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  1. I suspect you might be able to get them back by pick-pocketing the professor that took the item from you. That's just a guess though
  2. My clique almost always winds up with Neta, Vincent, Isabeau, and Milena. Sometimes I add one more if there's a student that already has a +1 or better relationship with three of these. You just can't beat those stat increases (Emilia's charm is an activated ability, and isn't very helpful IMO), and up until the last patch Isabeau's ability never failed, which made her a great way to rake in the early cash.
  3. Sounds like bond limitations to me. Remember your familiar's maximum level in any skill is equal to 1+its current bond level, that's even true for bond skills, you have to level them all up simultaneously.
  4. Just finished another playthrough using patch 10a (haven't updated to DLC 2 yet). With 6th finger and lots of phemes, I managed to post the following scores (results listed in the order the exams were taken) Negation: 1000 Revision: 1001 (yay extra credit ) Dialectic: 1000 Enchant: 1000 Glamour: 1000 Zoology: 1000 A couple of notes to help you in your calculations. You can only add 9 copies of any given pheme to a spell, however most skills have multiple phemes that boost them (the big exception is zoology, the animal pheme is the only one I found) Skills are capped at 100 (hence the exam scores) Also, kind of as a side effect of doing this, I could boost 1 or 2 other skills up into the 30-40 range without much effort, I used this to gain some glory by raising Incantation (casting Fill the Night with Stars), Voice, (Perform Music: Voice) and Wrestling (Grapple for the Crowds).
  5. I was using 10a... but it's irrelevant now, I'll check out patch 11 when I get a chance.
  6. Working on a new playthough started in patch 10a (including the hotfix), and there are a couple of annoying bugs I've run in to. First of all, the skill display does not update properly when a new skill level is gained from a random event or an adventure. Skill levels gained from actions/abilities do display properly, as to skill ranks gained, but when an event or adventure gives me a new level in a skill, it does not show up in the list. It does give me the level though, if I save the game at that point, and then immediately reload the game I just saved, I can see my new skill levels. On a possibly related note, Items that increase skill levels either aren't displaying properly, or aren't working. Certainly I can't see any effect from using/having/equipping them, no matter whether or not I've equipped them. Specific items I've notice that seem to do nothing now (although they were working in previous patches): Grit's Fang, Muffin Man, Sprite's Lucky Coin. Items that do other things (like increase stats or vitality) are still working fine.
  7. Well looking at my final save for my 1.0.8 playthough, I have 4 points of research done, and I never used the research action, so I'm pretty sure it's still happening. I don't remember exactly when it happened during the playthough though, I'll try and keep an eye out for it.
  8. Oh that reminds me, in my last playthough, some abilities that give random skills (I think Library of Longshade and maybe Tour the Tapestry Room) actually gave me research bumps instead of skills. I'm not sure if that is intended or not.
  9. Another useful ability is Practice Run, obtained from either metallurgy 8 or forge 8 (I got them both at once, and I'm not sure which one gave me the bonus). It gives you +4 in a chosen skill with an Insight/Planning roll vs. 6, and +2 in another skill (or the same skill) with an insight/planning roll vs 11. It costs 5 pims And then there is Creative Approach (from Creativity 10) which allows you to re-roll all rolls made in challenges for 2 days, taking the better result in either case (naturally, this combos very well with something that gives you a big roll range, like Cleanse and Remake). Note that Sheary Warrington's clique ability does something very similar (although I forget what it's called). Also, don't forget that since you get 1/2 of your familiar's skills, Familiar Training can actually give you a 1 or 2 point boost to a skill of your choice, very helpful if you are really close. And to emphasize what people have already said, locations can be a huge factor, especially combined with a stat boosting spell or ability, you can get +10 or even more to a skill for a short period of time. Finally, don't neglect phemes, there are tons of phemes in this game that give skill bonuses, and adding them to random spells can give you that 2-3 point bonus you are missing.
  10. Just a little note related to exams. I was a little disturbed by how easy it is to "cheat" on exams by buffing your primary related skill with magic. During my last playthough, I got the top score on every exam without much effort. It seemed a little too easy, IMO. Just something to think on.
