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  1. I would like to add Trudi Canavans The Black Magician Trilogy as it is set in a guild of magicians and also has Forbidden magic, plus i like her books
  2. now that you mention it there were a couple of events with misaligned art in my game but i'm afraid i cant remeber which ones, i just ignored it and moved on.
  3. Thats going to be a problem then as my save game dissappeared in the last week, i saved again and it seemed to work but when i checked under load game no save looks like my first character is gone then.
  4. How is carrying my character to year 2 going to work, will i need to keep a save game or has the game already saved my character after making the final choices about looking back on the passed year. Also i have to say thank you to the people who made this wonderful game i have already started think about my next character, though i think i will wait for patch 8 before starting again, and i am looking forward to year 2 and i hope that the whole Academagia serise is a great financial success for you.
  5. I think i have found another bugged adventure, the fourth Familar Spider adventure about making friends with other spiders gives three options 1. Pure Luck 2.Navigation 3.Sleuthing, i think, anyway after trying a couple of times i passed the Pure Luck option, it sayed i found lots of spider friends, but then it took me back to choosing options 2 or 3 is that intentional or a bug because it seems like a bug to me.
  6. I'm not sure if its a bug or not but some times when using the incantation collage that adds one to every incantation sub skill i have been repremarded for trespassing even thought i payed all 900 hundred money, what ever its called, i was using it every day and all day on weekends if that has anything to do with it.
  7. Burnheart


    Its all included in the latest patches
  8. Burnheart


    I think if you look under use item you can read books that give you skill bonuses for reading them, so maybe try looking there?
  9. Yes including hotfix 7b
  10. The adventure, The Damsel and the Jewels seems to be bugged, i select it from the adventures list and then nothing comes up about it and on the daily summary it says i have failed the adventure and then i can no longer select it on the adventures list.
  11. I would like to say thank you as well, this is a really fun game to play, in my opinion any way, and i am looking forward to years 2-5.
  12. I was looking on the wiki for a game mod i have been following and notice it i the whats new in gaming section, had my eye caught by the name, click on the link to the wiki and here i am.
  13. If i download the patch from the here will that screw up anything with impulse? and which patch should i download just the latest one or has impulse skiped any other patches?
  14. Hello i have just bought the game on impulse and the game has been updated to version 1.05, is that the latest patch? because looking in the annoucements forum it doesn't seem like it.
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