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  1. Sorry, this question has probably been asked multiple times before.

    How thoroughly is all the lore managed for Academagia? Is there some sort of central 'encyclopedia' that has been edited over the years? Is it physical or digital?

  2. Forgive me if I missed the relevant info in a really obvious place. But is there a changelog or more indepth discussion topic anywhere about the latest update from last month? I'm aware of the post on Steam, but was wondering if it was possible to learn some more details about the actual changes.



  3. On 5/28/2017 at 4:50 AM, Metis said:

    I highly recommend informing people about the F12 function at some point. It's quite important to know, should they desire to report typos. I'd also recommend mentioning how to get the most out of your inevitable RE failures, since that can take the sting out of your student floundering about like a poor man's comedy act. In your case, unless a background unlocked them already, you had the choice of Informing yourself about the Lie, Glamour Methods or Hide subskills. Not a super amazing selection, but still, free subskill.


    I like how you mention reporting typos as you report my typos ;) I'll mention the F12 function next time I play, so I can capture a screenshot of it.
    But yeah, I've mostly avoided mention of the modtools because I had the intention of approaching this guide from a very casual, newcomer player's perspective. While some people are very much into knowing the deeper mechanics and hidden numbers, some might prefer to just take things as they come. I've always felt the type of players who'd want modtools information would look it up in outside sources anyways, so they wouldn't need my guide for that. But you make a very good point about being informed of unknown subskills even on failed outcomes. I'll make a note to mention this when I next edit the guide. 

  4. Metis, your reply is a godsend! I'm long overdue on continuing the guide, so I'll definitely update it with your suggestions as well as expand on it a bit more. Like I mentioned, I am fallible, and will need the help of more experienced readers like you to catch these little details. The lore of Academagia is also not my strongest suit, so I will probably make more mistakes in that regard. It doesn't help that for long text entries like this, I am more likely to make little typos as I go along.


  5. Amazing write-up Metis. I've played this game quite a few times, and I still learned a lot from this. I was considering doing a new playthrough, and at the same time maybe writing up a quick guide for the first couple in-game months. That way the steam page will have something to reference. I hope you don't mind me citing your post every now and again. It saves me the trouble of having to double-check if I've missed anything. Of course I'd be posting the link to it too so other people can see it for themselves.

  6. It's animated by Studio Trigger, a great studio that also worked on other popular shows such as Kiznaiver and Kill la Kill. If anyone is interested, you should definitely check out the two short films. They are both on Netflix for easy viewing.

  7. I vaguely remember reading this a long time ago, though I can no longer find a source, so I figured it'd be easier to ask here:


    I know that when you gain friends in your clique, you can get specific clique abilities and the option to sacrifice members to overcome certain adventure rolls. But isn't there some kind of system in place where when you encounter a skill roll, your friend's skills are taken into account too?


    Example: While faced with a Command skill roll, Cinzia's 7 in Command trumps my 5. Thus, her number is used for the roll.


    Is this actually a system in place, or am I misremembering?

  8. Thanks! The second link works fine, but the AMO download seems to stop after 4 MB. Am I the only one with that problem?


    Nah, I seem to have the same issue. The AMO never completes downloading. We might need an alternative link :(

  9. This might be rather obvious, but does the save file that's going to be imported into Y2 require all the DLC's installed? I ask because I just went through a really successful year, only to realize that I must've made a mistake in the update process, and only had up to DLC 15 installed. I can understand if so, considering 16 introduces those 4 students, and would require their info for the import.



  10. Haha no worries. The only reason I pointed it out is because I am indignant at being placed #2 in the ranks due to being in Vernin ;)


    But yeah, even game mechanics notwithstanding, it is hard thinking of how to handle ties. Ideally you'd be able to reference the respective class GPA rather than the Honors system, but I know that'd be a nightmare in itself to make a Boolean that accounts for all that. I am very curious now to see how Y2 will account for all this too! I would hope they take test scores into account rather than solely rely on Honors scores.

  11. This is minor, but is there any reasoning behind the overall ranking system being in alphabetical order based off of the college?


    As in, if an Avila student and a Vernin student are tied in final score, the Avila student gets the higher rank. I was just wondering if this was something you did based off personal sorting preference, of if this is something the game actually takes into account.


    Great tool though. I like looking at how all the pieces work together.

  12. I'm asking here since the Holdfast main site seems to 404 on me; Is there any other method of buying a copy besides the Kickstarter? at the time I didn't really have any spare cash to spend, but now upon remembering the project I'd like to check it out. I understand if physical copies were made on a limited basis for funders, but perhaps pdf copies are available for purchase?



  13. Thanks for the quick response. I also have one more question. I recently finished the year, but after the farewell scenes in Kaliri, I am now able to do stuff during Kapsus. Is this intentional, or a bug too?

  14. Hey, I noticed a small bug in one of the quests. I don't remember the quest name, but the chain starts out with "The Painting" I think, and it involves an airship pulling along a floating island.





    As you can see, the player name placeholder instead of the actual name value. Just a minor bug, but figured you should know nonetheless.

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