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  1. I had an event where I wasn't really doing anything off color and I got reprimanded by the Legate Orso Orsi. Was that something special or just a normal detention?
  2. Astronomy is stated to be a geometry skill. There were 3 others. The class trained the other 3 but not astronomy. Wondering why.
  3. I think it may even more specifically relate to clique formation. I noted many loading errors which correlated with loads when something bad had happened or something good had not happened yet my Clique had formed.
  4. I have a suspicion that the problem specifically relates to not clearing data on the cliques as it seems to be more of a problem early in the year.
  5. I will. Thank you. Here I am asking for better organization while providing poor organization. It makes me feel a bit like a hypocrite.
  6. It's good to know my game isn't bugged. It's also interesting how differently one plays when one does not save and reload. I was amazed at how good your character can be without using save and reload.
  7. Would be great if text in the adventure or event would link to skills on the left hand side. All the phemes...just as there are ways to organize relationships numerically, perhaps spells and phemes could have alternate organizations on the basis (in alpha order) of attribute and also of parent skills and of subskills which are affected would be wonderful.
  8. I have 64 bit Win 7 ultimate and the latest video card. The new trend is to increase video processing and decrease memory. 570. Maybe the Legate will know if they removed it from the latest patch, which is what I'm using.
  9. BTW I'm now upgraded to a Windows 7 gaming computer
  10. I wonder if it's related to not clearing everything in the memory about the ongoing game when reloading. I started a second game after that and played without reloading. Interestingly, that character can't get professor's lounge either. Which I thought was weird. Of course he got handwriting before study due to Veniculum Library (? spelling). Do people exit the game every time with reloading? I have 8 gigs of ram. How much can the game use? Memory is cheap. With me, the crash on reload was experienced more often when a random event had occurred before the reload.
  11. Also, I'm wondering if folks who use save and reload are encountering loading errors with the game on some occasions.
  12. Anyone else get to study habits 4 then decipher handwriting 3 and not unlock the lounge?
  13. Would it be possible to program the modifications to training required to advance in a way that does not impact the .NET system so VISTA users can enjoy the game, too? Giving up the use of spells and abilities which modify training would seem to me not using very powerful and important parts of the game.
  14. I don't seem to have a C:\ProgramData file. Or I would happily help. Now it's crashing when I add Modus Operendi pheme.
  15. Before corruption, in two games I have used the Selective Focus ability. The problem with the ability is that it lowers more than one skill. It appears to function relatively appropriately for about one turn then functions inappropriately with inaccurate __ of ___ skill point readings displayed. (A number of skills with multi-point increases shift to 0 of 1.) I am no programmer in any language past DOS, but something this dyscombobulated could possibly crash a game over time. Since one of my games crashed after I added an attribute item during a selective focus use, I'm thinking that may be what's doing it. I'd be happy to be wrong but just want to mention this.
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