  11. will do yes, they were all from my current playthrough cool, you might wanna put something in the description then, although it was a pleasant surprise wow that's weird then, my admin and study habits weren't so good, but my Theory of Glamour was very good (in the 8-10 range), does it randomly decide which skill to test? I suppose I could have gotten very unlucky. I don't remember exactly, but it started at 3 and was probably at 4-5 by the time I started trying to use the room. I gave up and reloaded an earlier save after a few failures though. This was before the hotfix, could that have made a difference?
  12. Hey guys, I finished my patch 8 playthrough last night. The game was started in patch 8, but the hotfix was applied about halfway though (when I realized "register for whip's studio" wasn't working). There were no gamestopper problems, but I did find 1 major issue and a couple of minor ones. The major issue is that detentions/hall sessions are not properly overwriting your rest periods. Occasionally they work, but more often they don't show up, and the first warning you have is the "you have been reprimanded for skipping detention/hall session" notice in the daily summery. At that point, I would have to reload a save game, and manually select detention/hall session from the abilities list in order to attend them. Also I cannot be completely sure (because of the previous bug) but I believe that on 2 occasions I received a detention (for trespassing or skipping class) and it was scheduled for the same day, and then I was reprimanded for missing it (because obviously I didn't have it scheduled). Ok on to the minor problems. Several times the game crashed after I reloaded an earlier save from inside the game itself (ie not from the title menu). The description for the action "Perform Music: Harpsichord" begins: "Performing a musical piece on your Violin..." I'm not sure if that's a copy/paste error or if the action is actually linking to the wrong description or what, I never tried actually using it. The Mercenary Guild House currently expands Vilocian twice, once as the first thing it does, and again as the last thing it does, I don't believe that's intended. I'm not sure what test you need to make to escape detention with Finus Piaxenza, but whatever it is, I could not make it, I think I was stuck with him on Mondays for the last 6-7 weeks of the game. Does your familiar skill bonus apply to tests to succeed with actions? I tried out the Emperor Sphinx's room this time, and despite having with 10 and my familiar have 4 ranks in it, about half the time I only got the first effect on the action. I almost hate to report this, cause I love the bug so much, but... I have never yet failed with Isabeau's clique action (The Big Haul) despite the fact that it says it only has a 50% chance of working. I must have done it about 30 times in various playthoughs so far. I noticed that when I did the Faux Dragon's questline, I got some minor new abilities related to my familiar (claw attack, aerial agility, etc.), are those unique to that questline? Cause I never got em doing the other familiar's quest lines (I finished the hawk one for sure). There has got to be a better way to organize that massive list of phemes. I was casting adding some phemes to ordinary spells to improve my grades at the end of the year, and it took forever to scroll through that massive list and find ones that improved the skill I wanted. Could you make a table or something that cross indexed them by effect (skill increase, damage done) or something? Finally, I just want to add that I played through the "A meeting in the tavern" adventure line for the first time, and I thought it was by far the best of the 3 "main" adventure lines (having done the headmaster one and the pirate one on earlier playthroughs). Also I saw the "you are being watched" adventure for the first time on this playthough. Is that new? It was a really cool adventure either way.
  13. I think 10 is a good number for CC points, especially considering the fact that you can pick up a couple extra points with "negative" backgrounds. One thing I think should be looked at though is the relative quality of the backgrounds. The story options that give you stat boosts are simply much better than any of the other picks (with the possible exception of choosing a familiar and maybe 1 or 2 others that give you unique actions like Prodigy: Curiosity). It makes it very hard not to take them. Maybe the skill based backgrounds or the familiar based backgrounds could be made better?
  14. Gossip is your best weapon when it comes to making lots of friends. While there are lots of ways to boost your relationship with other students, gossip is the only ability (afaik) that will allow you to boost the relationship between two other students (for example, someone who is already a member of your clique and the student you want to befriend). I've never failed with gossip 6 in the garden gallery. In general I try and get my target student's relationship with every other member of my current clique to at least +2 (and usually +3) before I try and befriend them. I pretty much always wind up with 3-4 other students in my clique. 3 is pretty easy and doesn't take that long, 4 a lot harder, and I usually only go for it if there is a student that already has a good relationship with at least 2 of my other friends. I've never done 5, although if I was going for a social powerhouse, it's very doable.
