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  1. neyaa


    thank u all for ur help i finally got it to work.. i just now need to get how to play the game.. ill just go wiki it and see what the deal is.. thanks again
  2. neyaa


    thank u im gonna cross my fingers well... i guess i needed to do more than just cross my fingers... didnt work.... ggggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. neyaa


    another noob question where do i go to find the patches?
  4. neyaa


    another question for u. how do i go about re-downloading it from the site without being charged again or is it safe to take the already saved zip file that i have???
  5. neyaa


    HELP!!!!!!!!! i tried all of your suggestions and even went as far as shutting down my anti-virus in case it was blocking the app from loading and nothing seams to be working.. i keep getting the same error. "system error has occurred... application will be terminated... and then it goes away... ive payed for a game i cant play... I haz a sad...
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