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  1. Mikka: Thanks for the recommendation. I never heard of them before. I'll check them out. Legate of Mineta: How about Academagia mobile version for android or iPhone? :3
  2. What if Academagia is a browser game? Adventures and all the information will be presented in your browser, and database will be stored on cloud/official server. See Mafia Wars as an example. Do you think there's an applicable business model? Is it possible to apply multiplayer function? What kind of virtual experience will it generate? Discuss. Throw other what-ifs too if you like.
  3. It's very courageous of the team to push forward with developing such ambitious game. Especially for attempting exploration in magical school theme we always loved, yet no big gamedev companies ever get it right. After so many disappointment with video games of Harry Potter (gotta keep the brand exploitation going) and other stuffs, Academagia provides a fresh and novel approach to this genre and I'd like to thank the developers for providing such lovely experience. The game still have objective flaws and technical problems, yet even those imperfection can't negate the charm of the game. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up for next releases. Looking forward to Year 2! I hope I can be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Raide


    Disagree. One of the good feature of the game is letting you experiment, and by providing you reward even if you fail some at something. What you're proposing is to decrease reward you get each day and increase punishment, and I don't that's a good game design. One thing that makes me confident in this game is the constant, nonstop small rewards with interval like small punishment for failing and better reward for success. Decreasing the amount of Skills and Sub-skills will have a lot of impact on this formula. If you do end up merging some stuffs, you still need to add and regain the numbers (in Year 2 if you remove Music Theory from Art, replace it with Sketching or Sculpting). However not that downgrade of sub-skill is bad idea. If there's a better Spell or Abilities that costs you a sub-skill (as long as it's told in description), or options to pay sub-skills to increase your chance at succeeding a spell or adventure or quests (as long as there's precaution), it might be nice to have. Disagree totally. Some single player game can be unfun due to broken balance of reward/punishment system. There are AAA games with broken balancing, where one single strategy is enough to win the whole game while other skills/upgrades/weapons are useless, and those games aren't fun. Here's one example: http://www.siliconera.com/2010/09/30/front...anzer-marathon/
  5. Raide


    Oops it should be Skills. Anyway I want to say good job for Legate of Mineta over the prompt responses so far. It's really nice when the someone on behalf of the developer responded to the player's opinion. Whether they actually follow through is different matter. EDIT: You don't have to be able to import literally everything to Year 2. What matter is how you translate the data from Year 1 to hopefully better framework/mechanic in Year 2. Doing such major overhaul for Year 1 will kill the developer. Better just to pool fan resources and develop huge mod for that. If we do end up with less amount of Skills and sub-skills, the learning progression will have to be curbed, either with possible failure in Training, or bigger step requirement, or higher max level, which means major rebalancing issue, discarding the good balance we already have in current game, and potential lost of fun. Right now you only need to train once or twice (with help of Spells) to level up a subskill. Imagine if it requires twice the effort. I think the game will be less fun without constant reward, like what we have now. Any upgrade for even obscure sub-skills is much better than none at all. So let me fix my argument: number of skills and sub-skills are okay, but organization and navigation is the problem the developers need to tackle.
  6. Random event: Class is interrupted by a janitor Immediately after a brief and whispered conversation, Shesays that the class has free time Random event: strolling at night and encounter lit classroom There shouldn't bee any lights on this late at night Mentor: Duel Explanation Without giving you a chance to accept or deny, Ingatius begins with, <- should be Ignatius
  7. Raide


    The desirable end result would be enhance in gameplay. One way to do it is to cut, combine and streamline (which you disagree with). The other is better organizing and accessibility with cross-linking, shortcuts, and alternative navigating method other than current manual scrolling/click-hold (which I hope will be executed better in Year 2). I also want windowed mode so I can browse and do other stuffs while waiting for the game the load. It turns the game into idle game at the cost of losing immersion, but you can't help it since the game got slow processing speed in the first place.
  8. Raide


    I'd like to second some points in Andor's review. Solution: Streamline the skills and sub-skill system. Organize them better to make sense and trim the count from 20 to 50%. It's more sensical to see Acrobatics and Climb under Athletic, for example. Dialectic sub-skills Logic and Sleuthing are too similar they can be combined further (even with Observation and Reason) and merged with parent skill Law or Rhetoric. Ambush/Raid/Espionage can be merged (Move Silently, Infiltration and Hide are in essence Stealth). Lie/Bluff/Deception/Bluff are too similar yet they're spread around random Parent Skills. There are other non-obvious connection such as Endurance under Rimbal, all Raid sub-skills (Navigation makes more sense in Explore), Perception under Sabotage, Awareness under Society, Observation under Blackmail, Patience under Malice and so many other things. It might seems like we're cutting the big universe for the sake of easier difficulty curve/gameplay, pleasing casual players who never bother to read readme/manual and rage afterward (but they're customers too!). However it should be okay since Abilities and Actions and Lore are already big enough to make up for the cut in Abilities. Or you can think of it this way; if players can find and develop their own strategy and execute it with smoother gameplay, they can enjoy the game's universe more. Don't know what to feel about this. The game as-it-is already got huge database with slow processing speed. A bigger cache will hurt unless there's revamp in the (future) game's architecture. The ability to scrollback and is nice, but better option is to enhance the game's loading speed for feedback so players can avoid those accidental Validate click (I experienced it often myself). If only there's windowed mode for this game, it'll be perfect even with current performance speed as idle game. -- Here's my personal impression and suggestions so far: I like Exploring at first, but later it crowds my Calendar's Use Ability with Abilities I'll never bother to use. This is painful since I have to keep scrolling up and down and look hard to find the Ability I want. There should organization for Abilities (or sub-Abilities) to ease navigation or at least a way to organize it on your own. Spells are too similar with minor differences. Why do you want to decrease their Flattery/Observation/random sub-skills by 1-2 points? It's not effective at all and the result aren't immediate. Same with Phemes. Once we know what sub-skill we want to enhance/decrease, next we want to find what Phemes to use, not the other way around where you have to click each Phemes and find what each one adds with random text format (sometimes the bonus number is at the bottom of flavor text, etc). Navigating Clique and Lore's main page and each NPC's status page are stressful. Since they're so big you should format it in pages (like individual Lores) to increase navigation speed instead of requiring players to scroll. Each Clique should have their own page, so when you click at one clique it'll move you to new page and you can click See Previous to return to Clique list; instead we click at one Clique, slowly scroll back up to see the data, scroll back down to find the next Clique, repeat. NPC's individual status page are simply too big to scroll, like all our character's information in left bar combined into one. Relations main page are lean with functional Name/College/Level sorting so no problem with that. Abilities and Actions, Skills and Research, and Magic page on the left can be painful to scroll as well though not as much. Make School Survival importance more obvious for the sake of new players. I never found any use for Context button. -- That's all I can think for the moment.
  9. Alright it's resolved. Thanks for the notice.
  10. At Calendar whenever I put any "Study at the Library of Longshade" or "Put to Paper" and click next, I got "System error occured. Application will be terminated." Dunno if there are more crashing Abilities.
  11. I see. Additional information about whether you fail/succeed the actual puzzle (not the activity) might help since right now it's still vague.
  12. Succeeding "Try to Solve the Block Puzzle" Ability doesn't seem to add 5 Merit Points even though it's written at the description.
  13. Event: something jump through trees it was neat to at least have glimpsed this solider, Event: Rabbit Trials part 2 No wonder they didn't take you seriously!Well, those days are over (Also the text including from part 1 implies I'm a man even though I'm playing a female character) EDIT: Lore: A Deserved Ovation There was note a single mistake nor imperfect note <- should be "not"
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