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  1. These abilities are so nice! Thank you for cluing me in on them. Now if only there was a 'Lend Charm' ability, my plans for School Domination would really be set. I'd take over with my familiar-boosted social skills! Muahaha!
  2. I actually joined a clique which was tightknit, had one character in it who loved me, and... one character in it who hated me. Phew. The worst part is that after I joined, the relationship started deteriorating at an accelerated pace! I had to spend an entire day entertaining Mhadi so he'd forgive me. Not quite sure why the relationship was deteriorating like that in the meanwhile. Is it just me, or does the game have more ways to be popular among the opposite sex than among your own? o_o I had lots of abilities that would let me target girls, but I had very few options that would let me target Mhadi himself, as that character was a boy. I think when cliques are fighting, it actually causes deteriorations in relationships throughout the clique.
  3. You know that adventure where Sixt von Rupprecht gives a really nasty quiz to the Calligraphy students? The one with the enchanted booklet that promises nasty things for every incorrect mark on its pages? I flipped through the options three times looking for "Curiosity: Scrawl wildly over the page". I mean, seriously. I was itching for it. Luck+Curiosity. Make it vs some crazy number for good measure. Pass the check... and the adventure immediately aborts in grand style as you deliberately set off every curse in the quizbook, garnering yourself a point of Glory (and a great deal of stress and injury) and the disfavor of Sixt von Rupprecht as badly injuring one of his students gets him reprimanded by the rest of the faculty. Maybe it could even have later-year repercussions. Oh, and throw a bonus skill level in Pure Luck in there just for good measure. Or better yet, a skill level maximum in Pure Luck. Fail the check and you don't manage to power through enough of the curses to make that kind of impact. No glory, the Professor is irritated at you, and you still get a bit injured (if not as much). Should probably reset the adventure step instead of advancing it.
  4. Ooh, I've never heard of such an ability. That would be really valuable for training the familiars.
  5. Heh, negative concealment, negative encumbrance, deeply negative chance of detection... My hands covered in rings of concealment and distraction, a wand tuned for quick escapes, a dark cloak... Plans made well in advance and then executed. Mmm. I don't just skip class. I vanish in broad daylight. And while vanished I compete to raise the school's merit. Wat.
  6. Check your concealment and encumbrance ratings. If you're carrying or concealing too many items, I believe your detection chances go up for EVERY kind of misbehavior.
  7. Morvidus seems to be a real contender for the victory in my games, too. Not just when I'm with them, either. They sometimes take the lead over Vernin entirely naturally. I've found that no matter how hard the AI tries to keep up, they can't contend with me skipping all my classes to do nothing but compete for a week, hehehe... Another trick is to get an early lead. Colleges that have been left in the dust won't bother competing very much, whereas your own college will try harder when they're trying to preserve a lead.
  8. Perhaps the class should just be called "Utility" referring to the Mundane Utility that the course focuses on. EDIT: Wait, you suggested that one. Well consider me in agreement! One vote for Utility!
  9. "Everyday" may not be the best term, but "Domestic" makes it sound terrible. "Applications of Magic" is a very neutral term. Maybe too neutral, but maybe that's what is appropriate. I'm not sure. I think someone more clever than me should name this.
  10. I saw the first, and now I've seen the second. It looks like my response already covers it. I've rarely passed a skill check in any kind of event, adventure, or holiday without tremendous effort. How much worse for the NPCs, who after all, aren't constantly bombarded with random events? They also don't have intelligent training systems to push them through the skills tree, or recurrent patterns of Cleansing and Remaking themselves such as develop in many of my playthroughs. The things the player does are not always the rulestick to measure everything by. Just because a few students are clever and creative enough to be constantly finding new uses for their magic doesn't mean that all students are - and nor does it mean that the class wouldn't be fun, which is kind of more the point anyways for a class like this. Supported by students and alumni, seen as frivolous or undignified by parents, spurned by the most highbrow or upper class students... A class that specifically teaches the kind of magic used by the lower classes (instead of the kind of magic used by Ye Olde Grande Wizards) would be an interesting change of pace.
  11. This is a later-year suggestion, hence it having course requirements. I wouldn't dare suggest a new skillset for Year 1. It would be irresponsible of me. As for all those skill checks... I've rarely passed a skill check in any kind of event, adventure, or holiday without buffing myself like crazy and fixating on extracurricular studies to the point of skipping class to do more training.
