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  1. I have always wanted to try PnP RPG's but i don't know anyone who plays them around where i live
  2. One think that has slightly puzzled me is that in my current game as an Aranaz student there are five or six Aranaz students including my character that have been befriend by Durand students, which doesn't seem to fit with the whole rivalry between the two colleges that is shown in adventures, so maybe if its possable make it so its unlikely to happen, perhaps a clique that is viewed as strange because its members are from both colleges?
  3. On my game when you mouse over a selection in the confirmation orders/locations menu it doesn't stay up for long and you have to move the mouse pointer away and back in order to read it again, also you can't scroll down on them either so if the description doesn't fit in one screen you can't read the whole thing.
  4. Can i have a hint please i have about a month left with my current Aranaz character and i still have five other colleages to try before i think about starting another Aranaz character.
  5. I have a few levels of research with my current character without actually using the research action and this is with a character started on patch 8. edit: I have just had an Aranaz student use defame on Aranaz, not sure why but definitly a bug.
  6. I have done the A meeting in Aranaz common room and the Sphinx syndicate adventure chains how do i find the third? is it raising the honour of Mallen Field skill? Edit: i have raised my honour of mallen field skill, that unlocks guard the mallen star, which unlocks the Sphinx syndicate adventure chain, which i had unlocked from the start was that a bug?
  7. When you say "After DLC 2, Aranaz has 3 Adventure lines." do you mean that they currently have 2 and after DLC 2 is released later this month they will then have 3 or that they have 3 right now because i'm almost finished playing an Aranaz character i have only see 2 adventure chains based on Aranaz so i don't want to miss anything. I'm asking because has is present tense which implies that they have 3 right now but DLC 2 is not released until later this month and i'm abit confused
  8. No chance of any DLC adventures then? Perhaps some kind of talent show for Students and their familiars?
  9. My patch 8 download doesn't have a GCC folder.
  10. I see, well thats good to know its not a bug, its probable because i have cleanse and remake cast.
  11. I have two suggestions both about familiars 1: could you please add more adventures with your familiars, i really like the familiars and more you can do with them would be nice 2: the holiday, The Diakopi where you try and make your familiar happy, there is no reward for success, it says your familiar is happy but no changes to your stats or your familiars perhaps an increase to your bond or familiar kinship skills?
  12. I am posting this here because this has only happen since i uninstalled .NET 4.0 Client Profile as per the work around to the save game Corruption. Since uninstalling .NET 4.0 Client Profile i have had 2 seemingly totally random application errors causing crashes to deaktop that i don't know the cause of and was wondering if any one else has had this problem.
  13. When training my familiars Bond of stars skill, it has said it has raised it but not actually raised it, this has happened twice at different times and training it again works fine and does raise the skill. This is the only skill i have had this happen with.
  14. Found another one, the adventure before Familiar: A Sticky Situation, Find a way to pay for entrance into the town fair started right and then part way through talked about stealing a pie from a kitchen the same as Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen, which i have just done, i even got the same reward, the ability loyalty for completing both adventures. Edit: it looks like the problem is more complex that i thought because after completing Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen, the next adventure is Familiar: A Sticky Situation, which means its not the next part of the Find a way to pay for entrance into the town fair, adventure chain is it? Edit2: Familiar: A Sticky Situation works fine after completing Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen, the problem is Find a way to pay for entrance into the town fair turns into Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen part of the way through and then unlocks Familiar: A Sticky Situation which dosen't work that way but works fine if you unlock it normally. Also i unlocked The Damsel and the Jewels adventure as part of the Spider familiars The Professor's Gossip and a Revelation adventure chain, was i suposed to or is it part of a different adventure chain?
  15. Found another one, the porcupine familiar adventure, Familiar: A Sticky Situation, same problem as with The Damsel and the Jewels.
  16. When are you planning to release DLC 2?
  17. Don't forget about the spell Law of the Circular, it adds 5 points to a single skill and -1 points to 5 random skills, very useful if you know what skill you need to use, i think you get it from one of the Geometry skills but i don't know which.
  18. Well it doesn't mention the roll for -5% chance of success to another sudent in the description so it should probably be updated.
  19. I have just got the create distraction action and in the description it says it decreases chance of discovery but in the effects it also says it decreases chance of success, is this just a wording mistake or does it actually work like that?
  20. Would it be possible to somehow show the level of extra credit you have? Because when i use flourish homework it shows me my study level(max) in all my classes and i know i have extra credit with most of them but its not show.
  21. Thanks i will have to boost my prayer then.
  22. Thats it i'm missing beseech, do i get that from oratory?
  23. I have learned the spell Cleanse and Remake, but it is not appearing on my list of spells to cast. I am using patch 8.
  24. How do you carry over the choices you make on the final day if you have to keep a save from before then?
  25. Does your familar get half your skills added when they use their skills like you get half theirs, because if they don't i think they should, i mean the bond is a two way thing right.
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