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  1. It's pretty much a black box to me. Does it interact with skills at all? Is it really just the Mother of All Reference Tables or something? I haven't been able to figure this one out. I used to not care, but then I noticed Lychnus and Gallina Artatus on the wiki. Lychnus has the very valuable "expand relationship maximum" effect, while Gallina Artatus has the unbelievably coveted "Expand Chosen Subskill Maximum" effect. All of a sudden, I care about Astrology enough to be frustrated at the black boxiness of the Astrology (Action) that's used to gain these effects. (Does the Expand Chosen Subskill Maximum effect even work?)
  2. My familiarity with Academagia doesn't prevent me from having problems. It certainly makes me better at correcting them myself.

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    Actually, nevermind, I just checked the mod tools. As it turns out, I AM failing a prerequisite... that save is of a character who is flat broke.
  4. 89157Z


    Something caused me to lose the Temple of Ioduca location. Not temporarily lose the ability to use it, but lose track of its location entirely. It was just forgotten about. I reloaded a save from a few days prior to the problem and have not been able to reproduce the issue. EDIT: Did I say I haven't been able to reproduce it? That does not appear to be true! I have reproduced it after all. I have a save wherein the Temple of Ioduca is still in my Locations list, but its ability is unusable. There was no "you have lost" message to indicate a duration running out, and it's been several days. It is as though I am abruptly failing a prerequisite for the ability.
  5. My english and good grammar, hm? I'll have you know that you inspired this thread in support.
  6. 89157Z

    Lore Typos

    I have decided to open up the mod base and start reading lores to check for typos! I'm going to include trailing blanks in my search. It's messy when a third of the lores seem to have an empty page at the end of them. All findings based on Mod Base 3. First lore, first error. 159 Suggestions about the Ature of the Moon The error is first made in the title of the lore and then repeated in its text. Third lore, second error. 8 Blunders in Thinking: Mistakes in Dialectics "These traps, detailed in Gratius Maledorius' book, will loose your argument for you, should you fall into them." I believe the comma after you is also erroneous, but that's not as egregious as lose-loose. Fourth lore, third error. A Barmaid and the Triplet Ghosts "His brothers doesn't share his fervor, and found his constant complaints and insults annoying." Inconsistent grammatical tense, this should be didn't. (Although this is a subjective complaint, I also find this lore to be written confusingly.) Eighth lore, fourth error. A Beginner's Guide to Malice "When you face is hot," is an error right at the start of the lore. Ninth lore, fifth error. A Bonus of Willpower "Bending the world to your will is tough enough…the study of magic has shown you the truth of that." Missing space. I think I know where it went, too. The title includes a trailing space. Tenth lore, sixth error. A Boy to a Man "When the sun rose the first day of his hunt, the grass was still wet from the dew on the grass outside and he could hear the birds chirping in the trees, not too far away." That is an ugly little redundancy. I wasn't sure if I should list it, since it is certainly not a typo, but it is bad enough to be worth calling out as a blunder. Tenth lore, seventh error. A Boy to a Man "on his way out he was stopped by his mother." The start of this sentence isn't capitalized. Eleventh lore, eighth error. A Brief Aside... "The pivotal figures all had extended titles, in the poetic convention of the time." That comma is erroneous. Orsi does show some plausible verbal disfluency in this lore, but this particular mistake doesn't make sense as one of them. Seventeenth lore, ninth error. A Cautionary Tale Told in Capilutza III "With his family’s connections to pirates and other ne’er-do-wells, Prater thought he could continue to make and sell Briny Purses in order to keep making money" Missed closing period. Twentieth lore, tenth error. A Child's Behavior, by Benedich Travis "Finally, we must, in our studies, ask the question “Can teasing be stopped.” That's a funny question, to be sure. The preceding sentence also lacks a comma before the closing question. Twenty-ninth lore, eleventh error. A Curious Tale of a Duel "Unable to withdraw his complain, however, the young man prepared for a death as honorable as he could make it." Should be complaint. Thirtieth lore, twelfth error. A Dark Chuckle "There is a place in the wilderness that is surrounded by a series of totem poles." This is wordy. The highlighted portion contributes nothing to the sentence save damage to its rhythm. Thirty-first lore, thirteenth error. A Dark Message "He had been knocked out, and captured." This sentence shouldn't have a comma in it. Thirty-third lore, fourteenth error. A Den of Not-So-Many Thieves "But everyone in a while something happens which must fully investigated." Should be every once, not everyone. Thirty-fifth lore, fifteenth error. A Deserved Ovation "As the music dipped to the glorious denouement of this famous and exquisite peace, a hush settled