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  1. I snagged one of the cartographer awards, but I'm not clear on what I'm supposed to do with it. I've got a location in mind, though I've scarcely an idea if it's appropriate, and would be unoffended were it not. Should I just describe my thoughts? Am I supposed to put a pin in the map where I think my location should go? Should it be placed near anything else that's already on the map?


    I feel like the writing guide didn't give good guidance about locations.

  2. I just had a thought for how to handle shopping and avert the problem of every shop visit taking up an entire action. What about giving every store a convenience factor? When you cue up a shopping run, you get a budget of time to allocate shop-visits to. Catalogues would be very convenient, requiring little time. Brick and mortar stores would be varyingly inconvenient. The secret goblin market is probably maxed-out inconvenient and really does take a third of your day, for instance, while a visit to Mettonal's Liquid Shop is probably not a big deal.

  3. Wouldn't it be possible to use astronomy and numerology to counter the chaotic nature of gates magic? Or at the very least make it slightly more reliable, depending on your skill?


    After all Astrology seems capable of affecting probablility, luck, and provide guidance.


    For example to more accurately pinpoint a location you are trying to open a portal to or teleport to.

    To determine the origin of a "summoned creature" so that you will have an easier time sending it back home.


    It looks like a perfect match for enspelling more "stable and reliable" gates magic.


    Magic theory time: Astrology is a worldly magic, whereas Gates is an unworldly magic. Astrology draws power from current arrangements of space. Gates draws power from denying current arrangements of space. Conjoining the two is going to be ad hoc at best. Trying to do it in a large, rigorous manner is just begging for an explosive result. I mean that literally. (On a more metaphorical level, monstrous 'stars aligned' summons also seem possible.)

  4. SDF;


    Several Academagians have requested that, yes- Exams are a bit more involved in Y2, but I can't say it will be to that degree, alas. Possibly Y3. :)

    You know what would be a neat little tool? A little quiz about the easily confused skills with canonical answers. Program it in a forms ap, upload it to the forums, and we could all ensure that our knowledge of the confusable skills is up to date. No need to make it properly gamified.

  5. I just had an idea for a magical toy. Volnauge skyfish! Imagine a school of little silvery fishes swimming through the air. It'd be neat as a future-year crafting project that culminates in a once-off action, "Release the Skyfish!" Terribly wasteful and silly, of course. (You'd run at least 75 pims of materials per fishie, of which you'd need quite a few to release them.) The school's familiars would love and/or hate the toys.


    This idea came to me while I was pondering the magics that would be involved in creating a self-sustaining sky ecology. I wonder if Gates users have ever released their better (saner?) creations into the world in inconspicuous places, and then passed them off as 'discoveries' of new magical creatures.

  6. Cast Up on High is also flagged as Beneficial, which seems dubious, though I can see how forcing someone to be honest for a while might conceivably be beneficial. (The Damage point kind of throws that off.)

  7. Insane as in quirky ...either Oriabel Sidot or Silke Niederstatter.


    Insane as in 'the hell is wrong with you?" ...Uliva Valaresso. That girl is strange, especially after her adventure. I love her but would give her a wide berth. As I would Olivia Solari, but for different reasons.


    Arguably, you could consider Lambert Cobo and Aymeri Couer but good luck keeping them in the same cliche.


    I'm a fan of Uliva Valaresso; she doesn't seem crazy to me. I thought her adventure was really neat! She's got a lot of potential; I bet Uliva gets a 'good or evil' path in future years depending on how you influence her.

  8. Arithmetic is very powerful. I use the Number Knack spell quite a bit.


    I take Grammar on the majority of my playthroughs. I just can't imagine someone going through the Academagia and not learning to speak properly. Speaking of which, I sometimes think that there ought to be random Diction skill boosts from classes, especially from Rhetoric, Dialectic, and Grammar.

  9. For no obvious reason, I've been thinking this morning about the divide drawn by the game between the similar skills of Temperance and Patience. I think I've come up with an understanding of them, and more importantly of how you can have one but not the other.


    Temperance is waiting for something bad to pass. Patience is waiting for something good to happen. A Patient but inTemperant individual is in some respects the classic 'chessmaster' villain. They plot, scheme, and wait, but then they explode when something messes with their plans. A Temperant but imPatient individual on the other hand accepts misfortune calmly but has trouble building plans that involve waiting. The Patient individual will wait deliberately and seek out situations where waiting will give them the rewards they seek; the Temperant individual will accept waiting the way they accept other misfortunes. (An individual who has mastered both skills simply doesn't consider waiting to be a cost at all.)


