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  1. My mind is fecund in its foolery. I have considered how to mod Academagia into an Outpost-simulation.

  2. Possibilities intoxicate me, and Academagia has always had a vast sense of possibility about it. I do hope I'm not creating too many threads lately.

  3. My familiarity with Academagia doesn't prevent me from having problems. It certainly makes me better at correcting them myself.

  4. I dreamed of Y2 last night. No highlights save the three-headed crocodile man. He was cursed, of course, but he wasn't interested in cures.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and it's nice to see a new face. Welcome to the Academagia forums.

  6. Yarar, huh? I like that name.

  7. Playthroughs of Academagia always leave me feeling strained for time. There's so much to do and so little time to do it! Except marginally less soul-crushing than when that happens in day-to-day life. It's probably good for me.

    1. freespace2dotcom


      Yup! It almost kills me the last week or so.

    2. 89157Z


      The entire last month is the worst. I want the game to continue!

  8. What is a reputation? Why is your reputation neutral? Why is my reputation neutral? Why is everyone's reputation neutral? What are the effects of reputation?

  9. Over two years later, I still want to know what the Reputation: 0 means, and how to shift it. I care about my bad reputation!

  10. I see that Reputation thing and I wonder how one goes about gaining a positive reputation.

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