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  1. Wow thanks everyone. This must be the best 'on topic' topic I have seen in my life I'm still learning the game's diversity and I'm sure these tips will be incredibly useful once I make my final character. I have found Esteban Contu's school and a lot of other abilities I see, Advanced Arithmetic study is just superb Haven't made a character without Arithmetic so far
  2. Hey all, I've been reading on the forums and came to the understanding that there are some actions/locations or abilities that lets you train 2 or more skills instead of just 1 with the 'Train' action. So my question to you is, have you found any of them, and what are they ? I personally haven't come across them, at least not that I have found.
  3. Oh ok thanks I'll train the skills one at a time then, seems to take a long time though.
  4. Hey, I have had some trouble training my familiar's skills. In some/most cases, the skill step doesn't go up 1 point when training my familiar, I'm experiencing this more, the higher the skill is and especially with bond sub-skills. When checking the skill (bond of silver) it shows: Needed for next level: 0 of 1 Now I believe that means, if I train my familiar once in said skill, he should gain another point. Same with Observation, seems to be stuck at lvl 5, 0 of 2 steps needed for next level, but I trained my familiar twice in that skill and it didn't change. So far I only noticed this with the familiar's skills. I'm thinking he would have a lot better skills if this didn't happen
  5. No idea what I did, just redid the adventure using the Navigation option again and I got it unlocked. There's so much to do in the game, I barely scratched the surface, have never used a spell or looked at the phemes yet So far I try to keep my scores high and just started doing adventures, it's fun Though I've noticed you either have to chose between getting good grades and doing a lot of adventures, not enough time to do both, though maybe if you skip classes that would be possible, haven't done that yet.
  6. Hey all, I'm doing my 2nd run through the game and am training myself and familiar for some adventures, now the next adventure for my familiar requires 'Navigation'. I know it is a sub-skill of 'Raid' but it is not in the list when I check it, nor is it in my character's skills list. SO, as the title says, how do I unlock a certain sub-skill, in this case: Navigation. Greetings, Richard Westwick (new character name )
  7. Uploading the file now, will be sent soon I have another question, is there any way to see which patch I am using, or does the latest patch include all the previous fixes ?
  8. I'm off to work right now, will do that when I get back home tomorrow
  9. Hey all, I was training my familiar while I got a new action called 'Play'. Now when I select that action and I come to the point of choosing the details of my actions, I can't seem to select any type of bond, I click on the pink bar and the gold box comes up with nothing on it, just a box, can't close it after that either, have to shut the game down via Task Manager. What could be the cause of this ? Greetz, Salem
  10. I have a dog as a familiar, so that's not an option, I'll try to find a +strength spell somewhere, still learning all there is Got passed midterm exams so far, haven't even went on an adventure yet
  11. Hey all, I seem to have found a Silver Metallic Plant in the woods, which was too big to carry arond, so I put it in my wardrobe. Now the item is still unidentified and because it is too big to take with me, I can't seem to identify it. Can't find a way to increase my strength either so I can actually take it. Any suggestions for a fellow student ? Greetz, Salem
  12. Closest I can get is with Hedi: Glamour, Negation, Rhetoric, Dialectic, Arithmetic and Grammar (can't change this one, but looking at the description it's a good asset to the other classes) Found some very nice history bonuses in character creation as well P.S.: I somehow forgot to click the add reply button, you are both right in my new player opinion, I just don't know that much yet about Revision and Enspell, I read all the descriptions, so they probably didn't sound fitting to me
  13. Aha very interresting So Heraldy and Society have no link to any other class, or something that would complement them, like Rhetoric sounds sort of in that direction. So yea, I need Glamour, Negation, Arithmetic, Rhetoric, Dialectic and ... I never liked geometry in school, but I guess they complement eachother very well in this game, if used together ? Thanks for the perfect answer either way
  14. Maybe my question should have been: Which classes would be the main ones to have that specific kind of skillset ? And I know you can choose whatever skill you want to learn, I just don't want any classes that do not correspond with my preferred skillset. And not looking for overpowering either. Maybe enchant and astrology could be changed into something better ? Does calligraphy even help me with that playing style ?
  15. Hi all, I recently started playing Academagia and I am enjoying it, there is just one thing I would like some help on. My goal is to be a mage very good at casting spells, mathematics, diplomatic or being able to talk my way out of things with a high perception of things around me. Enchanting and incantations or aggressive actions are not my cup of tea, unless the first 2 are generalized as spells I believe I made the wrong class choices for those, right now I am: Vernos Academy Calligraphy Arithmetic Rhetoric Astrology dialectic Enchant Any tips on how to be more like the way I want. I seem to be learning new skills all the time, but half of them I can't find I also have another question, is there a list with locations that I have actually discovered? The Lore list includes every location in the game it seems. Greetz, Salem
  16. Unfortunately I can only switch between 800x600 and 1024x600. I can still install it on my home computer, so it's not too big of an issue, but I would've liked to play it while I travel on my netbook Maybe with a future update this could be changed if possible, would be very nice.
  17. Hi all, I recently discovered this game and am trying to play this on my Aspire one netbook. The problem is, the bottom of the screen does not show, in character creation, I can only see the top 2 millimeters of the 'next' button. If I lower my screen resolution, it gets even worse, default is 1024x600. Running it on Windows XP Pro SP3 Any help would be appreciated. Greetz, Salem Greenleaf
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