over the audience." Piece Thirty-fifth lore, sixteenth error. A Deserved Ovation "Fragini seemed to sense that the silence was a salute to his art, for her made no bow or pause, but sailed majestically into the next piece of the selection: Chamberdi’s famous ‘Winter Suite.’" Thirty-seventh lore, seventeenth error. A Dreary Day for the Lone Man "The sooner he found an Inn, the better." That is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized. This error repeats in the next paragraph. Thirty-ninth lore, eighteenth error. A General Note on Accents "The Oncestrens, Meriliens and Sur-Meriliens pronounce their vowels in the front of the mouth." Oncestrians. This error is repeated in the next sentence. Fifty-third lore, nineteenth error. A Hystorie of Palace Administration II "Each message carried artwork because many citizens could not read them, and they were able to discern if those thay paid for the service performed accurately." Fifty-fifth lore, twentieth error. A Hystorie of Palace Administration IV Several of the paragraphs in this lore start with an errant extra space. Copying them all into this review would be impractical. Fifty-sixth lore, twenty-first error. A Lady's Guide to Etiquette "If you are not interested in a fellow’s attention do no string him along." Sixtieth lore, twenty-second error. A Letter from Violante Canapiedra The title of this lore has a trailing space. Oh, and her name is Violante de Canapiedra, which I suppose matters more. Sixty-third lore, twenty-third error. A Lost Artifact, the Hunt "I grabbed some rope…never know when you might need it!" This is missing a space. Sixty-sixth lore, twenty-fourth error. A Man Understands This lore has a trailing blank line. Seventy-third lore, twenty-fifth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery III "It adds some thing." Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-sixth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "If you look down the hill I managed to covert some old dueling circles in to pond accents, sitting circles and one or two hedge mazes." Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-seventh error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "I try to convert at lest one a year." Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-eighth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "As I said we don't encourage dueling here at the Academagica so it is best if transform these things as we find them on the grounds.“ This is missing a word. Seventy-ninth lore, twenty-ninth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VIII "I think some one was eventually punished but I can't remember whom…" Eighty-seventh lore, thirtieth error. A Nugget of Untruth "He had dealt so many fact that it was difficult to find any point of contention." Should be a plural. Eighty-eighth lore, thirty-first error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes I "As the title of my tome suggests, I am a connoisseur of palettes, so it is most difficult for a palette enthusiast of my statue to explain what one his." Ninetieth lore, thirty-second error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes II "Chapter 3: Wine Palettes: Not Quite What you Think They Are" The uncapitalized you breaks the capitalization pattern for the chapter titles in this series of lores. Ninety-third lore, thirty-third error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes IX "Many women inherit their palettes from mothers, aunts, and grandmothers who have either died or grow weary of looking presentable." Grown Ninety-sixth lore, thirty-fourth error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes VII This one isn't a grammatical error. The second to last sentence refers to the word paint being used as a pun in the first sentence, which it was not. The word paint was not in the first sentence at all. The word paint was used as a pun in the second sentence. Ninety-seventh lore, thirty-fifth error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes VIII "However, I cannot come with a reason to disagree." This is missing the word up. Ninety-ninth lore, thirty-sixth error. A Petition to the Merchant's Guild This lore has a trailing space in its title. Also, it's a dreadful example of the Grocer's Apostrophe, and it should be Merchants' Guild. The Grocer's Apostrophe error is repeated in the body of the lore as well. This will do for the moment. I have reviewed over a hundred of the lores in alphabetical order and spotted thirty six errors in the process. I will pick this up again another time.
  7. Dragons can't use astrology? Curious. That would make it fairly amazing that they ever took over the world - they must have some way to avoid getting their fates rewoven in unpleasant manners. Then again, perhaps they don't, and that's why after the First Captivity they never again ruled the world.
  8. I dreamed of Y2 last night. No highlights save the three-headed crocodile man. He was cursed, of course, but he wasn't interested in cures.

  9. There ought to be an adventure at some point where a bright green "Ask nicely" option is contrasted with several difficult deception-based approaches. All of the deception-based approaches trigger an optional (and hard) three steps of adventure, while just asking nicely skips ahead in the adventure without so much as a skill check.
