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  1. It seems to me like a Muffin Man should be a perishable item. Eventually he'd rot, or the magic-carrying spices would rub off, or he'd get eaten by someone's familiar, or just get in a doomed fight with a rat somewhere.
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    Name: Total Conversion Mod: Dragon Life Content: Another one for the 'probably too crazy to do' list, but I've got friends who are bugging me to actually try this somewhere, so I'll toss it in here. I love your interface and I was thinking about how it could be used to represent a brief stretch in the life of a young dragon. I'd hopefully be able to change the timescale. One imagines dragons (with their very long lifespans) doing things more in terms of weeks than days. Although not critical to the mod concept, this is probably the thing on the mod that I would expect to be most difficult to implement. Probably more important than the timescale change would be that I would want to add a 'hunting' mechanic with a 'food stocks' skill. Hunting wouldn't be enforced by anything silly like detentions but rather would be enforced by a general decline in the food stocks skill, with increasingly detrimental emotions as the skill got lower (and positive ones when it was high). The default calender would be Hunt-Hunt-Rest. But of course, that is a very feral lifestyle, and not very satisfying to such an intelligent and magical creature as a dragon. Skill in hunting would reduce the amount of hunting needed to keep the food stocks skill high, and various creative methods could be used to supplement a hunting lifestyle. (For instance, if you can find contacts without exposing yourself to those who might object to your presence, you might make contact with food merchants! Trade pims for food stock increases directly; less dangerous and more reliable than hunting but of course, costly.) Beyond that, this would involve a heck of a lot of rewriting in lores, events, and skills. It would also involve a whole new (albeit much smaller) cast of NPCs.
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