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  1. I think I've figured this out. I had clique members who were in incantation classes and doing quite well. Their skill was being subbed in for mine. That's how that works, right?
  2. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    The adventure involving the Swarzbart Weed and the Holly Wand is busted. If you buy everything from the Admiratio, you can proceed. If you try to collect things from the Imperial Reserve, it becomes impossible. (Alternatively, perhaps having the wand explode the first time through resulted in the other ingredients breaking. Beeswax and something else...) The adventure with the Blackhorse statue and a corrupt ambassador is also uncompletable. It stalls on the step titled "Saving Orsi", permitting that step to be run over and over, but preventing progress regardless of how it resolves.
  3. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Sorry, but it's a mistake wherein I couldn't tell the mistake had been made until I left the event. While I'm on this thread... Refreshment of Spirit, Refreshment of Mind, and Create Essays out of Nothing are not having the proper interval between uses. Their usage is inappropriately unlimited.
  4. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Ahha, that would be it. I thought knowing a spell automatically gave you all necessary phemes as well. Okay, so... Let me try again. There's an event that throws a cask with an animal in it through the window. There's a zoology exit where you peek into the cask to see what animal is inside. It increases Animal Husbandry... the research. Was that the way that was supposed to work?
  5. 89157Z

    DLC 15 Bugs

    On 6 Cheimare, I maxed out Illumination hoping to snatch up the Impart Understanding spell. This apparently worked, but the spell doesn't show up in my list. What happened?
  6. Arachnophobe's Request: Please take the Spider out of the Exotic Familiar roulette. Make it a choice of its own.
  7. How long is the duration of this spell? I mean, obviously, the answer is "a day" in terms of Academagia's mechanics. That's as often as you can cast it. I mean how long does it last when cast? You fill the night with stars and... does it last all night? A few hours? Is it only a few minutes? If it lasts very long at all, it seems like it would irritate Astrology students, irritate Kate Badcrumble, or risk earning demerits for the disruption. Unless the spell's duration is only a few minutes, I suggest that this spell have a Reference Table effect added to it where it annoys someone who needs clear skies. I'm not really expecting this to be changed, so I'm going to interpret the spell's duration as being short unless someone naysays me. The students in Academagia Y1 are young for romantic gestures, aren't they? I wonder if the game has too many effects that target 'opposite sex'. EDIT: Err, I may have put this in the wrong forum. I thought I was in General Discussion. Should this have been in General Discussion?
  8. That wasn't the most interesting part of what I said at all! Harrumph! - Have you ever attempted and succeeded to get all stats above 7? I've never attempted it, but I've nearly succeeded it anyways. My last game had the second-lowest stat at 11. At such a point, one ceases to use Cleanse and Remake for adventuring. The lowest stat, alas, was 3. Strength. - Have you spent more than two weeks mainly focused to send other people to the infirmary with various illnesses or mental issues? I once had an Avila student who was very badly bullied. Eventually, she snapped and started using Wrath of the Comets Tail to put the bullies into the infirmary again, and again, and again, and again. Are expulsions even in the game? I seem to remember something about them being removed from Y1.
  9. "There's no graceful way to lay an egg," is a draconic proverb that entered the human lexicon during the second captivity. Dragons are famous for their pride and their magic, but in spite of each, they still have natural bodily processes. Pride can become ridiculous in itself when applied wrong. To say that there's no graceful way to lay an egg is to acknowledge these things and counsel patience. Tolerate what must be tolerated along the path to your goals. Dragons being what they are, it's a miracle that the phrase was ever recorded. Any human caught uttering a phrase that by its nature implied the imperfection of dragons would surely have been punished. Nor did the existence of the proverb do anything to halt efforts at presenting a divinely perfect facade. One of the recorded usages of the proverb has it as an insult that triggers a feud! As much as it was a miracle that the phrase survived the captivity itself, it is no miracle at all that it was retained thereafter. What it lacks in obvious applications as a human proverb, it gains in rude mockery of the dragons. "Look, they are but creatures, with all the indignities that implies!" Some scholars have made the claim that the proverb and its supposed usages were fabricated out of whole cloth. The evidence has been faked well if so, but the claim remains plausible. Would a dragon ever say such a thing? --- The above is just an idea I had. It seemed of appropriate length to be a lore. For personal reasons, I cannot equate draconic and demonic. I see dragons in Academagia lore as an arrogant slaver culture rather than as a magical alien threat. I suspect they're no more evil than human slavers would have been had they had mind-controlling magics[1]. The fact that each side treats the other as wholly lacking in moral value and agency is no evidence at all. Humans depersonify each other regularly when they're in conflict in spite of blatant physical similarity. Compared to that, it's downright natural that humans and dragons should regard one another as beasts and mosquitoes, mutually meaning monsters to be managed or mangled[2]. What's clear, and what provides compelling evidence to me that moral agency is in play on both sides, is that each side has brilliant minds working for it. [1]Key to note is that magical superiority in this setting provides not just direct control, but also a means to render trusted communication impossible. Everything that is heard, said, or even thought can be made suspect. Given these advantages, it is so trivial to break someone that it could be done accidentally. There is nothing about this process that is dragon-unique. There may have been (forgotten?) mage-slavers in the setting who were every bit as depraved as the dragons. [2]Alliteration ails an assertion, alas!