  10. Something the game points out a few times is that Astrology, as commonly practiced in the setting, has some significant ethical flaws. This ranges from meaningless horoscopes to outright thievery. Verifying the work of an astrologer doesn't require magical skill, even if the astrologer is using magic... but it requires a fairly dramatic research investment. It requires luck, too. If the astrologer operates at the right moments, you'll never be able to reproduce the conditions to prove they did anything wrong. Astrologers have the luck of scoundrels. Worse, they know it. One thing that's interestingly unclear is whether astrological spells actually function. Clearly they are spells being cast deliberately, but thematically, most of them are revealing things that already exist... or that would have happened anyways. Sparkling Fields is certainly a real spell: it's a glamour! Light of the Universe is a real spell too. Specifically, it's an Incantation. What about something like Tertoliod's Accuracy? It's monstrously subtle. No flashy, obvious effects. It only takes two phemes, one of which (Unleash) is being used in a bizarre manner, while the other one (Astrology) is likely just as real or fake as astrology itself. Proving the spell is functioning - and that you wouldn't have just succeeded anyways, without it - would be quite a trick. It quite possibly does nothing but reassure its caster. Spells that are considered Astrology-only tend to interact with relationships. None of them have any effect on those relationships which couldn't be achieved in another manner. Many of them could be duplicated with no magic at all. The remainder are all esconced in the capacities of glamour. This follows a pattern. The spells taught by astrology can, without exception, be duplicated by glamour or incantation. Astrology is at its best not when it achieves unique effects, but when it blends the two. It is not coincidental that Cast Up on High is considered one of the most "undeniable" of Astrology effects, even though it still follows the Glamour and Incantation pattern. It blends them in a way that would be difficult for a pure Glamourist or Incantator. Is Astrology real in the game's setting? It is very likely. Is someone insane if they think it isn't? Not at all. The reality of Astrology is disturbing, though. Since the luck of the Astrologer is real, and moreover since luck is something they can manipulate, this poses the question of whether the destiny of all the world can be manipulated. Look at Numerology's Hidden Meaning of Buildings ability. Now imagine with me a numerologist with a grudge, a pile of sandpaper, and some sculpting clay. They could go around sanding down corners and sticking new embellishments to buildings. If they're really canny, they'll learn enough revision to make their alterations look like the way things always were so that other people won't come around and take down the changes. Why would they do this? They can alter destiny that way. They could ensure the person they have a grudge against will get forgotten about, for instance. With a little skill, this would be a temporary harm to their Glory. With a lot of skill, a permanent one. It wouldn't work on just anyone. You probably couldn't harm one of your fellow students at the Academagia that way; the connections between the Academagia and their individual destinies are too subtle. Embarrassing one of the professors or taking out a grudge against a shopkeeper is quite in reach. At that, I bet you could change history by minor architectural adjustments to Errus Viada's house. It wouldn't change what really happened, but it might change the way the future remembers it!
  11. Thanks. I have greatly enjoyed my randomly generated username on this forum, and been disappointed at the rarity with which I am mistaken for an AI. I was once tempted to change my username, but it would only have been to another random string. There are two gates backgrounds. Secrets and Silence and The Secret Heritage. I called out Secrets and Silence as probably preventing the development of any of these things. I'm not sure about The Secret Heritage. Would Schohanwick pay attention to these things? It's mostly at Academagia where it would lead you to act out. After all, Schohanwick is supposed to be a dimensionally-weird place. What about Eunycia? It'd be pretty cool if visiting Eunycia under the effect of one of these emotions would trigger a scene where she notices and gives you helpful advice - or scolding, if you're on the Joy one.
  12. Certain items should be reconfigurable to change their item classification. The most obvious example of this would be wrapping a bauble in wire to turn it into a quick-and-dirty bracelet or amulet. I've done that before in real life. With jeweler skills, more elaborate reconfigurations would make sense.
  13. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    An error in the faux-dragon adventure titled "Draco-what" gave ME a level of Bond of Silver. That's not supposed to be applicable... In the mod tools, this adventure step is Familiar Bond Adventure Faux Dragon 3. The Filing exit (exit 2) is bugged.
  14. Courage would fit for Shadowed. Not really so much Composure. I'm pro-Gates in that I see Gates as having ethical and powerful uses, whereas I see Mastery as being pretty much ruinous. The applications of Gates are worldshaking; the applications of Mastery are worldrending. That said, Gates is the school known for destroying its users, whereas Mastery is known for corrupting its users instead. That's why the Gates effects are more frightening. Mechanically, the Mastery effects are subtler. There's also a theme to the Gates emotions. The safe, sane way to handle Gates magic is Dispassionately, as I imagine it. It's unstable magic. It's not safe to play with it, it's not safe to get emotionally invested, and it's not safe to let anything you encounter through it get under your skin. It has beautiful potential... but it's not a toy. Nobody cares if you use Negation to toy with gravity. That's widely understood, and if you mess something up, the Academy can help. Teleporting all over, on the other hand, could get you or others killed.