  12. Requirements: Must have completed any two of the following classes: Astrology, Enchant, Glamour, Incantation, Negation, Revision, and curiously, Calligraphy. Worth Noting: Progress in Studying this course actually decreases Parental Approval somewhat, instead of expanding it. Students Interested: Most of the students not specifically listed as 'Disinterested' below, but especially anyone who prefers magical practice to magical theory. Students Disinterested: Aveline Cincebeaux: Keenly aware of the things that look strong and the things that look weak, Aveline won't sign up for Everyday Magic. Basia Rydz: Basia has better things to study. And she's embarrassed to be around people who don't. Carmine Sturzo: Like Aveline, Carmine is too much of an intriguer for this. Catherine Chard: Catherine is way too rich to be interested in any of the pedestrian thing this class teaches. Her family has servants for mundane tasks, and it is appalling that the Academagia teaches such magics. Corradin d'Alfi: Rich student, long family line, loud family pride? No way he's touching this. Courtenay de Surval: Interested in texts and theories, Everyday Magic's curriculum just doesn't seem interesting to him. Nothing against those who take it, it's just not for him. Durand de Thiomides: As Courtenay. Malacresta Vercesi: Astrology and the Everyday Magic course don't mix all that well at the best of times. It's not that there's no astrology magic in the course, it's just that... Astrologians aren't known for being practical people. It gets worse when you realize Vercesi is a theoretician. The course isn't going to hold his interest. Marc Sury: Idolizes his father, would avoid upsetting their relationship. Milena di Montors: Theoretician AND an honors student. Likely to have the grades, not especially interested. Neso Ulleri: Competitive entry keeps him from applying! Shame, too, as it would probably help him. Raoul Leconte: Will profess disinterest, and maybe it's true, but really the barrier is that he doesn't want to be noticed by competing. Zoe Melis: A curvekiller like this doesn't usually touch it. Although, it really can be practical magic... Note that Aranaz students are the least likely to be interested in Everyday Magic; it's 'beneath' their ambitions. Even though they're the only college that will pretty much universally meet the requirements, thanks to the inclusion of Calligraphy. Professor von Rupprecht must believe the course is valuable enough that he campaigned for the inclusion of Calligraphy as a qualifying class. If not him, then somebody must have. Very rare is the student who thinks 'Calligraphy' compares fairly to the other magic classes. I haven't played or studied the adventures. Information in the adventure paths that would bias students towards or away from the 'pedestrian' world of Everyday Magic courses is information I haven't got. Also, for no reason I can clearly elucidate, it doesn't seem to me that Honors Plafox would thrive in the class.
  13. A perennially popular class amongst the student body and a perennial horror to parents, many families wealthy or wizardly find the Academagia's "Everyday Magic" classes to be an entirely undignified usage of the time and energies of a would-be wizard. The course persists in spite of parental opposition due to support by alumni and by the student body themselves. The Everyday Magic course focuses on everyday applications of magic and teaches students how to incorporate magical effects into their everyday life. Students frustrated by difficult theoretical exercises in other classes often find themselves at home in these studies. At the same time, demand from the student body means that the Academagia must limit access to the Everyday Magic courses to those who have already finished several other magic courses with good marks, lest whichever teacher takes on a year's Everyday Magic lessons get swamped by applicants. Entry into Everyday Magic is competitive. The best students in the school (who have no trouble with or even enjoy theoretical exercises) are often disinterested and do not apply. Of those who do apply for the course, the applicants with the best marks are accepted in. There's a set number of seats to be awarded every year. The threshold of entry really depends on who applies. Since this is a popular class, the Academagia faculty hope the competitive entry will encourage those who might not otherwise be willing to follow theoretical exercises in their other classes to put in more effort. Competitive entry also helps deflect some of the criticism from parents. It makes the class more of a reward.
  14. That's funny, I seem to recall there was a spell that lightens burdens, and the description of it implied that it was thoroughly ubiquitous among the lower classes. So presumably the enforcement must be spotty. A lifting backpack was surprisingly affordable, too.