    Since nobody's perfect and tolerating people's flaws and foibles is critical to being a good friend, Temperance is a friendly skill. Patience is much more manipulative. When someone is said to be 'a patient and understanding friend', that would translate to the Temperance skill in Academagia. When someone is said to 'always get their way eventually', that's the Patience skill in action.


    Some confusion is justified, of course. These two skills both do a lot to keep someone sane when they're inactive. They can be similar in application. Any bad situation that is likely to improve on its own will garner the same response from both example characters. If a storm forces everyone to wait indoors, either of these attributes will keep someone calm and patient. The storm is just a passing irritant. That said, if the storm threatens to wreck something you've built, the Temperant person will still be able to keep calm, but the Patient one won't. The only thing to do is fix it afterwards. This is perfectly in line with waiting for something bad to pass and terribly inappropriate for when you're waiting for something good to happen.



    (Part of Academagia's value lies in the claims implied by its skill system. I've also found that discussing issues like this can help improve the consistency with which the game handles its own skills. Similar discussions regarding the differences between Perception, Awareness, and Observation resulted in many events being rewritten.)

  10. A few times when using the "Hang out with Oan" action i've got the stress reduction but not the skill steps even when all of the possible skills to be increased are less than the maxium.


    This is probably the result of one of the School Survival skills being a hidden AI-only skill. I'm not saying it isn't a bug, mind you.

  11. What would happen if a faculty member was publically humiliated by a group of (unknown) students? Nothing too malicious, mind. maybe coating their office door with mud and finger in the words "You think this is bad? look inside!" if the person in question was known for being sloppy.


    I don't think anything too drastic, as long as it wasn't very public or very malicious. It's part of the job hazards. Of course, if they caught those students... ;)


    The Academagia seems to have a local tradition of pranking. I doubt anyone would get expelled even if they were caught. Detentions all around, but not expulsions. Some of the professors might even 'catch' the perpetrators and then let them off without informing the rest of the faculty if they were subtle enough.

  12. This thread reminds me that something Academagia is lacking is "challenge runs". I think an interesting one might be a run where the player refuses to look at the rating of any of their subskills, examining only their parent skills. I came up with that while trying to teach a friend to play the game. I had to prod him repeatedly before he expanded any of the parent skills. His first assumption was that hitting the plus symbol would increment something rather than expand the field.

  13. Academagia is an unusual game. It's very "learning how to learn".


    Unlocking Explore subskills is best done by training Curiosity under School Survival. After all, why are you exploring if you aren't curious?

  14. If you add Lecture Friends maybe Dialectic Knowledge: Teaching should also affect this.


    Good idea! Teach, Lecture Friends, and a few other actions could gain a 'Teaching' action type, which would be boosted by Dialectic Knowledge: Teaching.

  15. Oh, it's definitely not intuitive, but the idea is that Bond governs the power of your Familiar.


    I think it's better presented in Y2, but the limitation (as far as I know) is still present.


    I most want the Bond subskills to be uncapped. The rest of it makes more sense.

  16. 89157Z;


    That's actually correct- your Familiar only grows powerful as your Bond does.


    It's irritating.


    Imagine, for a moment, that you haven't been promoting your bond, because you're in Zoology and doing so without Improved Familiar Handling is a pain. You get to the point of having IFH. So you start training your Bond-0 familiar, and you decide you're going to do 4x Bond of Iron, then 4x Bond of Silver, then 4x Bond of Stars. It's clean, convenient, and totally focused on growing the Bond. If you don't know that you can 'waste' skill steps by unbalancing the bond, this is the natural thing to do. The result of these actions will be...


    Bond 1. You'll get one of each Bond and the extra skill steps will vanish into the ether. Indeed, this is what happened to me the very first time I managed to get IFH. (Has it really been two years now?)


    If you instead use staggered skill steps, you can get the Bond 4 you expect, but if you don't already know that you need to, it's not intuitive. Not to mention that if you mess up the staggering, you can destroy your count and start wasting skill steps accidentally.

  17. I can't seem to improve Familiar skills above Bond+1. What's up with that?


    I would love to improve my Familiar's skills early and harvest some Bond-boosts from the Adventures, or even just raise the Bonds out of order to snatch up specific Bond abilities, but none of this seems to be an option.

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