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  1. hmm yeah, it got blocked by WMG but only in America. Only thing playing was the academagia soundtrack though, guess they have right to them over in ye old US of A? I have removed the sound from the original, you should be able to see it now legate
  2. allright thanks. i recorded a bit of it if you wanna get visual confirmation on what i'm talking about although its not the worst example ive had, you can see at around 11 seconds, the last line of text "embarrasing moment of my life" is at the bottom of page 2, but when the next part of text loads, it jumps to being on the top of page 3
  3. But why does it change? Imagine i'm on a text that fills 3.5 pages. I'm assuming that text is already filling the space as best it can, right? but when another page of text is needed to be appended on the bottom, that part that previously took 3.5 pages, now takes 3.8 or 3.3. Why does the amount if can fill change? the text in it hasnt changed, only new text has been added on the back. Having to search where to continue reading from every time you add a new page really hampers the reading flow
  4. One question: I zoomed the text out quite a bit, but every time when more text is supposed to appear (for example when reading the tutorial letter on every new chapter), it looks like it redraws the texts, and the pages dont seem to contain the same text as before. So everything moves around, and I have to search again on where to start reading on. Any idea why this is? Also not so much a suggestion as a Well done! for the devs. Playing on the steam release now, and I remember posting in 2011 about the game being kinda small on big screens. I am totally loving the scalabitily, and the ability to move things around. very very nice. Also give props to whoever designed the music (I especially love the more quiet chill ones). hearing the soundtrack come on took me back years
  5. well, bought it on steam as well now. So now my friends can see when i'm playing it and maybe get interested ^^
  6. I'm not sure what DLC I was on when I played last. I think dlc10 or 11? I might give it a nother go soon. I'm assuming my old save files wont work anymore? (if I can find them at all )
  7. wow wow wow. I'm back I had given up on ever seeing year 2, after 5 years or more since the first one, but today I see the game show up in steam. So I'm excited again! my last posts were from 2010-2011 so whats been happening since fellas? ^^
  8. can we use that too to increase the size of it? cause on a 1080p screen, it only takes up like the inner half of it, would be nice to have it bigger, even if it was just scaling (sorry if this counts as thread hijack, thought it would be relevant)
  9. ananas

    Typos and Such

    information about the action 'Brouhaha' states that it is your college that loses the merit! and sounds like its good thing , i think it's suppose to say your targets college loses the merit
  10. ah ok thanks, another question if you don't mind. I tried using culiman's shack, but it doesn't seem to do much, if anything it all. it says on the report page that it has increased some skills, but there was one skill, mentioned twice, and it was still at lvl 1 (0 of 1) when i checked it. Any ideas?
  11. hey, started playing again after a while, and used question knowledge, which said it loses a point in 1 random skill, but you gain 5 in a skill you choose (or something similar). But when i used it, i only got 1 point in that specific skill (and did not lose any others), is the skill gain in 1 session maximum a level? cause it increased with that 1 point
  12. after a reinstall, and then applying the recent patch that came out, it is now working. (well, the old games are lost, but i can laod my new ones at least ) thanks for all the help, you rock ^^
  13. booooo, not a fan of powergaming i like it realistically
  14. are you saying you cut 3-4 classes each week? If i cut more than 1, i get reprimanded (well not always, but i've found that 1 a week is a good average for me)
  15. Is it possible to lower it, to a negative number? and how do we know what our stress maximum is?
  16. i got the problem with every new game i make apparantly, maybe something went wrong when i patched?
  17. i'll take a look at it tomorrow, sleep time now . thanks
  18. already did that I 'accidentaly' installed 10 first, and then I read from you that 10a is for vista/xp, so i put 10a on top of those
  19. thanks for the reply. next point : i downloaded the 10a update, and put in in my installation map as instructed, but now i can't load my games anymore (games made àfter I patched to 10a) *edit* it was a save i just made after patching of my new char, so i got a clean save of his entire background and stats, game errors and closes when i try to open it
  20. ok thanks. btw quikc question, is it normal my scroll of touchpad on laptop doesnt work? some text boxes dont have up or down buttons, so i cant do anything in those on laptop. It works okay with a regular mouse though
  21. client version? publisher version? and do i need all the previous patches first, or can i go ahead and do 10a immediately? (*edit* since i read: it's cumulative, but does that mean, you can stack it on top of previous updates, or that it includes the previous ones in it too?) thanks for the fast replies btw
  22. How do i see what patch i need? I know F12 gives you version number, but on forum patches are numbered 1 to 10... whats the correlation? ^^
  23. aha, no. maybe i should try patching
  24. well i had it, because a bit after i posted, i got the notification that i finally lost it. However, my charm hasn't recovered yet. and don't see any other passive abilities that could still cause it
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