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  1. @Legate of Mineta: Are there any plans to feature the rat girl from the adventure "The Door in the Bad Part of Town" in future years?
  2. Tabin’s Farewell Feedback is welcomed by me.
  3. So, I completed my latest playthrough of Academagia with a character from Morvidus College who, I hope, will be able to have very interesting experiences with Sima Venesico and the rest of the Triplets in future games. Between my goals for studying in this game (top marks in all courses) and taking 4 extracurricular forms of magic (gates, mastery, incantation, and enchantment), I was honestly prepared to only be able to complete the Triplets’ adventure in its least ambitious form and Sima’s Y1 adventure (getting Affection with her), but to my considerable pleasure, I was able to achieve not only these (and with the Triplets in a more ambitious form involving investigating the ruins) but also some other adventures: A Walk Along the Lake, the Wasting Sickness, Naming Beasts, A Day in Frontino, You’re Being Watched, Familiar Trouble, Studies in Hunger, The Edge of Nowhere, Rumors of Witches and Evil Intentions, Splash, The Shop, the Tuorial adventure, In Professor Storey’s Sight, The Much-Rumored Tower, What Happens When You Break Curfew, Magsa's got a new project, and the Platypus Familiar’s adventure. Here are the statistics for my playthrough. And here are my questions/suggestions. 1. I hope that there can be content for a mastery-using PC and a dear friend or girlfriend Sima Venesico in future years, given her interest in mind control and other forbidden magic. 2. Simas Venesico is a very fun character to read about and write about. Consistency in her character is not great (most notably, is she a beauty-obsessed socialite, a hard-headed businessperson, or a bold explorer seeking forbidden magics), but given her mysteriousness and interest in acting, such inconsistencies are adding to her character’s appeal in a way that they do not with characters who are defined as lacking interest in acting and have less mysterious origins. 3. May I create a scene involving Sima for Y2 that would, in certain rare circumstances, grant a PC powerful advantages in studying glamour magics? It would basically be a book equivalent to the Contu School the using of which would always case stress and vitality drain (due to powerful fae magics, in-game). I I figure that if any student in Y1 were to both know how to get such an item and be willing to part with it, Sima Venesico would be that student (cf., the random event in which she gives away a powerful bracelet to the PC).
  4. Is there any major progress being made in Y2? I am working upon a Sima-Venesico-focussed character right now (studying gates and mastery), and I hope that he can be imported into Y2?
  5. @Legate of Mineta: Would it be permissible for me to write an adventure in which one of the characters is acting as a thief-taker - that is, a private citizen seeking to capture thieves and/or stolen property in order to get rewards or bounties?
  6. @Legate of Mineta: My content about Pelia misrepresented how long she had been in the time-warp - it was only 2 years, not 3.
  7. @Legate of Mineta: Does Mineta have a practise of thief-takers - that is, private citizens seeking to capture thieves and/or stolen property in order to get rewards or bounties?
  8. @Legate of Mineta: Has there been consideration about adding skills or subskills that, although not illegal in-story, are nonetheless so secret or unknown in Mineta (such as, for example, skills for being a magical ninja) that the player could not be informed about them through Abilities that train in a random skill? I mean, gates, mastery, and synchronicity, although illegal to varying degrees, are known about by scholars in Mineta, so it makes sense that an inquisitive student could inadvertently learn about some or all of those skills by perusing knowledge in Mineta. But other skills and subskills (such as those related to making pacts with certain classes of spirits only known about by gates mages outside the Empire of Man, or the afore-mentioned magical ninja training) would not be known in Mineta except by foreigners - meaning that it would not make sense that an inquisitive student could inadvertently learn about some or all of those skills by perusing knowledge in Mineta. Such a mechanic would also allow for certain skills or subskills to be more valuable rewards if they could only be unlocked through certain quests.