  15. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Tiger Chrysoberyl Gemstones are erroneously categorized as Miscellaneous items instead of Jewels.
  16. What order should mods be run in? What happens when you run multiple mods? How does the engine interpret that? Which bits of mod get run? I'm not offering a tutorial, I'm requesting one.
  17. Magic Implements would be a good Y2 parent skill and course of study, actually.
  18. A thought struck me. There aren't enough emotional states. I like the emotions system. I like the ephemeral yet valuable (and occasionally frightening) nature of them. Digging into the emotions to ward off bad ones and draw forth good ones is an exercise I find thought-provoking. Then I thought of something else. There aren't enough consequences for Mastery and Gates. Obviously, we can all think of the big consequences that are being ignored, but I can think of some smaller ones as well. The idea of shortcutting, doing things that your skills permit but which you really shouldn't do, is something that I think can be aptly represented by emotions. Many of the pitfalls of 'bad' skills aren't in big things but in the accretion of shortcuts. It's similar to the way technical debt can doom software projects. I suffer a pro-Gates bias and an anti-Mastery bias. These suggestions reflect those biases. These effects aren't for beginners. Since they reflect the capabilities and temptations of serious study, they shouldn't kick in until fairly high skill levels. Also, characters with the Secrets and Silence background should be immune to the Gates emotions. Regardless of their stats, they adapted to such things years ago, and their sanity is no longer endangered (much). Without further ado... TEMPTATION OF MASTERY TEMPTATION OF GATES For those who meet the escape condition for Temptation of Mastery and who aren't Ethical, there's a Joy of Mastery emotion that reflects their embrace of the darkness. For those who meet the Espionage exit for Temptation of Gates and who have sufficient Creativity, there'd be a Joy of Gates emotion... JOY OF MASTERY JOY OF GATES These suggestions are all numberless because I don't know the correct numbers to use. I don't know what would be balanced. In addition to the requirements implied by the descriptions themselves, the Joy of Mastery emotion should probably require a certain degree of Insight, while the Temptation of Gates emotion should probably require Luck and Curiosity before it activates. For those who are less lucky or less curious... SHADOWED
  19. I wasn't expecting a strong graphical implementation, personally. I'm sort of expecting a few equipment slots. At most, a unique equipment tab accessible via a "redecorate" action.
  20. Dispassion ought to give a bonus to Logic at some point. Dispassionate logic is a cliche of its own, after all. Alternatively, Logic ought to give a bonus to Dispassion.
  21. The player's dorm room definitely needs to be an equipable space. I want to hang up a painting, an inspirational poem, or maybe a little corkboard of clique-coordinating plans. Maybe keep a trophy from past glories. For the most glamorous and popular characters, perhaps a corkboard of letters from admirers! Even if the rooms are cramped and shared, there ought to be a few slots for such knickknackery. This is a Y2 suggestion, to be clear. It's not really Y1 appropriate. Especially not the collection of letters from admirers. That one in particular may be a Y3 suggestion.
  22. Did you mean for that to be... quite so red?
  23. I have published and tested to apparent success my newest creation, which does two things. Firstly, it kicks Spiders out of the exotics rotation and makes them a standard familiar. Secondly, it kicks Reptiles out of the exotics rotation and makes them a rotation of their own. The spiders change is meant to improve the value of the Exotic Familiar background by avoiding randomly getting a spider. The reptiles change is pure personal appeal. I see myself choosing 'random reptile' quite often. The mod can be found here. Filename should be MercyToThePhobic.mdm
  24. I'm currently publishing a mod that kicks the spider out of the Exotics rotation and gives it a background slot of its own. It also kicks the squamous creatures into their own roulette. This is for quite the opposite reason, although I suppose it could be a mercy to herpetaphobes as well. I like reptiles, and foresee myself selecting the 'random reptile' option consistently. I've already done the work setting up the mod base. It's just a matter of waiting now. If the mod publishes cleanly and passes a quick test, it may be available for download as soon as tomorrow.
  25. I didn't end up donating anything to Netherworld after all. It was sketchy, and I would've had to deal with PayPal in the process. They're horribly sketchy. I did grab one of Holdfast's cartographer awards. I also grabbed one of World of Magic's Mayor awards. That second one wouldn't have happened without your advocacy and this handsome dragon mage. Thank you, Schwarzbart!
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