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  1. If I can make a suggestion (don't know if it has already been made) for next time, I think you should prepare the launch of the Kickstarter before actually starting it. Especially for a game so well known and appreciated as Ars Magica, I'm sure you could create a big buzz planting news seeds and teasers in the right forum communities and websites, so that everyone is ready when the Kickstarter starts. This time I was really caught by surprise by the news, didn't expect it at all! And for a project with a strict deadline as a Kickstarter proposal that's a big disadvantage. You really should work on the teasing! In conclusion, Secret projects are nice, but for funding perhaps you don't want to stay that secret until the end! By the way, is there space between Year 2 and Secretproject2 for Year 1932? ^^
  2. Hello, a couple things on the inspirations. 1) I noticed that the inspiration called "simple stationary exercises" has "Dodging" and not "Dodge" in the description. Because in one occasion I found that an inspiration giving "Flirtation" was not actually working for "Flirting", I wonder if this could bring to the same problem... 2) There are two cases that, while not formally wrong, puzzle me. The first is the 10-19 new inspiration for Diplomacy, called "Seeing both sides". This gives only Diplomacy+4, general+1, something that I find strange considering that the card associated with Diplomacy 0-9 gives , as usual, Diplomacy+4 and another skill (don't remember which one) at +4. The second is the card "Helpful insight" that should be the card of Problem solving 20-29. Also in this case, the card gives Problem solving+4, Repair+4, general+1 as a 0-9 card, something I find strange (there are other skills at 20-29 that give two abilities at +4, but they have general at +2). 3) As a general remark, in the other conversation, discussing about the frequency of appearance of the inspiration, it came out that for each level one should see in great majority only the card of the level and the -1 level one. However, my experience tells me that I always see three cards per level (except the first 2, of course), at more or less equal probability. Are you sure you tuned the probabilities of sorting in the right way? Mind you, I am perfectly happy to have three cards at more or less the same probability, but in the conversation it seemed that the new card of the level should be dominant in coming out, with the -1 card at a lesser probability and the -2 one definitely rare, and this is not happening. If you have to tune the probabilities again, may I suggest a distribution 50-35-15?
  3. Predictability is boring! So, if I understood correctly how they work, basically with levels 0-9 you get one inspiration type of card only; with levels 10-19 you can get a new one and the 0-9 possibility (that is you can get 2 different inspiration cards, more or less randomly); with levels 20-29 you get a new one and the 10-19 old one, and so on? But in some cases I see you can get up to three different inspiration cards for the same level, does it mean that some levels introduce 2 new cards?
  4. In the Egypt part, I made the Roland adventure after the Evelyn one, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dialogue between Sadie and Dr. Blake at the beginning takes into account the conclusion of the Evelyn adventure. However, after the first conversation Dr. Blake goes away but still says some introductory phrases (which are the beginning of Roland adventure without having concluded the Evelyn one) that sound pretty disjointed... is there a way to make a smoother transition to give more sense to the introduction? By the way, speaking about Roland, I don't remember the details well but I had the feeling that there is some incongruence in Egypt here and there - something like Sadie is surprised to see him when she actually already met him, or similar... is it my bad memory or it can be?
  5. hmm... a flying city? really? I don't know, but isn't Ars Magica great because of its deep historical roots in European medieval history? do you really want to start with a bombastic hollywoodian three-ring circus? I remember when I was co-mastering Ars Magica, with a Covenant in Sicily during a complicated period of the Norman domination, the main master studied with a great deal of detail the history and the culture of the island in order to convey the most realistic experience possible, and that was the best part! I must say also, for a more fundamental issue, that a very important and exciting part of AM is Tribunal politics: Covenant alliances, conflicts, tribunal meetings... a moving covenant deprives instantaneously of this part of the game (which is essential IMO). Not to mention that it will be completely disjointed from the economic and commercial network, from the local mundane powers, and one essential part of the medieval society - insularity due to the difficulty and danger of travels - will be lost. After all, Ars Magica, with its cycle of seasons, link to a physical Covenant, is a territorially static game. IMHO, with a flying city you will lose the very essence of this particular RPG. I'm playing the devil's advocate here, but I hope you get my point... this more extrovert idea of magic is not intrinsically bad, and it would suit some other similar RPG (as for example Mage: the sorcerers crusade, the middle age-renaissance version of White Wolf's Mage: the Ascension). I just don't think it corresponds to AM's nature.
  6. Speaking again about the rate of arrival of new and better inspirations... are there specific thresholds that mark the coming of new inspirations associated to a skill (i.e. from 0 to 10 you have the basic inspirations(s), from 11 to 20 some of the old ones, the weakest, are withdrawn and some more powerful are added, etc.), or is it completely random? or it depends on the skill?
  7. I actually find the Skill management of Sheherazade an improvement over Academagia, which is a bit chaotic in that sector and not really user friendly. I hope that several game mechanics systems will be changed in Year 2. Sadie could use some improvements itself, of course...
  8. I found the Easy audience inspiration, which between the other things gives +7 to "Flirtation". I assumed it was meant to be "Flirting" but when it was the moment to use it, the inspiration actually does not give any specific bonus to Flirting. Error?
  9. Hello, so, I'm going through my (slow) first play of Sheherazade and now that I passed the half of the game I can tell that, between the many positive things, there's one that irks me quite a lot. There are several Capers (actually, the majority) that progress through a train of many "white" tests with no rest in between. Now, considering that the difficulty of each test is often higher than 50, it is practically impossible to succeed in more than two tests (unless using the +alot inspirations) because the inspiration cards you can hold is pretty limited (this is especially noticeable after you change your dream and you start from 10 again). This is really frustrating; I just found myself clicking through a series of failures and sparse dialogue choices (that usually do not have many in-game consequences) through the last couple of adventures with the thought that no matter the choices before the adventure it would have been the same. This took away quite a good amount of fun. I understand that with the progression of the game the difficulty of the tests must rise, I don't complain on that. What I don't like is that there are not enough breaks between the tests in each caper (or at least the possibility of suspending and coming back to it later). I really suggest to change it because it takes away a lot to the game! I think it should be pretty easy to add a couple of resting moments for each Caper (there are the possibilities in the stories for sure).
  10. Actually, why was it decided not to put any Anna-Evelyn ending? considering the story arc through the year it would be pretty natural... perhaps because it is much easier to increase their relationship status so that they would "kill" all other endings too easily?
  11. Damn, I just came here to make the same suggestion (crossing the already done steps of a Caper)!
  12. But if you click on the portrait you can repeat the action you just did, am I correct?
  13. Yes well... if you start a Caper and you cannot do anything but click for the text progression and you see that the Stress increases of 8 points without having any possibility of intervention, that's pretty annoying. But for the adventures I have made I think the maximum of increase of stress points I saw was 3 or perhaps 4, and that doesn't bother me.
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