  9. 1. A very good choice for learning some Forbidden magics is the Secret Heritage Background, which synthesizes well with Morvidus college. The other choice for learning other forbidden magics is the choice "Academy: Purple Academy of Thei" in education (unlocking the adventure "The Unseen Arrival"), although that choice better synergizes with Avila college. A very useful character creation choice in general is Discovery: Libraries, and Education: Page for those seeking high marks is very useful. As for character creation choices to avoid, Prodigy: Incantation would only be useful if it were not bugged, alas. 2. I have never achieved all of the things that you mention, although in 1 game I got affection and mastery of both forms of forbidden magic. In another game, I got love, deep friendship, top marks, and the ability to study a semi-forbidden form of magic over the summer. In a third game, I got affection (with a character whose quest does not grant such a possibility), deep friendship, top marks, and mastery of a forbidden form of magic, and in another game I got love, top marks, and mastery of a forbidden form of magic. This is not to say that it is impossible to achieve everything that you mention (my current game could be used for trying for that!), but it would require much in-game time that can otherwise be spent on adventures and other things. Female characters have an advantage in getting love, because the only NPC who can get a 13 relationship (prerequisite for love) without using save-scumming and the benefit provided by level 8 of the etiquette subskill is a male (Shearry Warrington, who is not bad, although maybe a bit of a Nice Guy). 3. Class skills are skills that one needs to master in order to get grades that are not terrible in a class. They are automatically selected and highlighted depending upon the classes that one chooses, and are fairly straightforward - Grammar skill for Grammar class, etc. That having been said, ways to achieve permanent increases to the class-skills may not be obvious - for example, achieving level 5 in the sewing subskill grants a permanent + 1 to the glamour skill, and achieving level 4 in the natural philosophy skill gives permanent bonuses to zoology and botany.
  10. 1. I highly recommend the following build, in general: a Morvidus student, with the following courses (in addition to the defaults): grammar, athletics, dialectic, and history. Zoology allow the player to easily unlock insects and through that planning, whose second level gives powerful permanent ingame bonuses. Furthermore, when studied to 10, zoology gives a permanent +1 to fitness. Revision allows the player to access powerful spells for changing skills temporarily and when studied to 10, gives a permanent +1 to finesse. Grammar allows the player to easily develop relations with other students through Charm in Prose at Grammar level 10, unlocking their quests. Athletics, when trained to high levels, allows the player to avoid a surprising amount of nastiness in adventures and allows the player to expand strength, fitness, and finesse to various degrees (albeit with much time/effort and save-scumming for greater rewards). Dialectic has an interesting adventure (Scenes in Dialectic Class) that can teach the player useful in-game skills and abilities. Also, one perk of Dialectic is a relatively straightforward way to teach the player's character Enchantment, glamour, and Enspell skills (albeit with time). History grants powerful ingame bonuses in many ways, including to all legal magics. Morvidus college's unique adventures include a fun and remarkably easy adventure "The Shop" introducing a fan-favorite character, as well as a fascinating adventure dealing with the nature of magic and responsibility "Familiar Distress". 2. The best student to befriend is Zoe Melis. Her ingame benefit for the Player, Use Notes, is an easy way to complete studying easily and earlily while gaining steps in skills not related to research (although I always use her ability to complete Research to 11 in order to gain a + 1 to intelligence). Her quest is fun, and although not necessarily easy (depending upon what you want) is a way to gain money and the powerful affection modifier for male characters - or, if one be willing to save-scum while training in the etiquette subskill, love. I hope that these are good introductory words to help. What do you define as a success story? top marks? forbidden magic? deep friendships? love? All of those and more are possible within Academagia - to say nothing of being a masterful wrestler-wizard in love with an ophidiophile and prepared to study illegal magic over the summer (one of my finest games!), and I can help you.
  11. Would it be fair to say that being known as belonging to a family of tavern-keepers is a way to get a rather unfortunate reputation in the Academagia, or is Olivia Solari alone in her rumour-mongering about Neta's family's unsavoriness as alleged tavern-keepers?
  12. Feedback is welcomed by me. Greetings from Prudence:
  13. @Legate of Mineta: I really hope that I am not the only person who thinks that Aminþia Que’la is akin to Padmasambhava in Tibetan Buddhism - a teacher of salvific secrets within the ordinary world and tamer of demons while a human who rather than dying went to another universe and remains a potent saviour. I could also see Aminþia Que’la as a type of dakini, to continue the Tibetan Buddhist parallels.