  15. Irrigation equipment is necessary for pretty much all systematized farming, even with the ability to control rain. It'd be pretty weird if it wasn't in the setting. Keep in mind that the Academagia has fields of its own for the purpose of agricultural research. Control of water-soil interactions is one of the things such research needs. This can be done manually by having wizard on the task 24/7, but it can also be done automatically by having an engineer build an irrigation system. The engineer can maintain the grounds much more efficiently. As for handling said chaos factor, it works like this: Don't create rain you don't need and make sure you have redundant talent to control any excitement that develops (or blows in from the neighbors). And as for young wizards being fearful of ever drawing their wands, think of how many kinds of magic are already dangerous for young wizards. The Academagia may be equipped for handling more kinds of magical mayhem than any of the students (or even some of the faculty) ever realize. Mineta already gets wilder weather than it ought to have, right? The concentration of mages in the area may be the source. The Academagia seems to take a slightly radical approach to magical instruction by encouraging students to use magic wherever they can. I bet there are more conservative schools in the setting. Heh, maybe one of the future-year employment options in Mineta will be "Weather magic got out of control, students are being hired to do the boring gruntwork of manually controlling large swathes of sky". Fitness + Incantations for a few pims and a skill step at something. Easy roll, but you get banned from further work at the task if you ever fail it, because they can't afford further mishaps. Not sure what the skill step should be. Maybe make it a coinflip between Agriculture and Concentration. Oh, and uh, I'm not staff. These are just how I would expect the system to work. They aren't how it DOES work. If the Legate (or other person authorized to make direct statements about the Way Things Work) makes a comment that negates mine, his is right and mine is wrong, end of story.
  16. You make rain for your crops and for your drinking supplies. The people and crops who weren't dehydrated is a lasting effect at the very least. Not to mention that even if the clouds are artificial and temporary, they still impact wind patterns, 'impacting' other cloud structures... Such impacts create storms, fogs, and other inclement weather conditions. I'd expect heavy use of rainmaking magic to create a more tempestuous climate than would otherwise exist. This is very likely worth doing in arid climates and very likely counterproductive whenever the unmodified weather already gives you enough rain to work with.
  17. Just a word of warning in case I inspire anyone: I've already accidentally trashed my Academagia install once while working on this project. That's why I backed up all my files before I started work. If you want to mod, put the files somewhere safe before you start messing with them. On a related note, if publishing mods weren't so slow, there's all kinds of little tweaks I'd publish. With as slow as modding is though, I just don't feel like making little tweaks, and I don't want to release anything unless it's pretty big. EDIT/Update: Meaning I accidentally trashed my Academagia install TONIGHT while working on the events. Yeah, it's been fun. Update: Just for curiosity, I tried combining the stripmod with the DLC. Nope. The stripmod works on its own, but in conjunction they're super crash brothers.
  18. I've had it in every new game I've started lately. I don't even know where I'm getting it from. It's just, after a few weeks of play, I discover the "Cheer" action has unlocked somewhere along the line.
  19. I'd rather it be established as canonical that First Year Students are just not supposed to take Potion-making so seriously... But then, as I get better with the modbase, it gets increasingly practical to just edit the files to make changes I really want.
  20. Good point! Thank you for suggesting it; I'll do that next. Removed Events: Random Events Potions 22: In which a bunch of forest faeries ruin your cauldron-work. A fine event, if only the player actually were doing potioneering yet. Might also not be remiss to have as a prerequisite that the player actually owns a cauldron. Random Events Potions 21: In which Enchanting (?) professor Matain Leith requires you to brew a potion in front of the class as an example. Random Events Potions 20: In which Matain Leith (?) requires you to visit the aviary and acquire a songbird's feather for a potion. I like this event. I would note it has a missed comedic opportunity in how the failures are written. I hope REP20 will come back in improved form in Year Two, but for now, it's gotta go. Random Events Potions 19: In which... you know, I'm just going to shorten these to "Leithy Breweries, Inc" for future justifications. Random Events Potions 18: Leithy Breweries, Inc. Random Events Potions 17: Leithy Breweries, Inc. The Sleight of Hand exit on this one made me laugh out loud. Random Events Potions 16: There is no Random Events Potions 16. Random Events Potions 14: In which the player character is brewing a nonspecified slippery potion and nearly drops it because it is (go figure) slippery. Not a bad event. Random Events Potions 13: Leithy Breweries, Inc? Random Events Potions 11: In which the player... Hmm. We'll call these 'player brewing nonspecified potion' events "To the Moonshine". Random Events Potions 10: Err. I seem to have accidentally deleted Potions 10 without looking at it. Loading up alternate files to look at it... Ah. "To the Moonshine" Random Events Potions 9: Leithy Breweries, Inc Random Events Potions 8: Leithy Breweries, Inc Random Events Potions 7: Paichalt Potions? What? Flush! Random Events Potions 6: To the Moonshine! Random Events Potions 5: To the Moonshine, Curt Aining edition. Random Events Potions 4: Maybe it's petty, but I just don't like this one. Surviving Events: Random Events Potions 1: Assaulting someone with a healing potion? Genius! Random Events Potions 2: An excellent example of why Firsties aren't supposed to work with Potions. Random Events Potions 3: I am not a fan of GigAnts, but the event is structured fine, so in it stays. Random Events Potions 12: This one specifically mentions Firsties not generally working with Potions, so I approve of it as a First Year Event. Random Events Potions 15: This isn't really a Potions event, it's more of a Botany event. Removed Items: Smoke Cover Potion: Available only as a result of Event 11, I'll strip it rather than leave an orphaned item in the database. I've noticed that Matein Leith is in many of these... and honestly, it reminds me of something. Brewing is clearly dangerous, and it makes sense that it wouldn't be a first-year thing for the same reason it makes sense Forgework wouldn't be. At the same time, Enchant doesn't seem like a good first year project either. It relies too much on being able to do other kind of craftwork first off and secondly, without first establishing knowledge of other magical schools it is difficult to demonstrate the value of enchantment techniques. It's not that Enchanting is dangerous the way Brewing and Smithing is. It's more that Enchanting relies too much on other knowledge.