  10. I haven't seen any release dates for Y2. As for mod compatibility, I really don't mind. Y2 might be moddable to support the mods, but if not, I don't care. It's not like running a loop of the game is all that time-consuming or bothersome. My real hope is for things like this to be integrated into the game outright. I want to produce something worth using, after all. There'd be no higher accolade than that. (Also, the skillfasters in particular should cause no mod compatibility issues at all. I'll be setting them up to be applied by the calendar. I can set them up to be removed by the calendar at the end of the year!)
  11. I've been making good progress on this. My testmod works just as it ought to and I should have a completed mod soonish. Once completed, the mod will turn the backgrounds from Expansions into Increases, and then apply those backgrounds to the NPCs. There may be a new background or two; there may also be NPC-exclusive backgrounds. I would like to request that this thread be moved to the mods section. EDIT: Huzzah! Now in the mods section. Also, this is the hard part. I now have to parse the lore and characters in detail to determine where each character probably came from. Anyone who I give up on will get the Renaglian heritage. Currently working on... Alan Driscoll. I am confident that: Alan Driscoll is not from Meril or Staade. Possibilities: Auncesay, Strozza, Renaglia. EDITEDIT: The name Alan Driscoll doesn't match Strozzan or Renaglian naming conventions, removing those from consideration. This leaves Auncesay. Second review of Meril and Staade commencing.
  12. - Had a character who got the Parental Approval bonuses from Character Study, Forgery, and Ethics all in the same game? - Played a highly religious character who never used Cleanse and Remake? - Prayed for Money and then used that money in highly unethical ways? (I've probably done this, but not on purpose...) - Prayed for Money and then used that money in highly ethical ways? (Does the game even have any notably holy purposes for money?) - Made a character who deliberately mimicked the goals and persona of one of the NPCs? - Used magic to ensure that their entire clique aces the exams? (I tried and failed!) - Intentionally built a clique wherein every member had the exact same classes? - Raised Aesthetics and all its subskills to 11? - Maxed out every History skill in the same game? - Calculated and achieved the lowest passing grade in your classes? - Deliberately sabotaged their grades to be safely in the middle of the pack? - Used magic to score less than zero on your exams? - Offended their entire college, while befriending another one? - Maxed out the Ethics skill of Phillipe Marchante and Joana Lio y Rossollo? (I've done this!) - Danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Share your stories! Ask your own Have-you-evers!
  13. I must have some kind of invisible modifier going on. That test shouldn't have been blue, and a lot of these other ones that have shown up as green... well, only unlosable diff 1 tests should show up green for someone with no skill.
  14. That just restores the question of why I was getting green Incantation checks. I had skill 0. Granted, my attributes were in the 11-15 range, and that's without Cleansing first... Still! For a dominant attribute check (Finesse+Incantation) that should have produced a range of 1-22 (Finesse was one of my low attributes). It's very likely to pass an easy check, but not guaranteed. Shouldn't green only show up on guaranteed passes? The most egregious of these was a blue check late in the Bassan Adventure. I checked it in the mod tools. Isn't 50% a less friendly color than blue?
  15. As I understand it, your attribute creates the check range, to the tune of attributex2. So at skill of 1 and attribute of 3, you have a check of 1+1d6. If you're aiming for a 5, you have to roll at least 4. Possible, but not the best odds.
  16. I thought attributes functioned as a random boost to the check, thus meaning that high attributes could only ever turn a check blue?
  17. On my most recent playthrough, I got a lot of green incantation checks during adventures and random events... in spite of not being in incantation classes and not studying the skill independently. I had zero incantation skill. Why were all these checks passing?