  14. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Would it be permissible to have Tabin be a player of Sittuyin (aka Burmese Chess)? And do not worry - I would not dare to suggest that he is from the setting's equivalent of Burma (even though I actually suspect that he may be). But his being able to play such a foreign boardgame would be fitting with his character's skill in strategy and foreignness. 2. Would it be possible to have research levels tied to an item rather than a location? I am planning to introduce a sittuyin book in various contexts in my adventures/events that, if used, would allow the player to gain ranks in a research skill about sittuyin.
  15. @Legate of Mineta: How did Malkstrang gain the false reputation of being a town/city where everyone is a thief? Is/was it a very poor town where relatively many (not all!) engaged in theft against outsiders or each other?
  16. @Legate of Mineta: Would it be permissible for me to write events meant to trigger automatically on Juvenalia during Y2, or would that be contrary to the Team's plans for Y2? The events would not be radical - just greeting-based encounters between the PC and less-organized classmates whom e helped during Y1.
  17. @Legate of Mineta: Is there any plan to impose game-play/story segregation so that defeating or being defeated in combat need not result in death? Such would not be unprecedented, since Y1 has duels that are never to the death but use the same mechanics (reducing to 0 hp).
  18. In response to @Schwarzbart's proposed violent adventure, and mindful of the fact that later games will get more mature, I propose the following lighter development for a future game: that there be at least one mocking double entendre (perhaps from a Vernin student) about Uliva's love for snakes.
  19. @Legate of Mineta: So, if I understand our recent conversation correctly (and how I have been honoured by the reply!), I have three questions about fay courts and their armies. 1. Do the fay hire non-satyrs as mercenaries? 2. Do satyrs serve in armies that are not financed by the fay? 3. Do the Fay have their own armies, like the Greeks, or do they follow the Carthaginian model of using mercenaries almost exclusively?
  20. I hope that that means that you like what I have proposed.
  21. In celebration of my nearly complete recovery from my surgery, wherefore I have been able to complete a game of Academagia that I was unable to complete for almost a year, I submit the following proposal about an ethnic group of Satyrs. @Legate of Mineta, if you want, I can move this to my writing thread. Background: I will be fully transparent about my sources for this ethnicity: Raðanite Jews, Lydians, and a general desire to create an ethnicity inspired by Jews without falling into the anti-Semitic stereotypes that have bedevilled, for example, J. K. Rowling's Goblins. Caveats: I am not skilled in any language or creating titles to suggest a name for this ethnicity, but I think that it would be appropriate for others to call them the Hanse, because such a term is thematically appropriate (for reasons which I will explain), short and easy to remember, and to a certain degree accurate (because the Hanse are often operating as bands of merchants). Whence are the Hanse?: The Hanse are satyrs - but they are satyrs whom even other satyrs, to say nothing of humans, often find strange. While most satyrs occupy their own tracts of woodlands and consider the woods where they live to be their homes, no true Hanse would dare to say that he or she has a home. The Hanse consider themselves to be wanderers, even when they establish permanent homes (as some do). Their real homeland, they know, is unreachable upon the surface of Cyve, marked with mounds within which the ashes and burned bones of their heroes and great people, having been consecrated, were buried. The Hanses' traditions assert that they had powerful magic within their homeland due to these and other rites, and they yearn to return to their homeland if they can. But they take pride in their traditions' claims that they used to be great heroes, who fought hard against the Dragons. Where do the Hanse Live?: In northern and temperate forests, although with some ambitiously moving into more southern climes, the Hanse live. Sometimes, the Hanse send delegations to the fays' courts. What do the Hanse Do?: Most humans encounter the Hanse in northern or temperate forests, where the Hanse serve as merchants, trading forest products and fay products from community to community. Hanse merchants trade within and outside the Empire of Man, and certain Hanse merchants are eager to trade in Mineta and Satyrius. Why are the Hanse mistrusted by others?: The Hanse are mistrusted for several reasons in addition to why satyrs are not trusted. In no particular order, they are: 1. Their insistence that they are lacking a homeland leads people to doubt that they can be loyal to where they live - a sentiment aggravated by their networking amongst each other. 