  21. Next project: Deleting Forge events. First year classes don't use the Forges much and first year crafting is mostly unimplemented. Therefore, first year students shouldn't stumble across the Academagia forges so often and so randomly. I'm going to be explaining my justifications as I remove the events. The Stripmod is partially a critique project, after all. I won't necessarily be removing all the forge events. Removed Events: Random Event Forge 14: In which the player has the chance to steal an iron dagger or an iron mosquito from a forge. While this event doesn't require one actually be permitted in the forges to make sense, it is poorly implemented. The 'Benefits' section lists just the obtuse 'your honesty is rewarded'. Meanwhile, stealing the dagger results in an expansion to composure, and nothing else. Random Event Forge 13: In which the player dodges a hammer thrown by a thief. The 'investigation' option and its continuance are silly. Random Event Forge 10: In which the player is going to a forge they shouldn't be visiting, and trips on an anvil discarded among a thorny thicket. The anvil is an expensive piece of equipment! Not to mention too heavy to easily carry around. The Academagia wouldn't just lose one like that. Not to mention that 'in which the player trips' events are a little silly to begin with. Random Event Forge 9: Event only makes sense if player can use forges for crafting projects. Random Event Forge 8: See above. Excellent event, excellent year two event, not really year one appropriate. The Forgemaster really ought to be an Instructor someyear. A minotaur instructor would be awesome. Random Event Forge 7: See above. Random Event Forge 6: See above. Random Event Forge 5: See above. Without formal classes or duties that require using the forges, and without a well-implemented crafting system, the player really has no excuse to find themselves randomly in a forge carrying a basket of red hot coals. Random Event Forge 4: If Everwine von Zoedorf were THAT dangerous, he'd hardly be allowed near the forges at all. And as a first year student... Well, I'm currently laboring under the delusion that first year students have (or at least ought to have!) restricted forge access anyways. Random Event Forge 3: What. Surviving Events: Random Event Forge 1: This is explicitly an Incantation class visit to the Forges. It works great thematically even if first year students aren't usually in the forges. It does need a prerequisite added so it only happens to players who actually have Incantation classes. Random Event Forge 2: The player is requested by a professor to go somewhere they ordinarily wouldn't, which fits fine with my idea of the Forges being a bit more restricted. Random Event Forge 11: The player isn't going into the forge, they're just passing by. This could happen to anyone. Random Event Forge 12: See above. Removed Items: Iron Mosquito: The iron mosquito is described as being a mosquito-shaped blade concealed inside a dagger to do extra damage, which seems several kinds of silly. It would damage the integrity of the dagger and I can't imagine it would add much. Use of the thing independently would be a little silly too. It might be a nasty little caltrop, but a sharp-thing that hides inside the handle of a dagger can't be big enough to be very intimidating. I wish there was some way to select an item and 'trace' it, see all the things that refer to it, so that I could know for sure if my removals would be stable enough and thorough enough. As it is, I just have to hope that I'm lucky and that I know the game's systems well enough. It's like a Luck + Modbase skillcheck.
  22. What are the differences between 'Events' and 'Complications' in the engine? They're in the same section in the modtools, being both in 'Story - Complication/Event'. I wasn't sure where to put this query. It's essentially a modtools question, since that's where I found the distinction, but at the same time it seems like it has implications beyond just modding.
  23. Yes! It's working! Now that I've proven the concept, I can start removing even bigger things. Thank you for your support. I really feel that the StripMod project will be valuable, even before I get to the 'reconstructive' stage.
  24. Hmf, if Crafting isn't actually in the system, then crafting-only items are now on my StripMod hitlist.
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