  15. A couple of quick suggestions regarding the "end of day" reports. They are very helpful, but there are a few things that would make them much better. First of all, putting the parent skill in parentheses after every subskill listed on the end of day reports would be VERY helpful for players trying to figure out where to find that new skill they just picked up/learned about. For example, you might see "You increased your Concentration (Enspell) sub skill by 1 step." Most of the time, those reports are the first time you see a new skill, and it would save A LOT of time clicking through the skill list if the parent skill was also listed. Second, it would be really helpful to know when your allowance arrives, and to have better reporting of money in general on those reports. Basically having your current money total reported every time it changes would help a lot.
  16. ackron


    I hate being argumentative on forum threads (I find it's usually self-defeating), but in the interests of hopefully providing useful feedback, I just want to make a couple of points. 1. I'll concede the point that it's too late to do anything about the number of skills for year 1, but in the interests of improving the game experience for year 2, I think the developers should look seriously at consolidating the number of skills, renaming some misleading skill-titles, and reorganizing the sub-skills to make them more intuitive. You don't have to replace the whole system, but all of these things would really help out the gameplay and immersion factors in my opinion. 2. Several people have complained that a reduction in the number of skills would make it too easy to max skills, that is strictly a balance issue, and could be resolved in any number of ways (make it more difficult to train, require more skill steps per skill level, increase the maximum level of skills (say to 20) but make the tests harder, force people to complete a skill to unlock another skill, allow for skill degradation (if you don't train a skill once in awhile, you lose a point), make abilities like question knowledge or random events actually remove skill ranks that you have previously learned (instead of just skill steps), force people to train up parent skills (instead of saying your current parent skill rank is equal to the lowest of your top 3 sub-skills, make it that your maximum rank in a parent skill is equal to the lowest of the top 3). My point is there are lots of ways to maintain the current balance of how many skills your character is able to have, and still consolidate the skills system so you don't have 2-4 skills for the same thing all over the place. 3. With regard to events. basically they just need better editing (with the number of typos in them, I'm sure the devs will agree). Someone needs to go over all the events, and think logically about which skills fit in which situations, and which events make sense for each character and time. There are enough events in the game that you could afford to be a little more selective with their prereqs and still have a lot of variety. I agree, you don't have to use every skill in events, but it would be nice to reward people who pursue obscure skills every now and then will a cool bonus. 4. I can appreciate concerns that reducing the number of skills would make the system feel less epic, but I have to disagree. I'm not talking about getting rid of the obscure, hard to find, or cool specialty skills. they are a great part of the game, and defiantly should be in there. What I am proposing is that, in the skills just about everyone learns about and trains on almost every playthough, there are a LOT of redundant, misnamed, and poorly organized skills that could easily be consolidated in order to streamline the gameplay. And it wouldn't just help players, a better organized skill system would make it much easier to write and plan events, adventures, actions, spells, and locations. It could potentially improve every aspect of the game. I realize it would take a lot of work, but the payoff down the road would be huge, especially considering that the skill system is certain to grow in later years. By fixing the core system now, you are gonna save yourself a lot of trouble later, when the system is bigger.
  17. ackron


    I just wanna say I agree with this 100%. I really like this game, but you CAN have too much of a good thing, and the skill system of this game is a case in point. Looking at the way this game handles skills, and what they are used for, you could merge/consolidate 20-40% of them, and have no real difference in gameplay, but a huge upgrade in terms of usability and immersion IMO.
  18. cool, thanks for the update, looking forward to the next patch!
  19. thanks for the help schwarzbart
  20. Been going along with my most recent patch 7 game, and I noticed a new problem. I can't increase my familiar's bond or any of his bond skills. The abilities I have that allow me to choose a familiar skill to improve (train familiar and improved familiar handling) don't list bond or any of it's subskills as options, and the abilities that are supposed to increase an aspect of the bond (play or groom familiar) simply don't. This looks like a new problem with patch 7, I've never had this issue in previous playthroughs
  21. Hey there, I've played through the game twice now and it's a lot of fun, but now I have a problem. I just installed patch 7 to start a new playthough, and I decided to try the secret heritage background. When I get into the game though, I don't have any available actions. Euneycia's Haven is listed in my location list, and I have 3 of the 4 available actions in my "Abilities and Actions" list on the left, however I can't schedule any of them from the calendar. The missing action "Follow Your Parents Instructions" is grayed out on the location description, and not present in the Abilities and Actions list. Is there something else I need to do to activate this location besides choose the background?
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