2. Their maintenance of a separate language and script (the Lydian alphabet is its real life equivalent) leads people to suspect that they may be spies, especially because they, in their pursuit of trading opportunities, are often crossing borders (and often through fay-based ways that are difficult to monitor). 3. Their occupation as traders leads them to be accused of being greedy, lazy, and exploitative. 4. Their habit of carrying their ancestors' bones with them in pouches, necklaces, etc., although meant to connect them to their ancestors as a substitute for the homeland which their ancestors lost, is often misunderstood, even by other satyrs, as evidence that they are cannibals. Lurid rumours surround what they do during their funeral ceremonies, of which human and satyr sacrifice are perhaps the safest to mention. Why are the Hanse called the Hanse?: Because Hanse is an old Vilocian word referring to a travelling band, and Hanse are most famous within the Empire of Man as travelling bands within violocian forests, trading fay goods and goods from further away to certain humans and satyrs who are willing to trade with them. General Remarks About Hanse Society: The Hanse are very decentralized, due to both their refusal to concentrate within a tract of land and call it their homeland and due to their constant trading voyages. In the immediate aftermath of their losing their homeland, some Hanse tried to serve as mercenaries among fay and satyr communities, but the previously mentioned reasons why they are mistrusted forced most Hanse to become traders instead. Hanse communities (each of which is called a bira, meaning house), whether nomadic, settled, or semi-nomadic, are led by a Diarchy. The junior Diarch has the title Tyrannus, and is responsible for ensuring that members of the community are peaceful and law-abiding - although despite what certain anti-Hanse rumours say, this almost always refers to following the laws of the land within with the Hanse community lives. The senior Diarch, called the Bone-Keeper, is essentially a priest/scholar, preserving the Hanse's traditions, geneologies, and ancestors' bones as best as can be done in the circumstances while guiding the community in preserving what remains of the power that they think derives from their lost homeland and their ancestors. To be entrusted with a bone from a Bone-Keeper is a great honour for an average Hanse person. Bone-Keepers and tyrannuses are not officially ranked in a hierarchy, although in practise Bone-Keepers and tyrannuses who have displayed great wisdom and/or are associated with large and wealthy communities will acquire fame and respect even in other Hanse communities. How Bone-Keepers and tyrannuses acquire their positions within their communities varies from region to region, and in certain circumstances may create tension between Hanse communities. Hanse in general anticipate their return to Cyve's surface (although they are not exactly sure when or how it will happen), at which point they will supposedly reoccupy their homeland (described in detail by their traditions), bury the bones of exalted ancestors within mounds, and properly serve their gods and their ancestors again. All gods receive from them the title "tzivs". I hope that this ethnicity is capable of being incorporated within the setting. I deliberately kept them operating in the fringes of the setting (mostly deep forests north of Mineta and the fays' lands). Feedback would be much appreciated.
  22. @Legate of Mineta: Is there any way to minimize the chance that a save will get corrupted before starting a new game/character?
  23. @Legate of Mineta: Has the art for Y2 been completed yet?
  24. @Legate of Mineta: 1. So, is there a system through which people can get licenses to use or sell indigo rose water? How difficult is such a license to get? 2. Is there in Mineta at least one place with arrangements congenial to sensitive business meetings or the like can occur? I ask because I have a great idea for using such a place in an adventure for the game. 3. Are Shirabyōshi (female entertainers who perform while dressed as men) active in Miya's homeland?
  25. @Legate of Mineta: Any feedback about my question/comment "Don't worry. I am not planning anything outrageous - just vague comments about how a PC has been attracted to certain students of the same sex. Given the Y1 content about Philippe and Joana, and the Y1 adventure for students with the Prodigy: On the Prowl trait (especially for students in Avila), I hope that such content would be acceptable."? Or would the Team need to consider that more?
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