  18. Oh, hey! That looks fascinating. It's a shame it isn't going to succeed. I'll throw some pims at it anyways.
  19. The Tracking Antennae item is one that I tend to snag every time if I unlock the Journal Insecta on a given playthrough. This is slightly for its bonuses. Not that the Insects bonus is needed, but Scouting is more valuable and harder to train than Composure. Which is to say, I rarely train either, but I somehow end up with 8 Composure by the end of a school year, whereas without specifically training Scouting I'll have between 0 and 2 levels in it. Mostly though, I pick it up because it's conceptually adorable, especially with it decreasing composure. How can it decrease composure? Have you ever watched an ant wiggle its antennae around? They move around when they're tasting at the air. I'm guessing they can give away your mood when they do. This means you have a kid with expressive antennae! I often get the Insect Sight spectacles at the same time. The combination is dorky, but in a cute way. Something I think would be neat is if the Tracking Antennae, Insect Sight spectacles, and other Journal Insecta paraphernilia gained Courtly Fashion penalties that grew across the course of the years. What is adorable in a young student is nerdy two years later and downright eccentric in three more. On a similar note, it'd be neat if a Fashionable student could try to influence fashion trends in future years, potentially putting the expressive antennae back to being adorable, among other changes. Fashion trends would be actions that would globally adjust the fashionableness of different pieces of gear. Trends couldn't be too powerful, of course. The Academagia does have a dress code. They shouldn't stack with each other, and flaunting your gear should risk confiscations. Fashionable objects would suffer penalties to concealment. Which, for the intriguer, suggests other reasons to care about fashion. Get your rivals reprimanded! Make the staff pay less attention to your own (distinctly unfashionable) gear!
  20. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and it's nice to see a new face. Welcome to the Academagia forums.

  21. Every college requires a magical class aside from Aranaz. Just out of personal curiosity, my most recent playthrough involved a character who was from Aranaz and studying no magic at all. It went surprisingly well. I had better magic skills than even some students who took the classes, and I managed to max out Negation and Astrology entirely. I have no clue what kind of Y2 results this sort of shenanigans would have. If Tammy Zeland (the name for the character who took no magic classes) were to take a Negation class, she'd skate through it effortlessly. I'm hoping that the game will permit 'testing past' classes which one has already mastered. I don't believe that the class loadout will be identical from year to year. For instance, I seem to recall hearing talk that Y1 Zoology classes would open up a Y2 continuance with new skills. (Notably, skill with reptiles is not taught to Y1 students, but is likely to be available in later years.) I've also heard talk about having a Natural Philosophy class available for one year only. Familiars are... odd. They're potentially quite strong, granting half of their skills back to you as a check bonus, but it's very hard to get them there in the limited time the game gives you. Learning Zoology until you get Improved Familiar Handling (Zoology 5) is really the only way to power them up to helpful levels. Once I'm confident I can publish mods without the modtools crashing or the game crashing on load, I intend to power up the other familiar training skills. IFH will still be the best, but the others need to be a bit more competitive. Strong bonds with your familiar shouldn't be a phenomenon wholly exclusive to zoologists and obsessives. I believe there's already an Exchange Familiar ability in the game if you can manage to shove Zoology through the normal 10-level cap. Unfortunately, the ability does describe the new familiar as a clean slate...
  22. I'm changing how Heritages work a bit. I'm going to swap them into being Increases instead of Expansions, the idea being that at any given level of training, someone who has been steeping in these things will be doing better than someone who came into it naive. To my mind, permanent Increases are more powerful than Expansions. I've got a test mod publishing right now. Let's hope it actually publishes. I've never had a mod complete the publish step before. In a related product (they'll be two mods), I'm going to create a set of Sneaky Stereotypical Skillfaster abilities for secret AI usage. They'll encourage the AIs to resemble their heritage stereotypes better by causing them to have lower training modifiers for the right skills. I may also use the Sneaky Skillfasters to fix certain... other issues, like Basia Rydz scoring 70 in an Arithmetic exam. She really ought to be able to max out her Arithmetic skills.
  23. Just as the topic title states. What's an Action Type? Would things break if I gave them the wrong Action Type, or would that just be messy? When would I want to use the Add New button under Action Types? Some of these questions have been asked before on this forum, but I did a quick search and decided I wanted to centralize them into one nicely-titled thread.
  24. Don't underestimate the backgrounds that make people start off disliking you. For the longest time I took them as a matter of course, thinking that fixing a few relationships was easy enough to not worry about. Then I tried avoiding them entirely. It turns out, if you don't have any relation to anyone, you don't get noticed much by the AIs... and at least early on, when they do notice you, they're likely to just try befriending you. I've gone two loops of the game without developing any rivalries. It's not that nobody ever did anything I didn't like. Once you gain a few points of Glory, students with whom you have zero rep will occasionally harass you. Cosetta Re squealed on me once (in her defense, I deserved it), while Vettor Conta sprayed me with water a few times, but fixing a relationship that just had a rough spot is easier and less stressful than fixing a slew of bad first impressions. Oh, and enemies in the game are more trouble than friends in the game are beneficial. If you're trying to make someone not bother you, raising their relationship to 0 may fail, but raising it to 1 will usually do the trick. I like to think of it as forming non-aggression pacts.
  25. Yarar, huh? I like that name.

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