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  1. Just installed this game from Steam and can't play it, since left/right/bottom part of the screen are out of physical screen, which is 1920x1080. It means that I can see only first line of text in windowed mode, and two lines in fullscreen. To change out of full screen I need to delete ...\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Scheherezade, because 'Back' button is simply out of screen. How to manually set rez to something usable on laptop? What file and where? I wouldn't mind a window of 1300x900 or similar, if it worked.
  2. Legate, I've been playing Hanako games for a week or so. While their games are much simpler, almost everything happens in an instant. With, lets say, a hundred students in Academagia, you'd need probably few dozens checks per usual day, and with GHzs CPUs I'd expect it to be fast.
  3. I've played the game on two different machines, an Asus netbook and Lenovoo laptop. On latter, with bigger memory and SSD, gameplay is smoother, but... let just say, I make some choices, press 'Go' button and switch to another window to read while waiting for a turn end. This is really hard to explain. Few dozens of NPC students don't have any random events, so few rolls required should go relatively fast. Choice of activity for NPC? It's bit limited, and simple logical check should speed up the process quite a bit. So, main problem is prolly with player's. But why? Again, checks for activities are straightforward, adventures are mainly pieces of text with rolls attached, and random events are quite limited in numbers. All in all, whole DB could be loaded to memory at (almost) no problem on any nova-days iron. Even w/ simple associative arrays it shouldn't be as slow as we have it atm... Although if everything is stored as plain text and text parsing is involved at every check
  4. Yeah, I played with Durand a bit and now prefer them to Morvidus. Quests are great and characters got nice and versatile abilities. This presumed college hostility in Y2 is rather stupid methink, but Harry Porter affected way to many people in rather amazing ways
  5. Since there're rumors circulating about bad things that might happen to cliques with student from different colleges in Y2, I've been trying to figure out which college is well-rounded for general quests. So far I tried Morvidus, Aranaz, Avila and Vernin, with 6+ members per clique. Morvidus in general lacks expertise in math, enchantment and calligraphy, plus it's quite poor for manipulation and sneaking. Vernin is good all around but lacks a bit in Zoology, and rather bad in intimidation and brute force. Aranaz is quite OK but lacks in athletics (Vrenelle Bonvin is an exception), plus too many chars give penalties to skills. Avila is probably the best rounded college but it got severe lack of male students. Godina is rather straight-forward and not that good in sneaking or astrology. Can't say much on Hedi and Durand, since haven't played these in one-college settings. I think my favorite so far is Avila. Girls there got tons of interesting and very different skills and quests, and two lone boys are very handy. Plus, thanks to Emilia P, a clique can easily grow to 8+ members. Hard to get one year into a clique, but almost doable . Although I must admit that both Godina and Vernin is cool as well. My least favorite college is Morvidus, where almost everyone is crazy about animals and quests are very similar. P.S. Still, a clique of Avila and Durand or Aranaz students is better
  6. Well, I would prefer a comfortable seat in a car any day. Flying carpets got to much wind in your face, plus most people prefer chairs to sit on
  7. Automatons are there as well. We just need computers and cybernetics. Would be a nice class for Y2
  8. What's wrong with cars? Skyships are there, as well as gunpowder.
  9. I agree with you. And it's so disappointing that great job went into the char development is wasted most of the time. How many of us ever see nice stories of something like 90% of NPCs? Now, with DLC 15, bugs with such quests pop-up once in awhile. Why? Nobody consider them worthy to spend time on. In my last game I for first time (!) heard of Vuillaume Eparvier, and really loved her story. But, the last step requires roll vs. 20 (!!!!!), or vs. 25 (even more insane) to succeed. Stories of Katja Quinnecht, Neso Ulleri, Llarina de Avuel and quite few other's were very interesting as well, but of them I was more or less familiar with Katja, who were in center of one of random events. So, most of the students don't even affect the game unless time is spent on them directly. Pity.
  10. from Wikipedia: ...but I agree about hijacking
  11. Just check few known chars at the end of the year: several skills in 7-10 range, mostly from classes, 2-3 subskills maxed, and maybe, just maybe, few attributes increased due to study mastery. I've noticed that NPCs are using some locations, like Venalicium, but it's more of an artifact than a norm. And adventures? Nope. Even your clique members don't benefit from adventures you've run together... Don't get me wrong: I love this game, I love adventures and NPC's stories, I even read Lore pieces once in awhile. But by the end of the year I seldom have less than one attribute above 10 (and much more if focusing on adventures), and skill selection is rather broad. Why can't NPCs use locations intelligently, and, even if they don't go adventuring, why do they never research? To be stronger than Joana, more charming than Emilia and far more intelligent than Zoe and Milena combined by the end of first year is a bit insane...
  12. Your conclusion is wrong: the State isn't something inevitable. It's evil we're so used to that alternatives look appalling to a 'normal' person. And peaceful stateless societies did exist before, and still exist these days, albeit in rather poor regions where governments have nothing to gain. And you're wrong when you describe yourself as a non-statist: in the post I've referred to you fantasized about rising land from sea and building ideal (in your opinion) society, and it had a state, albeit a small one. If your ideal includes a state, you can't be fully averse to it. I'm sorry to offend you but this is direct conclusion from your post. Correct definition of your believes would be 'minarchism'.
  13. Statist! True libertarian would use world 'taxes' only while cursing. Interesting that even minarchists think of government as something that can be contained.
  14. It's surely prohibited. Even more dangerous than Gate and Mastery combined...
  15. Some info has been leaked by Legate, like having Tattoos, but it's not much So, few of my picks: 1. Chimerology. Requires Zoology and Revision. Suitable for Morvidus. 2. Golems. Forge and Enchantment. Vernin. 3. Healing. Brew, Botany, Negation. Durand. 4. Sky Riding. Avila's trick. Couldn't really think of anything special for Hedi, since social matters are covered very well now, and for Godina only Hollywood-style production comes to mind
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