at the end of year 3, if there's 5 years and she's a year 3 student when your a yeasr 1?
  15. Only thing i can think of is that your casting it with the -1 on rolls from Cleanse and Remake, if i understand the system correctly that should give a 9 - 15 roll, what is the diffeculty for casting Cleanse and Remake?
  16. I thought that the study at the venalicium Library Ability raises your study level in one of your six courses and a random Research subskill? Edit: For your familiar there is Improved familiar handling from Zoology five, that lets you train two of its subskills of your choice, including bond subskills. It does use a skill roll, familiar kinship and insight, i think but the in game description doesn't tell you the difficulty so not sure how easy it is, there is also the action, Go outside of the fences, it gives you one random explore subskill and a point of stress and gives your familiar one bond subskill of your choice plus two random explore subskills.
  17. oh secrets, I wanna know, I wanna Know
  18. Are they also used to determine how many skill steps are needed to level up a skill?
  19. Just the log or do you want the info log as well?
  20. I just got another random application error and i already deleted my GCC folder.
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